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How mass media do affects the society?

Nowadays, in our society, different kinds of mass media such as technology,

television, radio, films, print, outdoor and advertisements are being used by
almost all people, even children. According to the video Ive watched,
majority said that the purpose of mass media is for entertainment. However,
because we are entertained and this gives us temporary joy or happiness, we
are not noticing the fact that we become slaves and puppets of it. Mass
media orders us what to buy, where to buy that we are being persuaded
even though we dont need that thing. We are attacked emotionally that
even in our behavior and attitudes , we imitate what we see in mass media.
Because of this, we dont have our own decision and we based what we are
going to do in mass media. Also, we lost our social life, example of this are
children in the past and in the present. In the past, they enjoy street games
such as hide and seek. But now, because of mass media, like television,
xbox, smartphones and other gadgets, they are just watching or playing it,
afterwards they are addicted to it. Thats one negative impact of mass
media. The positive impact of mass media is that it is informing us or
educating us on what is happening in our community or country. Mass media
serve as a watchdog for the public to know what is happening in our
government in news, public affairs and documentaries.
State one theory that give emphasis on how mass media affects the society.
Limited effects theory, based on what Ive read, argue that mass media
affects those people who are less informed and ignorant, those people who
are not critically and analytically thinking, if this thing will be giving benefit
or is significant. Studies that examined the ability of media to influence
voting found that wellinformed people relied more on personal experience,
prior knowledge, and their own reasoning. However, media experts more
likely swayed those who were less informed.
Politics is showbizness for ugly people
I believe in this statement: not just because of the video Ive watched , but
because I experience working and having my internship on a government
news agency. Ive been assigned in Malacanang, to make news reports. I
really enjoyed my on the job training because I became aware on the
governments happenings. However, Im disappointed because the questions
in that press conference is scripted, and so the answers are. Meaning, the
words that the govt undersecretaries are saying are being rehearsed and
practiced. So, I agree on this statement. And, I think they are the highest

paid actors of all time. Considering the salaries they earned by just seating
on the golden chairs.

What do mass media attacks first?

Mass media attacks our emotional centers first. We are bombarded by ideas,
and the less you are informed, the more the mass media affects and controls
what you believe on. The mass media influence our character and people
became puppet because we are deceived, we became gullible because of
what we see is alluring to our eyes or soothing to our ears, that we do not
think critically if this will be beneficial to us. According to the video Ive
watched, the deception is an indication for the masses to be manipulated.
Public awakens to the fact that there is agenda, afterwards, they realize that
they are being controlled. According to Edward Burney, an effective
technique of persuading the public, in which governments officials are using,
is repetition of messages. Its like a tic tac clock that we helplessly follow
because that is stuck in our minds.