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Prepared For:
Dr.Abdul Waheed
Faculty Member, Department of Public Health
North South University

Prepared By:
Mahmud Islam Shuvo
ID: 1510663630
Department: BBA


1.Describe the Concept of Health, Public Health

and Primary Health Care (PHC).
Ans: Health
According to WHO, Health is a state of complete
physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an
absence of disease or infirmity so that each citizen can
lead a socially and economically productive life.
Public Health
It is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging
life and promoting health effectively through organized
community effort.

Primary Health Care (PHC)

It is essential health care made universally accessible to
individuals and acceptable to them through their full
participation and at a cost which community and country
can afford.

2) What are the Components of Health, Public

Health and Primary Health Care (PHC)?

Ans: Components of Health


Components of Public Health

Community water supply
Proper sewage disposal
Good housing etc.

Components of Primary Health Care (PHC)

Education about health problems and their control
Local disease control
Expanded Program on Immunization(EPI)
Maternal and child health care including family planning
Essential drugs provision
Promotion of food supply and proper nutrition
Treatment of common diseases and injuries
An adequate supply of safe water and basic sanitation

3) What are the Principles of Health, Public

Health and Primary Health Care (PHC)?
Ans: Principles of Health

Healthy diet
Sufficient sleep/rest
Avoiding smoking, drugs, alcohol
Exercise to keep body fit
Positive thinking
Good bonding with family and community for living
in a harmonious, peaceful environment free from
stress and conflicts

Principles of Public Health

Promotion of health
Prevention of health
Curation of health
Restoration of diseases
Rehabilitation of people/patient
Principles of Primary Health Care (PHC)
Equitable distribution of health services
Community participation at all level
Intersectorial co-ordination
Appropriate technology