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Some Brilliant Topics on Water

Sub topics 1. (A Bright Idea)

Drinking water purification with the aid of diamond-coated electrodes :
its an innovative process that expert believe has considerable potential.
Using a hand cranked electricity generator, visitors to the German Pavilion
can set the technology in motion : a spark ignites the diamond electrode, an
oxidation process in initiated, the cleaning process begins. Developed by the
Condias company , a spin - off from Fraunhofer Institute, the system
eliminates organic contaminants in the water - without chemicals. The
technology effectively eliminates undesired substances in drinking water,
such as pesticides and drug residues.

Sub Topics 2. ( Environmentally Friendly Solution)

Small treatment units dispose of waste water by biological means :

whether toilet, shower of washing machine, household produce waste water
that has to be disposed of. Unfortunately, not all private households for
example inrural regions- have direct access to the public sewer system. Yet
even then there are environmentally friendly solutions : small purification
plants. They play an important role in Germany. Units like those from the
Hans Huber company work according to the same principles as large- scale
purification plants with several chambers. What is more, biological water
treatment is effective and produces good result.

Sub Topics 3. (Watering Plants with Shower Water)

Why not use water twice? This is not the idea behind the Aquacycle
technology that reprocesses slightly soiled waste water-produces in private
households, for example, by the washing machine or dishwasher for re-use.
The recycling installation from the Pontos company cleans the water for
instance, for showering using a mechanical-biological method without
chemical additives. The clean water produced by this means is not drinking
water quality, but it can be used for many purposes-for flushing the toilet, in
the washing machine , for cleaning or to water the plants in the garden.

Sub Topics 4. (Intelligent Drinking Ware Productions)

Nearly natural process : Kompetenzzentrum Berliner Wasserbetriebe
are presenting a technology the explains the citys drinking water
system. Berlin draws its drinking water. 400 millions litres a day,
exclusively from water resources located inside the city limits a
unique situation worldwide. The drinking water is mainly extracted by
bank filtration from the Spree and other rivers. The water is naturally
filtered in the ground. Bank filtration is a favourable technique for
drinking water extraction if there is insufficient real groundwater

Sub Topics 5. (Ultraviolet Light Purifies Water)

An alternative to water sterilizations with chemicals is the
Munichbased Oscram companys disinfection technique using
ultraviolet light. This classis method is currently enjoying something of
a renaissance. The water flows through a container containing a UV
light source and is disinfected solely by the power of light. The energy
of the UV light destroys the cell structure of bacteria-and the die off.