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29 OCTOBER 2009
Computer Awareness Quiz 3 for Bank Examinations GK Today Featured Work
Earn an IT Degree -
Download This Quiz Fast Economic Survey 2009-10
From AS BS MS to Railway Budget 2010-11
1.Which of the following was used in programming the first
computers? Union Budget 2010-11
Accelerated Courses -
(A)Object code Top Colleges. Annual Monetary Policy 2010-11
(B)Source Code Latest Constitution Amendment Bills
(C)Machine Language
SONY VAIO - Official
2010-11 State Annual Plans
(D)Assembly Language
Smart performance
(E)None of the above w/Intel® Core™ i7  Current Affairs Archive
processor laptops. Free
Answer shipping. Current Affairs June 2010
Current Affairs May 2010
Home Network Setup
2.Any piece of data can be returned in a constant time, regardless of Help Current Affairs April 2010
its physical location and whether or not it is related to the previous Secure Home Network Current Affairs March 2010
piece of data using which of the following ? Design From An Current Affairs February 2010
Experienced, Local IT
Current Affairs January 2010
(B)RAM Current Articles & News Summaries
(C)ROM Business & Economy Archive 2009
(D)Network Interface Card Speed up your PC’s National Updates 2009
(E)None of the above Instantly and forever
International Updates 2009
with #1 MS Certified
Defrag. Try Free. Awards Archive 2009
Appointments Archive 2009

3.Which among the following are not Objects in Access Database?

Banking Examinations Section
(B)Form Current Affairs Quizzes
(C)Query Bank PO Special Quizzes
(D)Report Bank Clerical Examinations
(E)Pivot Table Finance Business & Economy Quizzes
Socio Economic Awareness
Computer Awareness Quizzes
Marketing Aptitude Quizzes
4.Which of the following Key is not found in normal computers / Vocabulary Practice Quizzes
Books & Authors
(A)turn key
Business Abbreviations
(B)alt key
Committees & Commissions
(C)del key
Interview Questions
(D)shift key
Archive India Development Programmes
(E)pause/ break key

Answer Public Service Examinations Section

Civil Services Special Quizzes

5.A hybrid computer exhibits the features of ______?
Civil Services Exams Mock Test Series
(A)analog computer
Indian Economy Quizzes
(B)digital computer
Indian Constitution Quizzes
(C)both analog and digital computer
Indian History Quizzes
(D)mainframe computer
Geography Quizzes
(E)none of the above
General Science Quizzes
Memorable Points Archive
Who is who
Indian History
6.Structured programming languages such as C, COBOL and FORTRAN
Indian Economy
were used in which of the following computers?
Ads by Google
(A)First Generation Computers
Facts at a Glance
(B)Second Generation Computers
(C)Third Generation Computers Indian Polity & Constitution
(D)Fourth Generation Computers
(E)Fifth Generation Computers Quizzes for New Learners

Answer Miscellaneous Quizzes

Basic Quizzes
Prep Quizzes
7.Which among the following statement is correct ? (More than one
options are correct )
(A)Machine Language was developed prior to Assembly Language Latest Answers
(B)Assembly Language Was developed prior to Machine Language
What are autecology and synecology?
(C)Both Assembly and machine languages were developed together
Which Middle East country's head won a
(D)First generation computers used machine language and second
Nobel Prize?
generation computers used assembly language
Is Indira Awas Yojna a 100% centrally
(E)First generation computers used assembly language and second
generation computers used machine language sponsored scheme?
States under National food Security Mission
Answer Inaugural Day
Which was the first Vaccine ever ?

8.Which of the following are called Knowledge Information processing In which state the maximum area is under

System? implementation in DPAP?

(A)Fourth Generation Computers What is payment in due course?

(B)Fifth Generation Computers What is Lipid Profile?
(C)Laptops Which are highest producer states of
(D)Servers Cotton, Jute & Potato?
(E)Super computers What is Amortization?
Who are the brand ambassadors of Canara
Answer Bank and Central bank of India?
What was the difference between ideology
9.What is the correct full form of VLSI? of Satya Shodhak Samaj and Prarthana
(A)Very Large Scale Integration Daily Quizzes Samaj?
(B)Very large Software Integration What are dematerialization and
(C)Very large Scale Implementation Quiz 381-400
(D)Very Large Software Implementation Quiz 361-380
What is Baroda Sun?
(E)Very Large System Integration Quiz 341-360 What is the rank of winners of Bharat
Quiz 321-340 Ratna Award in Indian order of
Answer Quiz 301-320 precedence?
Quiz 281-300
Which was the earliest known tetra pod
10.Which of the following generation of computers is associated with Quiz 261-280
adapted for climbing trees?
artificial intelligence? Quiz 241-260
Where is located Blue Mountain in India?
(A)First Quiz 221-240
Who was the first Indian to become
(B)Second Quiz 201-220
member of United States Congress?
(C)Third Quiz 181-200 Near Which River, Kalinga War took Place?
(D)Fourth Quiz 161-180 By which name All India Radio was known
(E)Fifth Quiz 141-160
prior to 1936?
Quiz 121-140 What is India's Rank in the world in per
Quiz 101-120 day Oil Consumption?
Quiz 81-100 What is the maximum depth a submarine
11.The sixth-generation era (sometimes referred to as the 128-bit Quiz 61-80
can go underwater?
era) refers to which of the following?
Quiz 41-60 In which year red flag was used in India
(A)Sixth generation Computers
Quiz 21-40 for the First Time?
Quiz 1-20 How Bhopal is related to Pakistan’s
(C)Super computers
(D)Video game Consoles Mega Quizzes nuclear program?

(E)None of the above get answers in email

April (II) 2010

Answer April (I) 2010

March (II) 2010
March (I) 2010 Community
12.BSNL, Reliance, Shaw cable, AOL, Tata Indicom all can be kept in
February (II) 2010
which one of the following groups?
February (I) 2010
(B)IRC December (II) 2009

(C)ISP December (I) 2009

(D)Icons November (II) 2009

(E)Host November (I) 2009
October (II) 2009
Answer October (I) 2009
September (II) 2009
13.One kilobyte has _____? September (I) 2009
(A)1000 bytes August (II) 2009
(B)128 bytes August (I) 2009
(C)1024 bytes July (II) 2009
(D)1036 bytes July (I) 2009
(E)1528 bytes June (II) 2009
June (I) 2009
Answer May (II) 2009
May (I) 2009
14.Which among the following is correct about 4GL? April 2009
(A)A computer brand March 2009
(B)A software brand February 2009
(C)A software program
Blog Archive
(D)A programming language
(E)A type of graphic card
Blog Archive 6


15.First microprocessors were used in which of the following?

(E)None of above


16.Which of the following transforms input data into output data?



17.In a computer file systems which among the following is top or

first in hierarchy?
(A)root directory
(B)parent directory
(C)home directory
(D)working directory
(E)none of the above


18.What is HTTP 404?

(A)An error message indicating server not found
(B)An error message indicating moved permanently
(C)An error message indicating forbidden
(D)An error message indicating server found
(E)An error message indicating server busy


19.Core Banking Solutions are developed to perform__?

(A)recording of transactions
(B) passbook maintenance
(C)interest calculations
(D)customer records
(E)All of the above


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ram,  29 October, 2009

I think the first-generation programming language was machine

language.It is the only language a microprocessor can process
without a previous transformation.

garima,  30 October, 2009

Yes the first generation programming language was machine


anji,  30 October, 2009

its useful.plz send more n more...its not adequate sir...

amarjeet,  04 November, 2009

Arpit,  05 November, 2009

In first genration machine language was used>.................

Anonymous,  08 January, 2010

I think it is better, but not enough plz post something more........

Anonymous,  08 April, 2010

sir in the recently held state bank of patiala po exam comp part was
really very unusual so found some more typical questiions abt it.
kindly post some more quiz with reference to comp.
I will be very thankful to u.



Anonymous,  27 May, 2010

please send more computer questions

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