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Angle eye (20 ep)

Starts of when a tunnel rupture and a fireman with his team when to save the people. the
rescue focus on a doctors daughter that had when blind due to the accident. The fireman
stayed back to save the girls mother and end up bothe the fireman and the mom die the
story continue a few years after that when the fireman son park dong joon goes early
morning to send porridge door by door to people house. He coincidentally was attracted
by a girl yong soo wan with is the girl that his father saved. At first he dont know that
the girl was blind. After a few incidents then he found out and he love her even more.
Park will then introduce soo wan to his cool mom.park sister is sick and need operation
which needed then to go state. Soo wan love the family a lot. After soo wan birthday park
fall sick and his mom had to do for morning delivery. The sad part she met and accident.
She was in serious condition. She ask her son to sign up for donor donation which soo
wan ather got to know. Soo wan father did parks mother surgery and succeeded by the
person who hit parks mom dont want her to be alive and injected a chemical and caused
cardiac arrest. Parks mother died and her eyes was donated to soo wan. Soo wan do not
know who the donor was. Suddenly park had to go to the states for her sisiters operation
and left a letter for soo wan but her father kept the letter without her knowledge. Soo wan
father had gave scholarship for park to be a doctor in boston and they became close. Soo
wan father did not told park that he was soo wan father.
After twelve years later, soo wan works as a medical officer for fire bridge and
park which change his name to Dylan became a doctor came back and work at soo wan
fathers hospital. Soo wan father was not happy about this as he do not want Dylan to find
soo wan. Dylan is smart. He found soo wan but then he knew that she had a fianc which
was dr.kang. Dylan then kept a secret from here about it. Dylan kept his distance from
soo wan but destiny bring them together. Finally soo wan found out who Dylan was.
Dylan then took decision to do bostan as soo wan father beg him to leave. After dylam
left soo wan realize that how much she now hate Dylan that much she loves him. She
took the decision to break up with dr kang ji woon but dr kang dont want to. Dylan then
came back after a few weeks because he know he would die if he dont see soo wan. Soo
wan father was against his as Dylan wants to be together with soo wan. Dylan then went
to see soo wan eventhough the father against it. Soo wan was very happy. After a few
days a new medical officer joined the fire brigde. It was a big surprise as the officer was
Dylan. He will now be soo wan boss. Soo wan was angry as Dylan did not told her about
this. They then went to roof top any suddenly Dylan back hug soo wan. Coincidently, dr
kang came to fire bridge office .(ep 7)
Dr kang try to persuade soo wan but yet she still insist that she like other person. Dylan
sister came for visit (hae joo). Soo wan got jealous but then she got emotional when she
know who she was. After a few incidents dr.kang then found out who Dylan was to soo
wan. He was furious but he cant do anything as their love was stronger. Dr.kang mom
dont like the frustration on her sons face and when she met soo wan when she know that
soo wan do not like her son but other guy. She was kind of happy about it. Soo wan dad
had told everything about how he had to do bad to Dylan mom so that his daughter can
get the eyes. Later the story reveal that it was not soo wan father who killed Dylan mom

but dr. kang mom was the one that put in chemical in Dylan mom and cause cardiac
arrest. that is why dr.kang mom was happy when soo won do not like her son anymore.
Finally the engagement broke. After a few thoughts soo wan father then gave permission
for Dylan and soo wan to be together. Meanwhile teddy seo(seungri) likes hae joo and
she became the baby sitter for leaders son. (ep10). Soo wan father old working partner
came back and he knew about soo wan father past. He then told everything to Dylan base
on dr.kangs mom instruction. By ear dropping soo wan and dr. kang also know
everything from who is the donor and what soo wan father did.
Due to heart broken and devestation soo wan father had a aortic heart attack and
had surgery that was done by Dylan after dr.kang beg him to do so. Soo wan tries to
break up with Dylan but before soo wan father died he tried to tell Dylan that soo wan
actually still love him. After the fathers dead soo wan wass devastated and due to mental
stress she lost her eyes sight. Dylan try to help but she shunt him. Finally the detectives
which is soo wan friend solved the case and due to pressure to save his mom dr.kang
expose to the police that he was he one that hit dong joo mom. Luckily his mom know
about it and take the blame because dr.kang was going to sacrifice himself for his mom.
After the case is solve, soo wan needed time for herself and ran away from
Sewong. Dylan became the head of the hospital and dr.kang goes to Africa for voluntary
After one year, with the help of dr.kang dong joo found soo wan. At first she dont
want to go back but when dong joo met an eccident she then realize how important he is.
Dong joo recovered, soo wan return to home and it is an happy ending

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