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Good vs.

Redeem the time, for the days are evil. (I:14)
Ask Me to help you be on guard and deliver you from evil. (I:15)
Be not envious of evildoers! Even if they may not appear to be evildoers on the surface, just perfectly normal people,
sometimes the greatest sin anyone can commit is to do nothing!
Be not like those rich evil doers of nothing, but stir yourself up into action of prayer! (I:50)
Concentrate on the truly essential, the learning of the spiritual lesson you were sent here to emphasize on: the
forgiveness of others wrongs against you, and the recognition and refusing to yield to the temptation of evil, recognizing
that the power and Kingdom are truly Gods and not the usurpers. (I:54)
The majority of people prefer darkness to the light, for their deeds are evil. Its not necessarily that theyre obviously or
blatantly evil, either, but when the Father shall judge every work of every man, woman and child, all things shall be
revealed. (I:109)
Good and evil cant coexist peacefully, one will give way to the other. (I:161)
One of the primary reasons for the success of evil in the world is that good men are doing nothing. (I:198)
You should not neglect to pray against evil worldly influences dragging in the Enemys vibes, trying to belittle you, to put
you down! (I:212)
You can teach from your personal experiences why you personally recommend to choose good: because youve seen
evil. (I:213)
Learning to discern My voice from the enemys is a constant choosing the good and eschewing the evil. (I:237)
If you just stick to the tiny little actions, deeds and steps of love, youll be doing just whats necessary to bring about the
triumph of good over evil, and youll be doing just fine, and youll be fulfilling the best possible destiny there is. (I:248)
I love you when you're bad, because I can already see the good in you coming out of it again. (I:414)
"Deliver us from evil" is part of the prayer I taught you to pray, because it's very relevant to each of you.
Each one of you is prone to become a target of evil, that's just one of the facts of life, and that's why you've got to pray
and stay in close communication with Me to help you overcome that evil, to withstand it, to resist it, and that I might
deliver you from it. It's nothing to be ashamed of, nothing really weird or odd or terrible, it's daily life on the battlegrounds
of this World. Evil is bound to attack you, oppress you and harass you, and you've just got to stay on guard and vigilant
against it on all sides.
Stay desperate with Me to deliver you from evil, just as I have taught you to pray!
Keep your focus on Me, and I will deliver you from evil! (I:501)
You've got to trust Me, that even a dark chapter in your life will work together for good, and that My hand is upon you for
good and not evil. My thoughts toward you are thoughts of love and mercy, not of punishment, and if I'm allowing this, it's
only for your best.
If it's tough and difficult and you cling to My hand in desperation for every step of the way, knowing that otherwise you
won't make it, then you can be pretty sure that you're on the right path, and that this is My way for you.
Trust that it's not evil or bad, but ultimately for your good! (II:60)
Salvation and redemption is all about delivering you from evil. Firstly, and foremost, the evil of your own hearts, and
lastly, once you have been redeemed from your own sins, I deliver you out of the evil of this world! (II:92)
The greatest rewards wait for those who commit themselves to that ultimate struggle of good and evil, to confront and
combat the very evil in their own hearts, the very sin in their lives, for in this, they're fighting the very enemy of God - the
devil - on a day to day, face-to-face level. (II:98)
You need to learn to differentiate between the way I see "good" and the way you do. What you call "bad" I might call good.
As you learn to see with My eyes and learn to take things by faith, your perspectives will change and you'll see the
"handwriting of good within evil." (II:243)
I'm showing you the difference between real goodness, that which comes from Me, and is born in the humility of the
realization that in yourself there is nothing good and you can do nothing good, and the pretended goodness of selfsufficiency, of those who believe they don't need Me, they're already good enough.
Their religion is themselves, or the goodness they think they're acquiring of their own efforts. They think they're good and

they do good, but do nothing to relieve the suffering in the world, but just contribute to the functioning of the machine
that ever keeps exploiting the poor, they keep it running. They may not know the extent to which they're collaborators of a
great evil, similar to the way in which many people in Nazi Germany didn't know and refused to see the extent of evil of
which they were collaborators, but in rejecting the voice of truth, in refusing to listen to My servants, they heap upon
themselves their condemnation, their judgment and verdict.
Just doing the thing that comes natural in the physical doesn't qualify you as "good" in My eyes. Everybody does that.
Just doing your part as a cog in the machinery of the System, which is of the god of this world, the devil, isn't at all what I
consider doing a good thing or being a good person. (II:252)
One of the most important "tricks" of faith is to see the good in the bad, not vice versa.
Some people who were allegedly on the bad side, actually did wind up on the good side, after all. (II:333)
The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and involves a few more factors besides exposing
the workings of evil.
It sees how experiencing the fruits and results and consequences of evil is necessary for mankind in order to learn their
lesson and for others to acquire that wisdom, too. (IV:20)
The degree to which all things including man are deteriorating is carefully planned, and the story that had a perfect
beginning, in which all things were found as good, will also have a perfect ending, in which all things will again be
found as good, and, perhaps even a little better than before, due to all the precious lessons that will have been learned
from mans little detour into the world of evil.
Evil is only a matter of time. Its sting will be plucked. So, having to cope with evil really is only a matter of time for you,
which should be another reason for you to look forward to joining Us in the timeless realm before long. (IV:87)
Some people are not aware of the battle and the evil thats taking place on their own turf. They only see the foreign evil,
and the picture of evil is elsewhere. (IV:287)
Evil exists, and it is real, but havent I promised, and thus far always been able to fulfill this Promise, that Id turn evil into
Thats the beauty of it all, and the exuberant magic that makes life worth living: the fact that I can and will change
everything and turn all evil into good, sooner or later. (2012:31)
Yielding to temptations has mind- and thus, reality-altering qualities, so, they can be pretty dangerous, and pretty much
the most potent weapon the Devils got, because theyre powered by your own choices. So it definitely pays to make an
extra effort to recognize and resist them, since the consequences can at times be devastating, and yet, nevertheless not
without bringing My Promise to fruition that Ill turn evil into good and make everything wind up turning out alright.

Thats one of the great evils of this world: everyone does basically the same everyone else does, just because everyone
else does it, without thinking for themselves whether its right or wrong, without letting their own conscience guide them.

When evil is being used in order to further anyones own advantage, they sow evil, and this is what they will reap.

Its not necessarily so that youll stop folks from doing evil by overcoming and rising above, but you wont be affected
negatively by it yourself.
Im not talking about ignoring evil altogether, but remember that youd probably be guilty of the same and worse, if it
hadnt been for My mercy in your life.
The worst evil youre battling with is your own, but in some ways youre passing on the same harsh judgment you pass
over yourself to others. (2012:107)
Keep in mind that what may seem bad to you might actually be good in My eyes - Our different viewpoints. One day
youll see: This isnt all nearly as bad as you perceive it right now
In the light of eternity, youll see, this isnt something bad thats happening. Its good. (2012:124)
The vast majority of folks dont acknowledge the spiritual forces at work that they would be up against if they did. They
deny and ignore them, hoping theyll be left in peace by them that way, but its like calling it a truce with the evil forces
and by doing nothing, they basically cooperate with them, give them the green light to do whatever they will, since they
simply wont interfere and wont do anything to stop or oppose them. (2012:145)
You bring harsher consequences upon yourself for wrong-doings, and My dealings with you are harder and tougher than
the way the Enemy spoils his rotten followers, and from a worldly and temporal perspective it may almost seem as if what
they have is good, while yours is evil, but thats just one of those ways in which he can make things appear quite
differently from what they really are.
He has created his own illusion of good and evil, which makes it so hard for some people to recognize whose side
theyre actually on and really working for (2012:149)

Experiencing and dealing with evil and making the right choices when confronted with it, is one of the major purposes in
this life. It is the factor that really determines what youre made of. Anyone can be good under the right circumstances.
Its the adversity and the struggle, including the temptations evil presents that bring out the worst, but also the best in
you, depending on the choices you make accordingly.
Some of the most dangerous forms of evil are those that are cloaked as goodness; the unrecognized evil, either by its
perpetrators, because they refuse to face it and prefer to ignore their own sins and downplay them as innocent or nonexistent altogether, or by its victims, because they either fail to recognize it or to fight against it.
Thats why the hardest challenge is the confrontation with the supposed do-gooders who are completely oblivious to any
wrong-doing whatsoever on their part, and why self-righteousness is one of the greatest evils to tackle the one that was
ultimately responsible for My death: The greatest evil of man, used by God to bring about mankinds salvation from sin.
A lot of the evil of today is due to the good left undone by those who think that going to church or believing in God or not
committing any crimes is enough.
Theyre not actively fighting evil because they dont even want to see it. They just focus on their own goodness as their
guiding light, not realizing that this results in blindness to the unfortunately larger part of reality which theyre left
totally incapable of dealing with.
So, yes, some of the good people are among the saddest of cases of human lives and history. Only My Coming shall
reveal all that could have been done and should have been done and yet was never done by those who thought they were
good enough but never realized how much more of their efforts would have been needed, simply because they refused to
see the darker side of things.
Of course, theres a proper balance between focusing too much on the dark side and not enough, but each extreme is at
least equally dangerous, and ignoring the bad and dark side of things isnt necessarily the lesser evil
It takes courage to face evil in all its ugliness. Courage that the vast majority of people simply dont possess.
Stemming from the fact that they dont even recognize some of the worlds evils, like fear, as such. (2012:161)
Make sure youve learned the lessons life is trying to teach you!
Its a lot about learning to deal with evil: absorb its blows as much as you have to, in order to learn its tactics and
techniques so you can manage to evade them in the future and just let it run out of its own steam eventually
The difference between the evil exerted against you by outside forces and that which protrudes from yourself, is that the
former can be with skill and prayer evaded, but the latter needs to be overcome.
The better you are at overcoming your own evil and sins, the better you should also be able to deal with and handle the
evil potentially inflicted on you at the hand of others, since youre going to be stronger, more in tune with Me and more
alert in the spirit. (2012:166)
You should get on guard against all the evils that surround you, a more conscious state of the spiritual warfare thats
going on, back into the mode of fighting a spiritual battle, instead of passively drifting down the stream of life, basically
heading nowhere, making no upstream progress and allowing you to slide ever further downhill, instead (2012:168)
Its not about how good or bad anyone is; its about what I can do in spite of the circumstances the badness, and
independently of any human goodness.
I like to use badness because it defies rational expectation; which doesnt mean I dont like and wouldnt generally
prefer goodness, if its genuine. But you know how hard its getting to tell whether it is So, I just use both, and dont
make too much of a difference with either, nor too big an ado about them.
May your badness help you keep your eyes on Me as your only Hope, and may others goodness not prevent them from
doing the same! (2012:169)
A lot of what this life is about is coming to grips with ones dark side, to become aware of it, and aware of the dangers and
the threat of darkness, to recognize the evil of it.
Many people try to ignore it, pretend as if its not there, but thats not the right way.
Evil wont just go away by ignoring it. Like weed, its its best chance to grow.
So, by facing it and confronting it, dealing with it, you can make progress, learn and grow, as opposed to those who
ignore it. (2013:3)
Resist the evil that is trying to invade your life from all sides, keep discerning your own behavior, whether its right or
wrong. Its easier to spot the wrong kind of behavior in others, such as your kids, but you must also keep yourself in
check and not let yourself get away with excessive amounts of foul speech, no matter how much the situation may seem
to warrant it in your opinion.
So, for My sake and your own, put up some more of a fight to resist evil, not just the outside attacks and adversities, but
also the temptations to let your standard slip down to levels where I simply cant keep blessing and protecting you the
way and to the extent I would want. (2013:20)
The question is whether you can deal with the evil that confronts you in a place without letting it affect you adversely too
much Are you stronger than it and manage to overcome it, instead of being overcome by it, or does it begin to rub off
on you? (2013:25)
The cares of this life usually take much higher priority in most peoples lives than the fighting the good fight of

overcoming the evils in this world, both in their own hearts and lives, and those of others. (2013:26)
Theres a difference between truth and knowledge, which is the reason why the cause of Mans Fall was a desire for the
knowledge of good and evil. Basically, the knowledge of good is truth, and the knowledge of evil its deceptive
counterpart. If folks dont develop a love, hunger and desire for the former, theyll eventually wind up chasing the latter,
and thats the choice every human being has to make: Which of the two will they chase after and pursue?
Eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is what initiated this big, long lesson of finding out the difference
between the two. (2013:34)
No matter whether Heavens going to be exactly the way youd picture it or not; the good news is that its bound to be a
whole lot better just due to the fact of the absence of evil.
Thats something to look forward to, isnt it? No more evil. (2013:54)
The donut is the greater Reality that engulfs and surrounds all that, and, opposed to all that nothingness, lack of rhyme
and reason the hole represents, full of good things to enjoy.
It takes a little bit of effort and willingness to see the good, the greater good, surrounding all the obvious evil, idiocy and
vanity which most folks perceive as their entire reality.
When you can face the entire scope of reality and can still focus on the larger, positive and good portion of it, then youre
learning to overcome and walk by faith. See, walking by faith is supposed to be positive, a cheerful walk, otherwise it
wouldnt really do much good. My donuts supposed to be the answer to peoples emptiness, so why focus on the hole,
when theres so much good stuff surrounding it to focus on? (2013:57)
Theres a rare few who can both: face the gross extent to which evil has manifested in todays world and still believe that I
am yet superior. (2013:100)
You should take the fact that most people will turn to the darkness and embrace their own evil ways instead of the good,
which to them is strange, as pretty much the natural way of things by now, and not let it dismay you or throw you off to
this extent. Its pretty much the path the world in general has chosen, and the trick is for you to keep walking yours,
which is Mine, in spite of that fact! (2013:116)
If youre a bit more scared of the evil things happening in the world, its because theyve gotten worse and somewhat
more powerful. In other words, your chances against the evil forces are weaker, and you have to take hold of Me more
than ever in order to make it against them. (2014:103)
There are good things and bad things in the world, and part of the lesson of life is to learn the difference between them
learn the advantage of doing good things above the bad.
All in all, learning to fight the battle against evil and choosing the good instead, is a major advantage, youll see. There
are and will be many who still have to learn it. But if you can be one of those who are along in teaching it (as part of your
own experience of doing things you realize you shouldnt have), itll be worth it all, youll see!
Even those who just learn their lessons once they arrive in Heaven, play a part in teaching mankind that lesson of good
vs. evil; and itll be worth it all. Trust Me! (2014:132)
Dont be too discouraged by the battle against evil, but stay in the spirit that youll be one of the final victors, and stay
cheerful because complete victory is eventually coming for all of you, and trust Me: it shall be worth it! (2014:149)
The times are not the same as they used to be. Theyre definitely times you desperately need My help to make it against
the evil forces at work! (2014:156)
Youve got to grow stronger against evil forces and resist them with Our help and force at your aid!
Learn to be ready to deal with whatever it is the world hands you to be ready for and resist learn to overcome all that
evil there put to force by the enemy!
Youve got to grow stronger against evil forces and resist them with Our help and force at your aid! (2015:83)
Its important that you learn about the evil things Systemites can do to others, and not just think that nobodys capable of
doing evil anymore.
With the most evil time up ahead in the near future, youd better get prepared and learn how to deal with it and defend
yourself and your folks from it! (2015:109)
A life in a world pretty much taken over by the enemy at least will help you appreciate the Hereafter more and teach you a
lot of lessons about whats good or bad, better or worse So, being able to discern between those two is already worth
quite a lot, and you should appreciate it and go through it without complaining about it, if you can. (2015:111)
Stay on defense against the evil that rules! (2015:130)
With times turning into a determinant choice between good and evil powers to serve, trust Me that youll be better off
serving the good, even if We may not be running all the visible action in the world during that time the greatest of all

tests of mankind! (2015:142)

The universal Lesson will be quite clear, about the difference between good and bad, benevolent or evil. (2015:162)
The physical world has been taken over by evil forces, due to peoples choices. (2015:167)
The problem isnt people allowing the enemy to do all the evil, but letting him tempt and trick them into doing most of it!
And he knows that theyll have to pay for it themselves! (2015:169)
Life being rough for you right now is preparation for the great appearance and rulership of evil over the planet to get
ready for. (2015:235)
A benefit of some evils that happen: it may bring Salvation to those who help the victims! (2015:250)
Its time for that lesson of life teaching to resist evil, and to resent it never to fall for it and its temptations again, but
appreciating the good instead. (2015:251)
I know its a fight But, hey, what else do you want to fight for, but the good and positive, especially in a world being run
over by the force of evil, and thus the sheep out there needing positive input and spirits more than ever?
So, dont let the negative vibes of the enemy conquer you, but keep on fighting for the good, as rare as its becoming!

What has become more important to the vast majority of folks than good vs. evil is the issue rich or poor, and their
desires and motivations have been plugged to materialism and the drive to heighten their standards trough possessions
and wealth (2016:26)
Dealing with the troubles resulting from letting evil play a major role in life well, thats all part of the big lesson of life,
and one of the major purposes of it is to prevent and reject evil in the Realm beyond this time ruled by the evil one the
choice the majority of people have made since the beginning.
But learning to deal with that kind of evil and managing to survive in spite of it, and make the best out of those troubled
times, is basically what your job and task is right now! Deal with the bad around you the best you can, and try to manage
to still bring forth some good in spite of it! Now, thats the challenge! (2016:44)
The state of the world is a reminder that life isnt a permanent vacation or good time, unfortunately, but a major fight,
resistance and defense against the evil forces taking it over. (2016:48)
Positive vs. negative means the same as good vs. evil; and you can imagine which side of the two We are able to bless
with positive fruits and results.
With the power the enemy took over that world, its tougher to believe in the good in a world thats been taking the drift
toward the bad side of things, but thats what faith is all about: Believe in the invisible good, instead of the visible bad!
The thing is, that that sort of faith is the only force to empower you to do some visible good in that largely prone-towardevil world!
Dont let the influences of bad and evil circumstances the devil creates, conquer or overcome you! Its your job to
overcome them and show through your faith Whose Power and Strength is greater than the evil ones.
Now, judging by physical circumstances, it may seem obvious that the enemys got the power down there but thats
where the wonder-working power of faith plays its main role: the doubtless attitude that the Good will win, after all, in
spite of the temporary conquest evil seems to be having! (2016:49)
With a world being taken over by the forces of evil you cant expect too much good from it.
Then again, youve got to learn and do what you can to make the best of it, and not let the forces of evil triumph over your
existence as well, even though they do all they can to weaken and discourage you
In many aspects things are getting worse, and its more like evilution: the forces of evil getting stronger and
becoming more powerful on the globe.
What you need to learn is to resist those influences of evil on you! Not accept or tolerate some of its influences! Strive
to make the forces of the good stronger in your life, and do all you can to resist those of evil! (2016:56)
In order not to get tripped off on the bad, some experience seems necessary to prevent it. Learning what bad and evil can
lead to, and thus make the wise folks appreciate and prefer the good. (2016:58)
The forces of evil are giving their sign that theyre soon to take over. Preparing for the last and final world government
of evil. So getting ready for it would be the wisest thing to do. (2016:59)
The end of evil I predicted during My earthly lifetime, and others have and do. Unfortunately, its greatest power on Earth
is still ahead of you. So, learn to overcome and deal with it through the Strength and Help from Above, through your faith
in Me! Dont allow it to depress you, but look at what will come beyond that! I will! Along with My Kingdom. (2016:62)

Resist the evil and look Up Here; keep your focus on Me through faith, not on the hell-bound circumstances down there!
Its time to get back into the fighting gear! Not just passively resisting the evil surrounding you, but managing through the
victorious (by faith) state youre in to have a positive effect on those around you!
Resisting the evil surrounding you, managing to have a positive effect on those around you is not that easy in the flesh;
but thats why youve got to avail yourself of the Strength and Power of the Spirit!
So, keep the faith that that Powers still there for those who still want to follow Me through the Endtime the time of the
end of Satans reign over the Fathers creation which He allowed in order for us all to find out whod resist the evil, and
not follow the evil one, but choose the good instead all that comes from Him, including all the Help from Up Here theyll
need to make it through those final, and darkest times of the worlds history!
Dont be dragged down by the evil influences and circumstances down there, but keep your vision Up Here, the final
winning side! (2016:97)