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Monica Sipp
P: 309-787-7151


The Lewis CQB Monolithic Rail Platform Now Available in 6.8

MILAN, IL (February 9, 2006) Lewis Machine & Tool Company, an Illinois based company that designs,
prototypes and manufactures small arms, accessories, and tooling components for law enforcement,
military, and commercial manufacturers, is proud to announce the new Lewis CQB MRP in 6.8mm.

The 6.8 has been used by Special Forces troops in Afghanistan with much success. As the obvious
benefits of the 6.8 become more apparent, the US Army is taking the caliber under consideration to
replace the 5.56 currently carried by US troops. The 6.8 has proven to be more accurate at longer
ranges and have greater hitting power than the 5.56. Now Lewis Machine & Tool Companys highly
successful CQB Monolithic Rail Platform (MRP) has incorporated the 6.8 caliber into its product line-up

The Close Quarter Combat MRP 6.8 package includes a 16 chrome lined barrel, a semi-auto bolt carrier
group, a charging handle assembly, and a 25 round magazine. The barrel is secured by two fasteners
that run through the bottom of the base of the barrel. A T-handle torque wrench is all it takes for a quick
switch of barrels depending on the mission. The barrel is completely free floating. Accessories (lights,
scopes, lasers, grips and sights) and/or barrels can be changed with little, if any, deviation to the point of
impact or point of aim and within minutes. The MRP has four military standard 1913 rails with a top rail
that extends from the rear of the upper receiver to the front of the MRP.

Lewis Machine & Tool Company, a GSA supplier since 2005, was founded in 1980 in Milan, Illinois, with
the mission of designing and producing the highest quality of products for the military and government
agencies. Lewis Machine & Tool Company, known for their innovative Monolithic Rail Platform, provides
customers with the highest standards in design, engineering, and quality assurance in everything they
manufacture from custom firearms to accessories. For more information, contact Lewis Machine & Tool
Company at