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Marie Odejar
Old Bridge, NJ 08857
(732) 589-9406

To obtain a Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Fellowship position to advance my knowledge and skills as a clinician.
Seton Hall University, College of Health and Medical Sciences (South Orange, NJ)
Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology Program, Academic Excellence Citation
Seton Hall University, College of Arts and Sciences (South Orange, NJ)
Bachelor of Art in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Summa Cum Laude

May 2016
May 2014

Certifications HIPPA & OSHA Standard Precautions; Protecting Human Research Participants: National Institute of
Health (NIH); American Heart Association First-Aid, AED, & CPR
Academic Excellence Citation Highest GPA in the Master's of Speech-Language Pathology Program, May 2016
Alpha Eta Society for Allied Health Member, Inducted May 2016
National Student Speech and Hearing Association (NSSHLA) Seton Hall University Chapter, November 2014
Social & Behavioral Science Honors Citation Valedictorian of SOBS Program, May 2014
Health South Rehabilitation Hospital of Toms River (Toms River, NJ)
January 2016- May 2016
Administered California Verbal Learning Test- Second Edition (CVLT-2), Boston Naming Test (BNT), Boston
Diagnostic Aphasia Examination- Third Edition (BDAE-3), Reading Comprehension Battery for Aphasia (RCBA), and
bed-side swallow evaluations to assess cognitive-linguistic and swallowing function in geriatric in-patient population
Executed specialized and skilled rehabilitative therapy for patients with Aphasia, Apraxia, Dyphagia, Dysarthria, and
other cognitive-linguistic impairments
Implemented treatment plans to improve cognitive-linguistic function in ADLs for increased safety awareness &
problem solving
Applied cueing hierarchy for therapeutic tasks: cognitive-communication: recall/orientation, memory,
reasoning/problem solving; speech intelligibility; pragmatics; and functional communication
Applied evidence-based practices: Melodic Intonation Therapy, Thematic Language Stimulation, Visipitch, VitalStim,
and Facial E-Stim for patient driven care
Recorded patient outcomes on Ace-It Medical Records Program
Compiled and presented Patient Functional Tasks Project to department
Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care Therapeutic Day School (Piscataway, NJ)
August 2015-December 2016
Formulated treatment lesson plans and followed behavior modification plans utilizing A-B-C patterns for students with
psychological, emotional, and behavioral difficulties such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Obesessive-Compulsive
Disorder, Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (of varying types), Tourette's Syndrome, Anxiety Disorder, Mood
Disorder- NOS, and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Provided individual and group therapy, centered around improving Literacy by targeting weaknesses in the domains of
articulation, receptive & expressive language, cognition, and social communication
Administered the Executive Functions Test (EFT-E), Test of Integrated Language & Literacy Skills (TILLS), Social
Language Development Test: Elementary/ Adolescent (SLDT-E & SLDT-A), Test of Reading Comprehension- Fourth
Edition (TORC-4), Test of Auditory Processing Skills-3 (TAPS-3), and discourse and narrative analyses for assessment
of pediatric clients ages 3-16, and analyzed and recorded findings in Initial Evaluation Reports
Attended and participated in family and staff conference meetings to provide input about each students' progress and
continued needs in their respective classrooms
Created sensory books with literacy level appropriate vocabulary and grade appropriate content
Documented student progress performance through daily SOAP notes and mid-year Progress Reports

Applied cueing hierarchy for therapeutic tasks: cognitive-communication: recall/orientation, memory,

reasoning/problem solving; speech intelligibility; pragmatics; and functional communication

Aldrich Elementary Public School [Howell Township Public Schools] (Howell, NJ)
October 2014 June 2015
Provided Articulation, Language, Fluency, and Voice therapy to students in Kindergarten- 5 grade
Performed observational classroom assessments and administered the following standardized assessments: Weiss
Comprehensive Articulation Test (WCAT), and Stuttering Severity Instrument- 4th Edition (SSI-4)
Analyzed and recorded data results of initial assessments and subsequent daily performance of students
Participated in IEP meetings with caregivers and inter-professionals within the school setting
Current Research Study: Code-Switching Between Tagalog and English in Bilingual Children
This research is still an ongoing collaboration between Seton Hall University and University of Philippines - Manila
Developed IRB proposal, hypothesis, and methods of data collection and tracking
NJSHA Conference (Long Branch, NJ) & Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences Perez
Colloquium (South Orange, NJ)
April 2016
Presented a poster regarding the findings of code-switching patterns of bilingual Tagalog-English children
35th Annual Bilingual ESL Conference at William Paterson University (Wayne, NJ)
December 2015
Co-presented on the topic of Translanguaging in the classroom
Accent Reduction Training Program (South Orange, NJ)
December 2014 May 2015
Evaluator & Teacher
Administered PPVT, EVT-2, and Bankson-Bernthal Test Of Phonology to English Language Learner clients
Created evaluation write-ups for clients, developed lesson plans for different sessions, and implemented articulation and
language therapy to adult clients
Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences (South Orange, NJ)
Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Assistant
August 2014 May 2015
Aided in research studies in the Reading, Oral, & Writing Laboratory and Voice Analytics and Neuropsychology Lab
Recruited participants and assessed hearing using an audiometer and emotional stability using the HAM-D
Seton Hall Universitys Reading, Oral, & Writing Laboratory (South Orange, NJ)
Research Assistant
September 2013-May 2014
Assisted in literary reviews, data collection, coding, and organization of school age children's written and spoken
American Taekwondo Association (Old Bridge, NJ)
September 2004-August 2010
Head Instructor
Alaris Rehab -- St. Mary's Healthcare Center (Orange, NJ)
October 2015
Completed a chart review for an adult patient in the Trach and Vent unit and observed a collaborative treatment session
with a respiratory therapist
Horizon Elementary School (Livingston, NJ)
October 2015
Learned about various AAC devices and treatment materials used for students with visual impairments
Adler Aphasia Center (Maywood, NJ)
April 2015
Administered the Western Aphasia Battery and Quality of Life Scales and wrote a diagnostic clinical report with
findings from standardized assessments
Kessler Rehabilitation Center (Saddlebrook, NJ)
April 2015
Observed a fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing
JFK Medical Center (Edison, NJ)
March 2015
Observed a modified barium swallow evaluation and bedside swallow assessment
PG Chambers School (Cedar Knolls, NJ)
March 2015
Observed pediatric students with various disorders including Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy
Richard F. Blake Childrens Center (Cedar Knolls, NJ)
December 2014
Administered hearing screenings and PLS-5 screener to preschool aged children

Summit Speech School (New Providence, NJ)

October 2014

Learned about different hearing aid and assistive technologies (Cochlear Implant, hearing aid, BAHA, FM System)
through observation of Preschool children who are deaf or hard of hearing
Language: proficient in Tagalog (Filipino) & English; limited proficiency in Italian & American Sign Language (ASL)