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JULY 2014

GAP DONG 20 ep
The starting was kind of boring but once the killing of the girls started it became better.
As u watch the drama there is too much of depression, sadness and pitiless for the girls.
The love story also a sad one because the lead girl was a victim for the tragedy as her best
friend died because she won the rock scissors and paper. Meanwhile the lead actor dad
was suspected as the gap dong and died with the title but it is proven that he was not the
one. The highlight of the story was the gap dong is the as it police officer which was a
quiet and looks good. Lee joon from MBLAQ acted as a psychopath that did the killing
as a copy like gap dong he is crazy n pathetic.
I will not watch it back again as it was boringvery slow movement.
Manny ( the male nanny)
The story about a divocee mom with her two kids that always chase away their nanny.
Then one day manny came to rescue as he needed money as his account was freeze.
Conflict happen when the mothers sister who at first hated the manny started to like him
but he liked the mother. The story was notting much at all the children was pampered a
lot and are spoil brat with or witout the manny but he was able to discipline them. The
love story also was boring..
Detective cheo yong (10 ep)
About a detective that can see ghost and solve cases with help of the ghostactually
master sun was way better than this this drama was serious and depressing..there is
no love line..seriously none.haish wasted my time but luckily the cases was a bit