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FourthLines General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Resourcing Services

Who are we?

FourthLine is an interim and permanent recruitment consultancy

specialising in FCA regulated sectors. We build high performing Audit, Risk,
Compliance and Regulatory Change teams for industry and
consulting firms. FourthLine's effective resourcing solutions bridge the gap
between an organisations Risk and Regulatory agenda and the related skill

Industrys we cover
Commerce & Industry
Financial Services
Consulting & Practice
Public Sector

Our specialist delivery practices

Audit & Security
Regulatory Compliance & Consulting
Business Resilience
Regulatory Change & Reporting

What services do we provide?

Interim Management and Contractor Solutions
Project Outsourcing
Permanent Contingent
Permanent Retained Search


Regulatory Interpretation and Impact Assessments Compliance Advisory
professionals who are able to understand outputs from the relevant
regulatory bodies in order to build frameworks that ensure the business
becomes GDPR compliant.
Information Security Professionals - Lead the strategic and tactical
delivery of a range of priorities including, management of personal
data breaches, Security management of third parties, technical assurance,
safeguarding from cyber security threats,
formal project oversight framework and alignment to information security
standards to ensure businesses meet the GDPR requirements.
Data Protection - Delivery of data protection and Data Governance
processes and procedures and delivery of new data strategies.
Data mapping In order to create an accurate GDPR compliance plan an in
depth data mapping exercise is a necessity for all businesses. Identifying
all the entry and exit points of information along with all locations that
store sensitive information.

Industries we recruit into

Commerce & Indusry
Financial Services
Public Sector

Data Protection Specialist Public Sector

Global Data Protection Officer Financial Services

Initiating the Global Data Protection

Compliance Programme (GDPCP)
for a large financial services business.
Identifying risk areas (regions,
jurisdictions, products, processes)
Auditing data types locations and flows
Rewriting and simplifying global policies
Implementing a global online training module
Managing the execution of service
agreements between group companies.
Delivering advice to the board on the GDPR.
Collaborating closely with colleagues in IT and
Audit to deliver initiatives around document
retention and disposition, information
governance, data security and cyber

Client Feedback

Developing risk assessment methodology,

questionnaires and planning gap analysis fact
find across all business functions.
Making recommendations to the business on
risk mitigation requirements and developing
remediation plans.
Creation of personal information inventory tool
and personal data flow maps showing all
processing activities.
Delivering tailored role-based training to
business functions.
Writing and delivering a Privacy Impact
Assessment tool and process.
Establishing new procedures to support data
protection compliance.
Assessing GDPR readiness and making recommendations to business for activation of
compliance changes required across global key
Developing a benchmark and organisational
metrics Client
tool in order
to assess and monitor data.
Protection compliance across key themes (e.g.
transparency, vendor management, consent,
data quality, governance, etc.)

Data Business Analyst Telecoms

Identifying all structured and unstructured data

within the group.
End to end analysis and documentation of data
covering the full lifecycle.
Documenting all information within an inventory
containing the lifecycle stages of each data set,
information owners, holders and processors,
classifications, sign offs, applications, third party
vendors, physical and digital security gaps and
Maintaining and updating the Data Inventory as
and when required.
Identifying any risks, gaps or concerns within each business unit allowing the technical
solutions analyst to review and implement any
security tools where necessary.
Using Varonis DatAdvantage, Probe and Data
Classification modules to assist with the data
analysis and classification.
Work closely with the Technical Solutions
Analyst Client
and Information
Security Architect to
define, design, test and deploy solutions to

reduce the risks and gaps identified.


Formulating the data strategy: - selling the

vision, defining roadmap/strategy and policy
framework, getting buy-in from key stakeholders, reaching consensus, instituting data ownership, process change, behavioural and cultural
Developing GDPR programme - requirements,
scope, operational risk assessment, budget,
roadmap and project plans.
Initiating programme (requirements, stakeholder
management, impact assessment, business case,
risk management plan, tasks, deliverables, and
timetable) for EU-GDPR regulation.

Client Feedback

Data Protection Compliance

/ Cyber Security Executive

Legal and Compliance - Data

Protection - Retail Banking

Head of Data Governance,

Programme Manager - Retail Banking

Supporting a comprehensive privacy project for

a large global bank.
Improving privacy awareness, monitoring the
uses of customer data within the data lifecycle
and ensuring regulatory compliance.
Advised stakeholders on privacy, data
protection, banking secrecy,
professional confidentiality, information and
technology risk matters.
Advised and prepared the stakeholders of the
General Data Protection Regulation and how
data protection will change in the future.
Analysed privacy and data protection
requirements across a number of jurisdictions
to access the impact on HR activities and
business-as-usual functions, including risk and

Client Feedback

Hybrid skillset in all the areas involved with the

GDPR programme of work.
In-depth knowledge of the new General Data
Protection Regulation and the EU Cyber
Security Directive.
Positions of Chief Data/ Protection/Compliance
Officer at a number of blue chip organisations
An expert-level understanding of Information
Management and Governance frameworks
and practices from data strategy formulation
through to pragmatic implementation and
operational management involving
organisational design, operating models, data
architectures, guiding data principles, policy
development and implementation.
Skills & knowledge include; Transformational
Programme Leadership - Transition and
Transformation Management, - Data Protection,
UK / EU Law - Strategy, Innovation & Mission
- Business
Planning & Strategy
Development - Business, Technology and IT

Our knowledge, experience and focus on the field of Regulatory Change, Risk
and Compliance means we deliver a valuable hiring service to the UK
regulated Financial Services industry.
Every client we work with comes to us seeking something specific which we
offer through our outcome focused services and solutions.

Interim Management and Contractor Solutions

Permanent Contingent

The immediate injection of management or technical

expertise to deliver a high priority project. An excellent
way to bring long lasting customer value through both
project delivery and knowledge transfer into your
permanent staff.

Our standard, highly responsive recruitment service,

suitable for a vast array of hires. This solution is most
successful when working in full partnership with all
relevant stakeholders with a full process mapped out in

FourthLine Solution

Project Outsourcing
We are embedded as part of your talent delivery team to
help your customers with significant regulatory
programmes. A highly flexible solution for Consulting firms
which can be tailored according to the situation.

Permanent Retained Search

Detailed research and approach methodology to hiring
senior, highly technical or in-demand positions where
you need your recruitment partner 100% focused on
working for your business. Also works extremely well
for new growth practices where you require the
recruiter to work with even greater discretion.


About FourthLine
FourthLine is an interim and permanent recruitment
consultancy specialising in UK regulated sectors. We build
high performing Audit, Risk, Compliance and Regulatory
Change teams for industry and consulting firms.
FourthLine's effective resourcing solutions bridge the gap
between an organisations Risk and Regulatory agenda and
the related skill shortages.

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