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Tshepong Abet School is an Abet School aimed at focusing on the
educational needs of the disabled sector. The School aims to equip the
disabled persons with necessary knowledge and skills to better fend for
themselves in life and to build and to create a better life for themselves as
well as to increase the number of disabled persons that are legible to
write the national matric exams.
It is a well-known fact that the lives of many people with disabilities are
restricted and diminished by negative attitudes, beliefs and prejudice from
the local community. We at Tshepong intend to change that perception.
Article 24-Education, recognises the right of persons with disabilities to
education on the basis of equal opportunity, ensuring an inclusive
education system at all levels and facilitation of access to lifelong
learning. The white paper on education and training further states that
education and training are basic human rights, the state has an
obligation to protect and advance these rights, so that citizens
irrespective of race, class, gender, creed or age, have equal opportunity to
develop their capacities and potential and make their full contribution to
society. Tshepong intends to offer them the first step in the right direction.
Tshepong Abet School is a start-up, after hour school project which intends
to grow throughout the province and country as time progresses. The
school aims to increase the number of disabled persons that are legible to
write matric exams annually and also to increase the number of disabled
students admitted into tertiary schools.
The school Aims to start with a reasonable number of students that falls
within the following disability categories: Paraplegics, Blindness,
Deafness and low visionary impaired with aims to incorporate other
categories at a later stage.
The School is planned to be laid out into four sections with the first section
being utilised for academics/business studies, section two technical
studies, section three workshops and section four will be utilised for mini
stalls and driving school for the registered students.

The reason for us to start with the low number of students is to allow us
the opportunity to track down the progress of each and every student and
to allow the teachers ample time to give the necessary special attention
to every student.


To provide support to all learners in a multitude of creative ways

without necessarily referring them elsewhere.
To promote team work amongst teachers and between teachers and
To advocate for all learners who are at risk of becoming
To take every possible measure to ensure that the school is
physically accessible, safe and equipped with the necessary
equipment that the individual learner might need.
To encourage active parental participation in the school and learners
To form networks with community resources such as caregivers,
disability organisations, health and social services, NGOs and Higher
Education Institutions.

The challenges that we face as Tshepong is finding a suitable place or
building for our school, although Boithuso in Batho has been earmarked as
the potential venue to place the school. (Municipality still needs to
engaged on the accessibility of the Venue).
The other challenge is getting funding and sponsorship for the assistive
devices and equipments needed for the students to beter their learning.
(Several IT companies still needs to be approached to determine the
extend they can offer help)
Transport is also another factor that needs to be addressed because if
made available it would bring the desired relief in terms of transporting
students to and from school, since our objective is to uplift the students
that live below the poverty line. (Big Motoring firms still needs to be
engaged in terms of sponsorship for transportation)
The most critical challenge we face is finding or recruiting qualified
teachers that can offer or volunteer their time to teach our fellow

students. (Students doing practical teaching studies can be approached to

assist in this regard.)
The attached budget list outlines the financial implications that
will be incurred in order to make the project a success.

The school intends to form a transparent relationship between the
teachers and the students in order to achieve maximum positive results.
The school also strives to empower parents to understand how the
potential of their child can be optimally developed.
Tshepong Abet School will also ensure that the curriculum is accessible to
all learners through the way we teach and allow learners to learn.