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Art of stalking: the riddle of the heart; the puzzlement warriors feel upon becoming aware of two
things: first, the world appears to be unalterably objective and factual due to peculiarities of our
awareness and perception; second, that if different peculiarities of perception come into play, the very
things about the world that seemed so unalterably objective and factual change.

Assemblage point:

A small group of energy fields inside the luminous ball of intense brilliance lit up
by a point located on the ball's surface where perception of the world is assembled. for us, on the
surface of the luminous sphere, arms length, vicinity high above right shoulder blade. Pressure exerted
by the emanations at large determine the degree of pressure & this determines the level of awareness.
Modern day seers found the location of the assemblage point to be the result of usage and socialization
more than an irreducible or final placement. for this reason, they considered it an arbitrary position
with only an illusion of finality. Moving one's assemblage point is an essential maneuver every sorcerer
has to learn.


description given by ancient seers who saw the indescribable force which is the source of all

sentient beings. They called it the Eagle, because of the few glimpse that could be sustained were seen
as something resembling a black and white eagle of infinite size. For the old seers, that was the
evidence that sentient beings live only to enrich the awareness that is the Eagle's food. aka God

Eagles emanations: energy fields resembling threads of light radiating from a source of
inconceivable proportions metaphorically called the Eagle. It is the immutable thing, presence, which
engulfs everything that exists in the known, unknown and unknowable. Impossible to describe but can
be witnessed by seers for extremely brief moments. those who have seen say they are a mass of sorts, a
pressure that creates a dazzling sensation. One can only catch a glimpse. anything more will kill.

Erasing personal history:

1. a prescribed behavior in which the apprentice little by little erases

everything around them until nothing is any longer for sure, or real. In this state we learn not to take
anything for granted. 2. it frees us from being taken for granted by others.

Four attributes of warriorship:

Four moods of stalking:

1. Control 2. Discipline 3. Forebearance 4. Timing

1. Ruthless without being harsh

2. Cunning without being cruel
3. Patient without neglect
4. Sweet without being foolish

Glow of Awareness: emanations at large attracting matching emanations from inside a luminous
shell align and light up. This process produces the 'glow of awareness' and appears in humans as a
narrow band that runs vertically, on the far right, the entire length and all the way through the luminous

Great Bands of Emanations: The old seers called them bands but are properly clusters. In the earth
there are 48 clusters of the Eagles emanations. One for Organic life. Seven for Inorganic life and forty
produce bubbles without awareness; these bands are/only generate organization. they are neither flat
or round, but indescribably clustered together, like a pile of hay, which is held together in midair by the
force of the hand that pitched it

Heightened awareness:

a position of the assemblage point located to the left of its customary

position enabling for heightened awareness. A state of mind where knowing is known without the use
of words

Inorganic beings:

bubbles of awareness that grow on bands of darker, less fluffy material. These
bands are characterized by having a container with no motion; rather formless receptacle with a low
degree of luminosity, lacking tautness. Inorganic beings are not as plentiful as organic ones but live
infinitely longer than organisms.


an immeasurable, indescribable force that absolutely everything that exists in the entire
cosmos is attached to by a connecting link. Warriors are concerned with cleaning this connecting link
with intent of the numbing effects brought on by the ordinary concerns of everyday life.

Last battle on earth: our moment of death

Losing self-importance: the complete dropping of any feelings of superiority over other living
beings. Seeing all life equal

Luminous body:

Fibers of light encased within a luminous shell rotating from front to back. All living
things have such an encasement, cocoon, or egg. Other names are 'auric egg' or augoeides.

Magical passes:

discovered by our ancient seers they are bodily movements which yield

tremendous results in terms of mental and physical prowess. Once very complicated and secretive, don
Juan departed radically from tradition and reformulated the magical passes and passed those down to
Carlos. While they should still be considered sacred they can be seen as what they are. powerful &
extremely effective redeployment and dispersement of stagnant energy located within various caches
inside the luminous shell.

Mastery of awareness:

is the riddle of the mind; the perplexity sorcerers experience when they
recognize the astounding mystery and scope of awareness and perception.

Mastery of intent:

is the riddle of the spirit, or paradox of the abstract -- sorcerer' thoughts and
actions projected beyond our human condition.


the incomprehensible power that governs all things & reflects equally and all at once on

those things. 2. the abstract 3. one of two bands we humans are comprised of.

nagual :

A conduit for the spirit, a guide, man or woman with extraordinary energy, a teacher who
has sobriety, endurance, stability; someone seers see as a luminous sphere having four compartments,
as if four luminous balls have been compressed together. Naguals are intermediaries. their energy
allows them to channel peace, harmony, laughter, and knowledge directly from intent.

nagual party:

a team of seers brought together by the Nagual beginning with a male and female
pair. Each member of the party must accept unconditionally the rule of the Nagual and in a nutshell that
rule boils down to: The Nagual calls all the shots. after the Nagual has helped the pair locate four
stalking females, on their own they find four dreaming females, three male seers and one male courier.

Organic beings:

Think of an enormous band of luminous filaments, luminous strings with no end.

Organic beings are bubbles that grow around a group of luminous filaments that have a sort of
fluffiness. transparent and unique. Imagine in this band some bubbles are formed around the luminous
filaments in the center of the band, others are formed close to the edges; the band is wide enough to
accommodate every kind of organic being with room to spare. bubbles close to the edges miss
altogether the emanations found in the center. vice versa

Personal power:

stored energy

Petty tyrant:

A tormentor. Someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or
simply annoys them distraction.


a state of heightened awareness in which the human body is capable of perceiving energy as
a flow, a current, a windlike vibration. To see this energy as it flows through the universe is the product
of a momentary halt to the system of normal interpretation proper to humans.


the control of behavior

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