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Picanol Pattern Editor (PPE)

For Delta, Omni, OMNIplus, OMNIplus 800,TERRYplus,

TERRYplus 800, Gamma and GamMax weaving machines
Picanol Pattern Editor is the successor of PCS Design. It enables you to
create, edit and view pattern designs in a very user-friendly way on your PC.
The design files can be saved to disk and transferred to the machines by USB
memory stick (interactive display), set card (keyboard display) or LoomGate.
Picanol Pattern Editor is based on the pattern editor software of the interactive
display, but is also compatible with keyboard display machines.
The system supports dobby, color, pick density, pile height, speed & warp
tension (ground and fancy or pile beam), Elsy, air tucker and cramming
motion patterns. PCS design and Stubli 1858 files can be imported.

Create pattern designs in a quick and user-friendly way.
Store pattern designs in a central database.
One centralized system for all different types of patterns.
Increase of weaving mill productivity.
Applicable for a wide range of looms: Delta, Omni, OMNIplus,
OMNIplus 800, TERRYplus, TERRYplus 800, Gamma and GamMax.
Compatible with Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000 Professional (service pack 3),
XP home and XP Professional (service pack 1).

Picanol Pattern Editor is part of

the Picanol PC Suite, a collection
of software programs to monitor
the design, settings and production
data of the weaving shed and
streamline the optimization process
of weaving.

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