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Creating a new scale (Schimba scara in fereastra de generare planse)

A:I want to create a Plan view at scale 1:500 but the system only is set to go as
high as 1:200. How can I add another scale in the system?
R: from the MS Office Suite.
Close Advance Steel.
Open MS Access and open the AstorBase database
from C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\*Advance Steel 2016\Steel\Data (* - your
version if not AS2016).

Click on ENABLE CONTENT if prompted

Scroll down to and click on the Scale table to open it.

Scroll to the bottom of the table and add an entry to the last (empty) line.

For the OwnerText field use UK, not Autodesk

Close the table and MS Access

Re-start Advance Steel

1. Create a cut or a section from the details

This tool creates an intersection on a selected element directly from the detail. The
view can be selected from the View selection window or can be specified by the key
This command allows you to create an extra section view on your drawing. If you
want a full view (not a section) simply draw the cutting plane outside the view
To access the command
Ribbon: Labels & Dimensions > Parametric views:

Command line: _AstM4DetManualCut

To create a section
1. Open the detail drawing.
2. On the Labels & Dimensions tab, Parametric views panel: Click

3. On the command line, enter R (Request list) and press Enter.

You can enter the view key number from the database.
4. From the View selection window, select the desired detail view.
5. Click OK.

6. If necessary, select how to define the depth of the cut: On the command line,
enter S (Settings) and press Enter.

V (Variable) - user-defined depth

F (Fixed) - the depth defined in the detail style is used

Select the detail view on which you want to create the cut.

1. BOM Plate Description (schimbarea numelui elementului de pe lista


When we send our plates to sheets, it puts the plate name in the BOM using the
Name token. However, the name token for plate shows the thickness, width and
Is there anyway to remove the length from the description?

You can change the name of the plates using Management

Tools application.

Follow this steps:

Open Management Tools (MT) application

Open the page Defaults

Open the category Plate / sub-category General

Search for the option Plate name

Change the rule to create the plate name --> delete the token %Length

Open a new session of AS

Please find attached a picture with the option from MT.

Please let me now if this is what you are looking for.

1. BOM Plate Description