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Class: 8

Subject: English

Guidelines for writing notice
1. The language is impersonal (avoid the use of I, We, You)
2. It includes the word NOTICE date, heading, writers name and designation.
3. It must answer the questions What? When? Where? How?
4. The date of writing the notice is generally put at the top left hand corner.
5. It must contain complete information.E.g. time of meeting, venue, date and agenda.
6. The order of presentation should be clear.
7. Give the designation of the writer just below the signature.
8. The word limit is 50 words.
1. You are the Secretary of the English Literary Association of Tagore Memorial
School, Patna. Write out a notice for the notice board, inviting names of those who
would like to participate in the proposed inter house debate, oratorical and elocution


21st July,2016


The English Literary Association invites participants in the following contests, to be

held in the school auditorium
1. Debate competition: 25th Oct, 2016 at 11 a.m.
2. Oratorical skills: 26th Nov, 2016, at 11 a.m.
3. Elocution contest: 26th Dec, 2016, at 2.00 p.m.
Each House can send a team of two students per competition. Last date for
submission of names: 22ndAug, 2016.
Your full name

Class: 8
Subject: English

A factual description is a systematic and sequential representation of a process or an
event, object, place or person.
Points to remember
The ideas should be presented with important points coming first, followed by the
subsidiary information.
Heading is an important part of a factual description and it should be short and crisp.
The language should be semi-formal.
It should show your attention to detail and your observatory skills.
The content should include the introduction, detailed description,additional
information and conclusion.
Factual description (person)
Physical attributes
Intellectual and emotional qualities
Others perception about him\her
Any other relevant trait
Solved example
Write a factual description on the topic, My Mother.
My Mother
My mothers name is Elizabeth. She is forty two years old. She is five feet, five inches
tall. She has light brown eyes and a wheatish complexion. My mother is a lawyer by
profession. She is self-disciplined and likes the entire family to be disciplined. She is a
knowledgeable lady as she makes a variety of home remedies to take care of our
minor illnesses. She is efficient as she balances her work life and family life well. She is
compassionate and hardworking.She takes care of the entire family and is concerned
about their well-being. The entire family looks up to her as a pillar of support and
Factual Description of a Place
Location (in the middle, at the top)
Dimension- Shape, Size, Colour
Importance/ Remarkable features
City- Geographical location, weather, dress, culture, social and cultural customs
Solved example

Class: 8
Subject: English

Give a brief description of your school.

My School
I have been a student of Air Force School, Baroda since the beginning of my school
life. My school is a C shaped building spread in an area of about 2 acres. It has a
beautiful and vast playground. There are thirty spacious rooms to impart education to
nearly one thousand students from classes 1 to 12. The rooms are big, airy, well
ventilated and furnished with modern classroom furniture. There is also a large and
well-furnished conference room. The school has three separate laboratories for
Physics, Chemistry and Biology respectively. Besides, it has two air conditioned
computer labs with internet facilities. A huge library with books on varied subjects is the
pride of the school. Education for all round development is imparted by a group of
learned teachers to 1500 well-disciplined students. The school is run by our vibrant and
efficient administrator and affectionate Principal, Ms. Sarita Sen.
Factual description (event)
Points to remember
Use past tense
Use passive voice to describe the event
Similar to report writing
When did the event occur, venue
Sequence of the programme
Information about participants, guests
Who organized the programme?
Results of the programme
Solved example
Your school organised a free eye camp for the students of your school. Well
known eye specialists were invited on the occasion. You are Rajat, the head boy
of the school. Write a description of the camp in about 100 words.
Free Eye Camp
During the autumn break, our school organised a three day free camp in the school
auditorium. More than 150 students and residents living in the vicinity of the school
visited the camp for eye checkups. Dr. Abhimanyu , Head of the Eye department , Civil
Hospital and other prominent eye specialists treated the patients. The patients were
provided with free spectacles and medicines. The Assistant Commissioner of
Ahmedabad graced the occasion with his august presence. The camp benefited the
students and visitors. A number of students volunteered during the camp to give
directions to the visitors or provide water to them. The camp was a great success.

Class: 8
Subject: English

Diary is a personal form of writing. It requires your creativity,imagination and
expression. Make your diary entry experiential. Write as if you have really been a part
of the situation and are writing your own experience, your own point of view and
Day :
Dear Diary,


16 April,2016
5:00 p.m.
Dear Diary,
It was my second day at my new school- Blue Bells Public School. What a name for a
school! I am tired of introducing myself to teachers and classmates. Although I have
talked to a few classmates, they are all nice, but I havent been able to make a friend I
would like to keep. Could Amy be the one? Or Periwinkle? Or will it be Rahul? I dont
know. May be no one, may be all of them. I mustnt hurry. I must be cautious.
However, I must have a good friend as soon as possible. But where shall I find one?
There arent any children of my age in the neighborhood. Either they are too young or
too old to be my friend.
Friend! Friend! Friend, when will my search for you end?

Class: 8
Subject: English


The purpose of a debate is to show skill and ability in arguing.

Format of a debate:
Salutation Respected chairperson, honourable judges, and my dear friends...
Introduction I am here to present my views for / against the motion...
Body of the argument may include views, facts, rebutting the statements,
questions etc.
Common phrases I strongly feel that..., I would like to draw your attention
to..., May I ask all present..., I wholeheartedly oppose / support..., In my
Conclusion: Advice, suggestion, reiterating your view.
Formal thanks
Solved Example
The motion of the debate is, Soft Drinks Should be Totally Banned. Write a
debate in favour of the motion in about 150-180 words.
Respected chairperson, honorable judges, and my dear friends, I stand here today to
speak for the motion, Soft Drinks Should be Totally Banned.
Next time you reach for your favourite fizz, stop for a while and ask yourself; is your
drink safe for human consumption?
The answer may shock the wits out of you. You may be drinking poison, for even the
best of the banned drinks have been found to be far more toxic than what human
beings can take in safely.
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that your favourite cola does not only
contain the much guarded secret of its flavour but also DDT, malathion, deadly poisons
and banned pesticides.
So as far as the manufactures are concerned, why would they like to lose business
worth billions of rupees by admitting that their products are lethal? They cannot wash
their hands of the responsibility of allowing toxins to flow into their drinks. Blaming the
contaminated water for the toxins is no apology. The soft drink companies are playing
with the health of innocent consumers.
Contrary to my opponent's view that soft drinks are refreshing and thirst- quenchers;
doctors, dieticians and health experts are unanimous in their opinion that soft drinks
are deadly not only because they have been found to be toxic but also because they
have no nutritional value and cause diabetes and obesity.
I fail to understand the need for soft drinks when indigenous juices are available.
On the basis of these arguments I wholeheartedly support the motion that soft drinks
should be totally banned.

Class: 8
Subject: English

Thank you.


Purpose of a speech
A speech is a form of expression of views by an individual addressed to the public.
Format of a speech:
Salutation or greeting
Opening sentence must clearly mention the topic of the speech
Quotations, sayings, relevant example, along with other figures of speech may
be used.
Conversational tone.
Support your points with facts and figures.
Be mindful deviating from the stated topic.
Sum up the views in conclusion.
Formal thanks
School term is coming to a close and you have been asked to deliver a speech to
the students before the onset of the vacation. Write an inspiring speech to be
delivered in the morning assembly on the topic, How to Have an Enriching
Good morning dear friends, I stand before you to share my views on the topic, How to
Have an Enriching Vacation. I begin with a common cry of one and all Give me
leisure, simple pleasure, time in which to stand and stare. Time to wonder, time to
wander, time to dream, time to spare
Yes, vacations, a time to relax and break from the monotony of a routine are always
awaited by one and all, old and young. Then why not by students?
But often, we find that something what we wait for so eagerly comes and slips by so
easily with all dreams unrealised, all promises unkept and all plans unexecuted. The
precious holiday hours are wasted, a chance to learn and a chance to improve missed
So friends, this vacation make a difference to you and to somebodys tomorrow. Be
your best friend, seek your own company. When you spend time with yourself,
independently of the world, you spend time on planning, identifying and discovering
your goals. You arrange yourself and your life, finding in yourself the good and the
beautiful. So spend time to educate yourself and to discover yourself.

Class: 8
Subject: English

Extend yourself to reach out to others with a helping hand and an understanding heart
to experience the deeper joy that is felt when you let your little acts of love, concern,
guidance and understanding put some sunshine into someone's life. Have a heart that
tries to feel what other people feel. You have the gift of spreading cheerful thoughts
around. Go ahead and shower them. To begin with, make your home the centre of a
happy family from which should radiate the warmth of a loving heart.
But do not forget, it is important to be first at peace with yourself, the peace that one
gets in the lap of nature. So be out on natures trail.
With this I would like to end my speech and wish you a vaction time that enriches and
refreshes you.
Thank you.

Email messages consist of two major sections:

1. Header consisting of date, sender, receiver and subject.
2. Body which contains the message.
Tips on composing Emails:
It should be brief
It should give a clue to the content of the message
It need not be a complete sentence
Dear Sir/first name of the person
Opening Statement
Begin with a pleasantry or greeting
When replying to a message, Thank you for your message/ I received your message
Clarity and tone
When you expect a reply Please let me know
When you want help please or kindly
Each main idea should be in a separate paragraph.
Use complete sentences.

Complimentary close

Class: 8
Subject: English

Regards, Name.
Dos and Donts about Email
Use an informative subject line, which says what the email is about.
Write the most important information first.
Write hello as your subject line.
Write about irrelevant issues. The reader will soon hit delete if the email doesnt get to
the point.
Use capital letters to write whole words as in emails, this is considered as shouting.
Use Italics (the reason may be misunderstood, due to cultural differences).
Use exclamation marks, abbreviations like coz, BTW, etc. as the recipient may not
understand them.
Use smileys. They may be misunderstood and come across as unprofessional.
Use SMS language.

You are on holiday in London. Write an email to your friend Sophia telling her
how you are spending your vacation. (word limit 150 180 words)
Date: 21st July, 2016
Subject: Holiday in London
Dear Sophia,
How are you? I am having a wonderful time here and wish that my holidays would go
on forever. Guess where I am at the moment? Well, Ive found an internet Caf just
round the corner from our hostel and I grabbed the opportunity to email you and tell
you how I have been spending my time here in London.
I have been so busy for the last few days as I have been here trying to visit all the
interesting places. On Monday I visited Madame Tussauds. This is a waxwork
museum. It was so wonderful seeing all those wax figures of so many famous people! I
also visited the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, two other famous
landmarks in London. Tomorrow we are going on the London Eye, also known as the
Millennium Wheel. This is a giant wheel that was built to celebrate the millennium in the
year 2000. There are so many other places to visit. But we dont just visit museums
and other interesting places, in the evenings we also meet up at a friends house and
watch movies. It is fantastic meeting English people. I am no longer self-conscious
when I am speaking in English and I have come to the conclusion that the best way to
learn a language is to visit the country where it's spoken.

Class: 8
Subject: English

I hope you will have the opportunity to visit London someday. It is such an exciting

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