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What Is Advair Diskus Asthma Medication?

Advair Diskus is a prescribed medicine that treats asthma in those aged 4 years and older. It
can only be used if your doctor decides your asthma condition is not being properly controlled
with regular long term control medicine for asthma, like inhaled corticosteroid.
Advair must not be used for the treatment of sudden symptoms of COPD (chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease) or asthma, and it cannot replace any rescue inhaler. It is mostly used to
prevent sudden asthma attacks or flare-ups. It can also prevent a COPD to get worse,
especially if associated with an emphysema or chronic bronchitis.
People with COPD use it for long term treatment and people with asthma usually use it as a
short term solution until asthma is controlled with other safer medicines.
This medication for asthma is a purple colored inhaler that contains a foil blister strip. A white
powdered mix of micronized salmeterol xinafoate salt and micronized fluticasone propionate in
formula that contains lactose monohydrate. When you activate the inhaler, it creates an
airstream of dispersed powder that you inhale through the mouthpiece.
Advair Diskus is a combination of the LABA (long acting beta agonist) medicine salmeterol and
the ICS (Inhaled corticosteroid) medicine, fluticasone propionate.
ICS medicines like the fluticasone propionate decrease inflammation in both lungs. Serious
breathing problems can occur due to the inflammation of the lungs.
The muscles close to the airways in the lungs can be relaxed thanks to the help of a LABA
medicine like salmeterol. Relaxed muscles prevents symptoms like shortness of breath, chest
tightness, cough and wheezing. Symptoms like these usually appear when muscles close to the
airways get tightened; making it hard for you to breathe.
Its important that you know that Advair Diskus is not recommended for the relief of sudden
breathing issues. Until now it is not known if this is medicine is effective and safe for children
under the age of 4.

Medication for Asthma

Advair Diskus contains salmeterol, which is also found in Serevent Diskus. LABA medicines like
the salmeterol are bronchodilators, which means that they help to open airways in the lungs, but
they increase the risk of complications that could result in death due to asthma problems.
Advair Diskus should not be given to people that have their asthma well controlled by common
medicines. If you can control your asthma using standard doses of inhaled corticosteroid, then
you dont need Advair Diskus.
If youre allergic to milk proteins, salmeterol or fluticasone, then you shouldnt use Advair
Diskus. Its also important to know that Advair wont work as a rescue medicine; it cant act
quickly enough to treat a bronchospasm or asthma attack.

Use the medicine exactly as the doctor prescribed it for you and follow every indication readable
on the prescription label. The doctor will usually change the dosage to be sure you get the best
possible results. Dont use Advair Diskus in smaller or larger amounts than prescribed and dont
use for a longer period than recommended.
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