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Some spells fit the design of lower levels but are only suitable for wealthy spellcasters.
This is a list of spells that need components outside of the requirements of using an arcane focus or
components pouch. All items followed by consumed are destroyed in casting the spell - any items not
followed by consumed are considered safe to reuse.

Level 1
Chromatic Orb (evocation): 50gp diamond
Find Familiar (conjuration ritual): 10gp charcoal & incense & herbs consumed
Identify (divination ritual): 100gp pearl
Illusory Script (illusion ritual): 10gp ink consumed

Level 2
Arcane Lock (abjuration): 25gp gold dust consumed
Augury (divination ritual): 25gp divination tokens
Continual Flame (evocation): 50gp ruby dust consumed
Cordon of Arrows (transmutation): 4+ arrows or bolts
Gentle Repose (necromancy ritual): 2cp
Magic Mouth (illusion ritual): 10gp jade dust consumed
Warding Bond (abjuration): 2 x 50gp platinum rings

Level 3
Clairvoyance (divination): 100gp arcane focus
Conjure Barrage (conjuration): 1 ammo or weapon
Glyph of Warding (abjuration): 200gp powdered diamond consumed
Magic Circle (abjuration): 100gp holy water or iron / silver powder consumed
Nondetection (abjuration): 25gp diamond dust consumed
Revivify (conjuration): 300gp worth diamonds consumed

Level 4
Divination (divination ritual): 25gp sacrificial offering consumed
Leomund's Secret Chest (conjuration): 5000gp chest, 50gp replica
Stoneskin (abjuration): 100gp diamond dust consumed

Level 5
Awaken (transmutation): 1000gp agate consumed
Conjure Volley (conjuration): 1 ammo or weapon
Greater Restoration (abjuration): 100gp diamond dust consumed

Hallow (evocation): 1000gp incense consumed

Legend Lore (divination): 250gp incense consumed, 4 x 50gp ivory strips
Planar Binding (abjuration): 1000gp jewel consumed
Raise Dead (necromancy): 500gp diamond consumed
Reincarnate (transmutation): 1000gp oils & unguents consumed
Scrying (divination): 1000gp focus to stare into
Swift Quiver (transmutation): quiver of 1+ ammo
Teleportation Circle (conjuration): 50gp rare chalks / ink consumed

Level 6
Circle of Death (necromancy): 500gp crushed black pearl
Create Undead (necromancy): 150gp black onyx per corpse
Drawmij's Instant Summons (conjuration ritual): 1000gp saphire
Find the Path (divination): 100gp divnation tools, object from target location
Forbiddance (abjuration ritual): 1000gp powdered ruby
Guards and Wards (abjuration): 10gp silver rod
Heroes Feast (conjuration): 1000gp gemmed bowl consumed
Magic Jar (necromancy): 500gp gem or container
Programmed Illusion (illusion): 25gp jade dust
True Seeing (divination): 25gp ointment consumed

Level 7
Forcecage (evocation): 1500gp ruby dust
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion (conjuration): 5gp ivory portal, 5gp piece of marble, 5gp
silver spoon
Mordenkainen's Sword (evocation): 250gp miniature platinum/copper/zinc sword
Plane Shift (conjuration): 250gp planar attuned forked metal rod
Project Image (illusion): 5gp small replica of caster
Resurrection (necromancy): 1000gp diamond consumed
Sequester (transmutation): 5000gp powder of diamond / emerald / ruby / sapphire consumed
Simulacrum (illusion): 1500gp powdered ruby, snow or ice sculpture of subject, body matter of
subject consumed
Symbol (abjuration): 1000gp mercury / phosphorus / powdered diamond / opal consumed

Level 8
Clone (necromancy): 1000gp diamond, 1 inch cube of target's flesh consumed, 2000gp lidded
Holy Aura (abjuration): 1000gp tiny reliquary

Level 9

Astral Projection (necromancy): 1000gp jacinth, 100gp ornate silver bar consumed
Gate (conjuration): 5000gp diamond
Imprisonment (abjuration): 500gp per hit die of target - special item
Shapechange (transmutation): 1500gp jade circlet
True Ressurection (necromancy): 25000gp of diamonds consumed