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Stamp Painting

July 2016

by Heather

Learning Priority: increasing competence with techniques for symbolising and

Today we put some paint into trays that had a sponge in them. One tray had red
paint and the other tray had blue paint. We then used big stamps to make our
pictures. There were three stamps for each colour and the stamps were shaped
like flowers, hearts and smiley faces. The stamp was pressed into the sponge
and then pushed down on a
piece of paper.
Amera, you really enjoyed
choosing your shape then
making the stamp on your
paper. Each time you used a
different stamp, you would
tell me what shape it was
and what colour you were
using. When you used the
smiley face stamp, you
looked at the picture that
the stamp made on the
paper then at the stamp and
made it very clear that the
smiley face stamp was not
working as it should. You
could only see the outside of the face and not the smiling mouth or eyes. No
matter how you pushed on the stamp, you could not get the inside of the stamp
to work. You are developing a sense of appreciation of and a delight in colour,
form, design and rhythms. Stamping helps promote coordination skills which help
when it comes to writing and reading.
Amera, I can see that you love art experiences and we will foster this creativity
by offering you many more and varied painting experiences. We will also offer
other art experiences using many other mediums to help you be creative and