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Daily Basis Report of B.

Ed Workshop for the date

27 July 2016
As usual 3rd day of workshop was started with some verses from the Holy Quran.
After some verses of Holy Quran in delightful voice of Mr. Yasir, Mr. Farrukh got
the privilege of presenting Naat-e-r-Rasool e-Maqbool.
After that on demand of Rev. Sir Amjad a fellow student threw some light on the
topic How we can become good Muslims in the light of Hadith.
Then Rev. Sir Rasheed presented his views on difference of positive and
negative thinking. He stressed that everybody should make effort in his life to be
helpful to others. He also shared an article which he read in a newspaper.
Before the inception of Lectures Rev. Sir Amjad admonished those students who
were not punctual. Irregular students were also advised to be regular and avoid
cheating the tutors. Then he in his grave and sober manner pointed out three
common some vices of our society, as he observed.
1. Lying
2. Backbiting
3. Greediness/ Discontentedness
He described two qualities of a good teacher
1. Graveness/Seriousness
2. Knowledge of subject
He gave example of his ex-teacher Khalid Hussain who did not miss singled
He also described that we have just restricted our religion to Prayers and
Fastening. We did not implement religion in our practical life. Our success lies in
the implementation of religion in our all matters.
After that students were called in a sequence for their presentations.
Mr. Yasir.
First of all Mr. Yasir gave his lesson.
His subject was Islamiat and topic was Taharat o Pakeezgi. He took eight
minutes from 1:50-1:58.
It was commented that he did not use his chart to describe the method of
Miss Maria Batool
She was the 2nd in the list of those students who delivered their lessons.
Her subject was social Studies and topic was Pakistan Theory. She also
consumed eight minutes from 02:07-02:15.

Rev. Sir Amjad before the next lesson told us that reports should be presented in
a file.

Mr. Kaleem Khalid.

His subject was urdu and topic was ghazal aur us k ajza
Starting Time
Ending Time


Rev. Sir Amjad appreciated this lesson and declared that one best of all those
presented up till that time.

Ibrar Hussain
His subject was Chemistry and topic was Chemical Bond.
Starting Time
Ending Time


This lesson was declared even better than the previous one.
After that it was recess time that lasted for 3:30 P.M.
After session was started with lecture on Math was given on the topic of
Hamzad Masawaton ka Hul
It consumed fifteen minutes.
Next student was Farkhanda Kausar. She opted Social Studies as a subject and
her title was Environment Pollution.
She took 6 minutes for her lecture.
Next present Safeena Kausar was not present thats why Rabya Kalsoom
had to come and deliver her Lecture of almost fifteen minutes on Types of
Matrix of Math.

Aadil Abbas gave his lecture on Physcis Distance and Displacement and
tooke eight minutes from
Last candidates were Mukhtar Ul Hassan, subject Math, Mariam Saeed
Subject General Science and Mr. Waseem for his lesson on Respiratory system
shared 30 minutes among themselves.
In the end of the day Following Subjects were opted by these Students.
Miss Sadaf




Anam Maroof

General Science

Naima Jehangir

Comuter Science

Samiya Kousar


Farrukh Mehmood


Shah Zaib


Mr. Bakhtawar


Mr. M Siddique


M. Irfan


I presented myself for report where as Verses of Holy Quran would be recited by
Hafiz M Siddique and Naat would be presented by Mr. Farrukh.