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PreAP Geometry MRS.

Students need to bring to class daily: a three-ring binder with paper and 5 tab-dividers (labeled:
Know Its, Vocabulary, Notes, Homework, Quizzes & Tests), pencil, scientific calculator, compass, ruler, graph
paper, and colored pencils/highlighters.
, please donate a ream of paper (colored or white), a box of Kleenex and 4 AAA batteries to our
All of my students may attend tutoring and FIT (Flexible Instructional Time) with either me or Mrs.
Pesek. I am available for tutoring Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:20 8:50 a.m. My FIT
sessions can be found in the portal. Students MUST sign up for my Geometry FIT sessions in order to attend.
: I will use remind to communicate upcoming assessments or items necessary to bring to an
upcoming class. Students should sign up for remind and use the appropriate group code to gain access to
these notifications. Please visit to sign up.
2nd period: @lines

4th period: @theorems

5th period: @postulates

7th period: @midpoints

: Grades will be determined as follows:







There will be 2-3 tests per grading period. Students will be allowed to
complete test corrections in order to earn points back on their test grade.
In addition, students may choose to take an optional six weeks test (outside
of class) which will replace the lowest test grade up to a 75%. In order to
be eligible for the Six Weeks Test, students must have completed all test
Many quizzes will be given each grading period to assess comprehension.
The lowest quiz grade will be dropped. There will be NO makeup quizzes;
a missed quiz will be replaced with the NEXT test grade.
Homework will be assigned each class and will be due the following class
day at 9 a.m. Homework will be submitted through Canvas
( Students must create an account
and use this join code: 43NJYD Each homework will have an accuracy
and completion portion that will be combined as one grade. Assignments
are due by 9 a.m. the next class and are considered late after this time.

: Students are responsible for making up all work, including tests, within 3 school days (not
class days) of returning to school. If absent when an assignment is due, but present when the assignment was
given, the student is responsible for uploading the assignment into Canvas by the due date. This includes
absences due to school activities. Absence on the day of a review for a test does not excuse the student from
taking the test upon their return. Students are expected to study on their own.
: Students who are present in class but do not have the assignment completed can turn in the
assignment up to 3 school days (not class days) late and earn up to 50%. Otherwise, the assignment will
receive a grade of 0.
**If a student turns in make-up work or late work on Canvas, he/she is responsible for filling out an alert form
so that Mrs. Stiles is aware that his/her grade needs to be changed.
: The first homework grade will be to complete the First Day Info on my