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Network Classifications & Server Types - Answers

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1. Match the acronym on the left with what it stands for on the right.

Metropolitan Area Network


Personal Area Network


Local Area Network


Virtual Private Network


Wide Area Network

3. For each network description, write the acronym of the type of

network that has been established.
Network description


2. A company has a number of problems and needs a server to solve each

one. For each problem write the server the organisation would require.
Server required
The company would benefit from offering an
Web server
intranet web site to allow employees to
access information internally.
The company wants to provide an email
Mail server
facility for employees using their own domain
name in the email address.
Customer information is currently on paper.
tabase server
The company wants this stored electronically
so that all employees can have access.
The company wants a central place to store
File server
files so that they can be backed up.
The company want to share their printer to all Print server
computers on the network.
Licensed to St Joseph's Catholic School, Salisbury, #3431435

A council decides to set up a new technology business

area that will have access to a special fibre optic
A car driver connects their mobile phone to the car
stereo to take hands free phone calls.
A school has a number of computers connected to a
network that can only be used within the school.
A business worker goes to China but wants to continue
usingg the LAN as if they were at home. They use this
network to safely connect to their companys system.
Two schools are both have the same owner with a
school in Manchester and another in London. They join
the two LANs at each school together using a public
fibre optic cable to make one big network.

Type of

4. Complete the paragraph below using the words underneath.

A pupil at a school logs onto a school computer and browses their files
file server
that are centrally stored on the ____________.
They open a document
print server They then
with their homework in and print it using the ____________.
web server returns the HTML, CSS and
type in a web address and the ____________
web browser to display. They now open the email client
images for the ____________
and send a message to a friend using the ____________.
mail server
print server
web server

mail server
web browser


file server