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Agriculture Mechanization/Engineering and Technical Support Services

Agricultural Machinery (30-45 days)
This unit deals with the general areas related with agricultural machinery.
Topics include career opportunities, application of simple machines,
selection of tillage and harvesting equipment, and the adjustment and
maintenance of each.
To acquaint students with employment information and career opportunities
in the agricultural machinery industry
To review the history of the agricultural machinery industry
To develop student understanding of the application of the simple machines
To develop student understanding of the various types of drive and
bearing systems in agricultural machinery
To increase student awareness of the limitations of the various metals used
in agricultural machinery
To provide students with opportunities to demonstrate and practice using
proper methods for repairing various types of agricultural machinery
To prepare students to develop and implement preventative maintenance plans
for agricultural machines
To develop student understanding of the principles associated with each unit
of operation on tillage, planting, and harvesting equipment
To acquaint students with procedures for adjusting and calibrating
agricultural machines
To emphasize to students the need to follow safety guidelines when working
with agricultural machinery
At the conclusion of this unit, students will be able to
explain current employment information such as job descriptions,
job availability, personal and educational requirements, working conditions,
opportunity for advancement, and other factors relative to potential
employment in the agricultural machinery industry and relate it to their
personal needs and aspirations;
trace the history of the agricultural machinery industry;
describe power transmission mechanisms in agricultural machinery;
identify and troubleshoot mechanical malfunctions and perform maintenance

operations according to service manuals on the various types of bearings

and seals;
describe the physical properties of the different types of metals used in
agricultural machinery and equipment;
demonstrate repair procedures for various types of metals;
describe tire construction, sizing, ratings, selection for specific application
and winterizing procedures;
identify the operating principles of the common types of machinery used
in agricultural operations and identify the simple machine applied in the
describe how particular agricultural machines work;
demonstrate how to make routine adjustments on selected agricultural machines;
evaluate the costs of leasing versus renting or purchasing a given piece
of machinery;
list safety guidelines for repairing and operating agricultural machinery;
and identify major trends in agricultural equipment technology.
Subject Matter (Basic skills integration areas are shown in brackets
following title.)
- Current and future employment needs
- Job descriptions
- Training requirements
- Working conditions
- Opportunities for advancement
- Other factors
History and origin of agricultural machinery industry
- Early development
- Present
- Future trends in development
Simple machines [Science]
- Lever
- Wheel
- Incline plane
- Screw
How machines transmit power [Science]
- Belt drives
Troubleshooting problems
- Chain drives
Types of chain drives

Troubleshooting problems
Repair techniques and procedures
- Gear drives
Types of gear drives
Troubleshooting problems
- Other types of drives
Crank wheel and lever
Crank arm and lever
Cam drives
- Safety release mechanisms
Slip clutches
Jump clutches
Shear pins
Bearings and seals
- Plain bearings or bushings
Solid bearing or sleeve
Thrust bearing
Split bearing
Bearing lubrication
- Types of antifriction bearings
Ball bearings
Roller bearings
Needle bearings
Lubrication of bearings
- Troubleshooting plain bearings
- Bearing maintenance
- Premature failures
- Seals
- Gaskets
- Sealants
Metals used in agricultural machinery and equipment [Science]
- Parts manufactured from carbon steels
Low carbon steel rolled steel
2.cold rolled steel
Medium carbon steel
High carbon steel
Very high carbon steel
- Parts manufactured from cast iron
Gray cast iron
Malleable cast iron
White cast iron
Ductile cast iron
- Cast steel parts
- Drop forging parts
- High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steels
- Alloy steel parts
How heat-treating affects alloy steel parts
1.quenching and tempering
4.stress relieving

- Equipment parts manufactured from stainless steels

Milking and milk handling equipment
Processed foods industry
- Machine and equipment parts manufactured from aluminum
- Repair techniques and procedures
- Special electrodes to repair

and tracks [Science]

Tire construction
Industry code for tires
Tire inflation
Ballast - slippage
Tire failures
Radials and tractors
Types of track shoes
Crawler operator tips
Correct track tension and adjustment

Types of machinery
- Tillage tools
- Planting equipment
Small grains
Specialty crops
- Harvesting machinery
Small grain
Specialty crops
- Material handling equipment
Augers, elevators, bunks, bucket elevators
Dairy equipment
Manure handling
Feed processing
1.portable mills
2.electric stationary mills
Crop drying equipment

of operation of particular machines

Identify unit of operation
Identify parts of particular unit
Whole unit function versus machine operation
Example: Hay baler (square)
Identification of parts
Units of operation
1.picking up
repair and adjustment
2.feeding mechanism

repair and adjustment
3.compressing mechanism
repair adjustment
4.tying mechanism
function and sequence
adjustment and checking chain and chassis
function of operation
repair and adjustment
Economics of machinery
- Leasing
- Renting
- Ownership

[Mathematics, Social Studies]

- Procedures in shop
- Procedures in repairing agricultural machinery
- Procedures in operating agricultural machinery
Trends in agricultural machinery manufacturing
Motivational Activities
Invite a representative from an agricultural equipment manufacturer
to give a class presentation.
Visit a local agricultural implement dealership.
Take a tour of an agricultural equipment manufacturer's facilities.
View films, videotapes, and slides on topics of the unit.
Post bulletin board displays featuring related unit topics.
Learning Activities
Participate in a Supervised Agricultural Experience program.
Take part in classroom demonstrations.
Report on the function and operation of a particular piece of agricultural
Complete work sheet assignments.
Assemble a piece of agricultural equipment.
Repair a piece of agricultural machinery.
Identify and describe the function of agricultural tools, equipment,

and instruments.
Instructional Materials
Textbooks and References
Farm Machinery and Equipment by Harris P. Smith and Lambert H. Wilkes. 6th ed.
New York: McGraw-Hill, 1976.
Farm Machinery Fundamentals by Marshall F. Finner. Madison, WI:
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Bulletins and Pamphlets
The following are available from American Association for Vocational
Instructional Materials.
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Agricultural Engineering

Farm Industry News

The Furrow
Implement and Tractor
International Harvestor News
Computer Software
The following are available from Hobar Publications.
Ag Machinery Safety and Related Review. Apple, IBM, TRS, Macintosh.
Chains and Belts. Apple.
Introduction to Machinery Management. Apple.
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The following is available from Mid States Agri-Technology Associates, Ltd.
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On-line Computer Networks
The following are available from Ag Ed Network, AgriData Resources, Inc.
Comparing Combine Efficiency. HS152.
Comparing Planting Equipment. HS151.
Delta Machinery Needs. HS91.
Great Plains Machinery Needs. HS90.
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Laboratory Resources
The following are available from National Farm Book Company.
Fundamentals of Machinery Operations Student Workbooks
Fundamentals of Service Student Workbooks
Films, Videotapes, and Slides
The following are available from Ideal Pictures Film Library.
Bringing It Home. (16mm film, color, 18 minutes.) 1976.
Double Harness. (16mm film, color, 15 minutes.) 1976.
Roar of Power. (16mm film, color, 15 minutes.)
The following are available from the Bureau of Audio Visual Instruction.
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The following are available from the John Deere Company.
Fundamentals of Machine Operation Series. (Slides and transparencies.)
Fundamentals of Service Series. (Slides and transparencies.)
The following is available from the Modern Talking Picture Service.
Old Time Farm Equipment. (16mm film, color, seven minutes.)