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Demand factor=----------------------(MD/Connected load

Kaplan, francis, propeller turnbines are------------(Reaction turbines)
Efficiency of a thermal power station is------------(30%)
In india max power is supplied from---------------(Thermal power plants)
Water hammering effect developed in------------(penstock)
In an hydro electric power plant a conduit system for carrying water
from intake to turbine is --------------(penstock)

Min fuel cost in power plants---------------(Hydel power plants)

governing mechanism is used to control the speed of ------------(turbine)
9. The pollution is less in which PS-----------(hydel)
10. More ash content in-----------------(Lignite)
11. The pollution due to TPS can be minimized by--------------(Electro static
12. The energy conversion in centrifugal pumps-------13. The energy used to generate hydel power is-----------(KE)
14. The process of burning nuclear fuel---------(Fission)
15. The height of the chimney depends on----------16. In a substation the LA is placed at-------------(bus bars)
17. PLCC------------(power line carrier communication)
18. The more losses in boiler due to--------------(flue gases)
19. The dangerous thing in steam boiler is---------(loss of water in boiler)
20. The low level CBs used upto and including-----------(1100v)
21. The service voltage in power house----------------(230v)
22. LV relays are used for protecting---------------(motor,
23. Automatic supply interruption can be done when fault occurs by-------(CB)
24. In hollow conductors the effect of current is min at------(centre of the
25. In TPS type of cooling used for alternators-----------(hydrogen)

26. For 220kv cables the type insulation used------------(compressed

27. In a power plant a reverse generating capacity which is in service but
its not operation is------------(cold reserve)
28. Voltages used for electrostatic precipitator-------(50kv-100kv DC)
29. coal is pulverized for------------(efficient burning)
30. classifier is used for-------------(separate the size of the pulverized
31. Gates near the turbine-----------(wicket gates)
32. Boilers are purged----------(~before starting, before shutting)
33. The equipments in s/s are connected(earthing)---------34. jet ash is because of -------------(mix of water with ash)
35. The power taking of three phase load--------(3VIcos)
36. Form factor--------------(rms value/avg value)
37. MMF is analogous to------(voltage)
38. Kirchoffs first law-----------(KCL)
39. VRLA batteries -------(Valve regulated lead acid)
40. 200AH-------------(200A for one hour)
41. Mostly used batteries in the industry--------(Lead acid)
42. In direct arc furnace -----------is more(V,I, pf)
43. units of Illumination----------(lux)
44. The armature reaction first effects the-----------------(back emf per
45. The thickness of material is reduced for reducing---------(eddy current
46. constant speed motor------------(synchronous motor)
47. For starting of single phase IM the method is----------(auxiliary winding
in stator)
48. Statically induced emf in-------------(transformers)
49. N1=1000,E1=250,E2=400, N2=_-----------------(1600)
50. DC series motors can,t be run on no load bcoz------------(high speed)
51. The max speed achieved by a 2 pole ,50hzalternator-------(3000rpm)

52. The no.of parallel paths required for a 2 pole duplex lap winding
53. The voltage equation for a dc motor------(Eb=V-IaRa)
54. The angle b/w rotating field flux and rotor---------(synchronizing angle)
55. An SCR is a------------(4-layer, 3terminal device)
56. In normal operation of a pnp transistor its junctions are biases-------(EB-forward,CB-reverse)
57. The voltage that is applied to diode when its reverse biased-------(PIV)
58. The min no.of diodes required for a fullwave rectifier-----------(2)
59. The input of rectifier is 230v, 50hz the o/p freq is-------(zero)
60. An ideal opamp---------(infinite i/p impedance, zero o/p impedance)
61. Photo transistor works on-------------(Light intensity)
62. A transistor amplifier with low efficiency------------(Class A)
63. By considering noise level which type of modulation is preferred-------(FM)
64. Modulation purpose is--------(enable efficient transmission over long
65. DVM measures---------(rms value)
66. The time settings in CRO can be done by--------(x-axis)
67. The bidirectional operation of two SCRs connected back to back
68. SMPS uses---------(MOSFET)
69. Moving coil instruments are used to measure-----------(DC)
70. The speed of the motor can be measured by----------------(Tachometer)
71. Orifice meter is used for measuring-----------(flow)
72. Pressure measuring instrument-------73. Temperature measuring instruments------------(thermocouple)
74. Megger is used for -----------(measuring insulation R)
75. The Otto cycle is a-------------(4-stroke engine)
76. In a petrol engine mixing of fuel and air occurs in-----------(carburetor)
77. How PLC connecting with PC--------(RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet )
78. Non volatile memory is--------(when power off memory will be lost)
79. EX-OR gate-------------(AB+AB)

80. Healthy flame in which color-----------------81. ctrl+V----------(paste)

82. Tables can be created in(MS)-----------(MS word)
83. power point can be used to------------( presentation)
84. For purifying the water chlorine is used ---------(T/F)
85. EPABX------------------(electronics private automatic branch exchange)
86. Green cleaning is------(growing trend in favor of using cleaning
87. IDA--------(Industrial development and regulations)
88. Height and size of the Lathes depends on---------89. Basic characteristic to identify vibration---------(frequency, phase,
90. Flame scanners are used for------91. CO 2 and mixed power are--------- type of fire extinguishers(class B)