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Creepy Crawlies

(Cockroaches, Beetles and Flies, Oh My!)


Empieza la obra con Holly the butterfly en proceso de metamorfosis saliendo de su
caparazn, es aqu que se da cuenta que no reconoce donde esta porque el campo
donde haba preparado su caparazn ha sido remplazado por una carretera asfaltada
y no ve a nadie ms alrededor.

The Fuzzy Caterpillar (to the tune of "The Eensy Weensy Spider")
The fuzzy caterpillar
Curled upon a leaf,
Spun her little chrysalis
And then she fell asleep.
While she was sleeping,
She dreamed that she could fly,
And later when she woke up
She was a butterfly!
Butterfly: Where am I? This isnt where I put my cocoon? Where is everyone? Mom?
Empieza a buscar a todos sus conocidos, pero no se acuerda de que se ha convertido
en adulto y como no aparenta igual que antes. Le pide a la audiencia si ha visto a sus
parientes y sale una rana del pblico (el 2 actor)
Frog: Croak... Croak.... Crooooaaaakk....
Butterfly: Oh, I hear something. What is that sound?
Frog: Croak... Croak.... Crooooaaaakk....
Butterfly: Oh, Mr. Frog! Am I glad to see you! That must sound very strange coming
from a butterfly. Please dont eat me. I just wanted to ask you if you have seen any
other insects? Butterflies? Ladybugs? Beetles or ants? I seem to have gotten lost
because I dont recall making my cocoon next to a road...

Frog: Well, I dont know how long youve been hiding in there, but the humans have
been here for a few weeks building this road. The people came with their big tools, cut
down the trees, burned the bushes and built this road in their place...
Butterfly: And where did everyone go?
Frog: To find some shade, I suppose. Without trees, its going to be very hot here from
now on. Well, Id better get moving too, Im starting to feel hungry and you are starting
to look pretty tasty.
Butterfly: Uhm, thanks for the warning.... (starts to step back from the frog slowly)
(La rana se va )
Nuestra Mariposa camina en busca de otros insectos llorando y deprimida por lo acerca a la orilla de un riachuelo donde ve otras larvas en sus
caparazones a punto de salir. Se mueve el caparazn poquito a poco. La mariposa se
emociona. (esta accin podra ser un momento cmico entre la mariposa y el insecto
dentro de su caparazn al que aun no conoce)
Butterfly: "Oh, my! I think I found one of my kind! Thank goodness, Im not alone! Oh,
I hope its someone I know!
Decide esperar a que salgan, por si son sus conocidos, pero cuando por fin sale,
resulta ser una lucirnaga en vez de una mariposa...
Firefly: Awh Yes, yes yes!! I finally have my wings!! (mirando a sus alas) WOO hooo!!!
Big blue sky, here I come!!!
Butterfly: Hey you, wait! Wait a minute, please! Sir ...Beetle!! Wait!!!

Firefly: Who are you calling a beetle. Im a firefly! (shows off his cool lights)
Butterfly: Nice to meet you, Mr. Firefly. Im Holly, Im a butterfly from the field over
there, Ive lost all my friends and now I dont know where to find them...

Firefly: You can call me Jake, and Id love to help, but I got places to go, and insects
to see. (turning around quickly to leave)
Butterfly: (Stopping him) Oh please, Mr. firefly, I mean...Jake, Please, Im begging
you. Can I tag along with you? Im, Im, Im just not used to being so alone...
Firefly: Look, kid You seem like a nice butterfly and all, but Im nocturnal... and youre
diurnal. Our friendship is not... practical, you see... You should be finding a place to
settle into for the evening, while me-- Im just getting started!
(Butterfly begins to cry)
Firefly: OK, OK, Look.... Please, dont cry. I understand it isnt easy being all alone.
But, look at the bright side! Youve got no one to bother you! Youre FREE!!
(Butterfly cries harder)..OK OK .If it makes you feel better, Ill ask around tonight, if
anyone knows anything about where your friends are.
Butterfly: (In between sobs) Really? You will do that, for me?
Firefly: Yes, of course. Why dont you just rest here tonight. (arranges his cocoon as
bedding for the butterfly and patting it so that she takes a seat. ) Ill come find you in
the morning and Ill let you know what Ive found out.
Butterfly: Thank you so much, Mr. Jake.
Firefly: You can drop the Mr, alright, Holly. I am off to try out my new set of wings. Don
t worry your pretty little head! See you in the morning! (Dashes off stage)

The Lonely Song

Oh, Where Shall I go?
if Im all alone
where are my friends?
where is my home?
I never thought Id be so sad,
having lost all that I had.

And, Yes, its true that now I can fly

but where shall I try to find them
my friends, my family, my home,
now that Im all alone...
Theres no place for me now that I-----,
Now that Im all alone...
(lights out)
Es madrugada y Jake, la lucirnaga, vuelve de una noche de aventura y se est
despertando Holly, la mariposa.
Firefly: Wake up, sleeping beauty! Rise and Shine!! Ive got some news for you!
Butterfly: Oh, Did you find my friends!?!?!
Firefly: Dont be silly. Your butterfly friends wouldn`t be hanging around so late. But, I
did find some cockroaches who want to help you find your friends. They said the
humans really tore through the countryside in the recent weeks and even the army of
ants retreated when the hot asphalt went down on the floor.
Butterfly: Ants, Cockroaches!! Yuck! Cockroaches are creepy and they crawl around
everywhere and eat all sorts of garbage. Why would I want their help?
Firefly: Holly, thats not a very nice thing to say about the folks that want to help you.
(taking over his coccon bedding) I have to get some rest, Im beat. The cockroaches
said theyd meet you here for breakfast. Make sure you have something ready for them.
Butterfly: Have something ready for them, what in the world do you mean?
Firefly: I mean, some grub, some snacks, a meal, something for them to eat. Dont you
want them to help you?
Butterfly: Well, Im not sure, really. Why do I need their help?

Firefly: Because, if you want to find your friends, youre going to have to go through
dangerous territory and they have the toughest shells around. Who else will protect
Butterfly: Protect me?
Firefly: Yes, they are the best bodyguards nature can offer. They scare away most
humans, they eat almost anything, and if any conflict arises, they have really tough
bodies and can shield you from getting squashed.
Butterfly: Shield me? Conflict? Me, squashed! (Looks off into the distance, horrified) I
dont know what you were thinking I was set out to do, but I dont want to fight with
anyone. (starts to back up a few steps)
Firefly: Just because you dont want to fight, doesnt mean you wont have to.
Butterfly: This is horrible! I am all alone in the world and the only help I have is from
some dirty fighting cockroaches and a party fly.
Firefly: Who are you calling a party fly. Im Jake, the firecracker, the fastest firefly in all
the prairie! Last night I raced a group of other fireflies and I beat them all, ahahaha
Butterfly: Well, Im glad to know you found some more of your kind, it must be nice
(sighs).. Im not too excited by the idea of meeting you r roach friends...begins to sing:
(Firefly exits stage to change into cockroach costume during the song)

(Sounds of marching from back stage) One , two, three, four, five, six. (pause) One,
two, 3, 4, 5, 6, (pause) One, two, 3, 4, 5, 6...
(Enter Sergeant Roach)
Roach: Attennnnntion! Halt!
Butterfly: You must be Mr. Roach.
Roach: Sergeant Roach, at your service!

Butterfly: A Sergeant, oh... Well, Sergeant Roach, I have a serious problem, there
arent any butterflies anywhere in these parts and we must find out whats happened to
all of my kind. What if I am the Last butterfly on Earth!.
Roach: Thats ridiculous, there must be other butterflies, we just have to find out
where they are. So, what do you propose we do, Madam Butterfly?
Butterfly: You can call me Holly... and I dont have a clue what we should do.
Roach: have you considered camouflage?
Butterfly: Camo-what?
Roach: Camouflage. its an important part of any insects chances of survival. You
know, the ability to blend in (the brown roach goes over and stands in front of
something of the same color so he is to show that it is hard to see him when he is
Butterfly: Where did Sergeant Roach go!?! Do you see him? (asking the audience)
Oh there he is. Haha. Thats a neat trick! How did you do that?
Roach: Its no trick, its life or death! Maybe your friends are also using camouflage to
avoid danger....
Butterfly: Yes, maybe... but where could they be now? When we went inside of our
coccons, all of us were together, we said goodnite, thinking we would soon see each
otehr again, (SOBS) When I came out of my cocoon, (SOBS again) there was no one
around... (breaks down crying)
Roach: There, there, little Lady. (patting her back) Dont worry, well find your friends.
Roaches are good at finding things. Humans always try to keep us out of their homes
and we find a way inside. People hide the food from us, and we find a way to eat it. We
are fast! We are smart, we are tough! And we can even survive without our head for
weeks! (grabbing his head protectively) Although, it is highly recommendable to keep
your head on at all times, cause you never know, once the head comes off, its pretty
difficult to get it back on correctly. Especially when facing the enemy!

(Roach begins to sing, going from one side of the stage to the other)
Oh, when the bugs go marching in,
when the bugs go marching in,
how I'll see the ants and the beetles,
when the bugs go marching in.
Oh, when the bugs begin to crawl,
when the bugs begin to crawl,
how I'll see the roaches and termites,
when the bugs begin to crawl.
Butterfly joins in the singing, cheering up a bit
Oh, when the bugs come flying in,
when the bugs come flying in,
how I'll see the moths and mosquitoes,
when the bugs come flying in.
Oh, when the bugs begin to buzz,
when the bugs begin to buzz,
how I'll hear the bees and cicadas,
when the bugs begin to buzz.
Oh, when the bugs begin to leap,
when the bugs begin to leap,
how I'll see the fleas and the crickets,
when the bugs begin to leap!
Butterfly: Oh, this is ridiculous, we have been searching for hours and havent found
any butterflies. Maybe I AM the last butterfly alive in the whole world (looks over the
distance with fear and loneliness)
Roach: Rubbish! Maybe we arent looking in the right places. What do you butterflies
like to eat, anyway?
Butterfly: Butterflies dont eat. (bashful and giggling) When we are caterpillars we eat
a lot! but once we turn into butterflies we havent got any teeth, we just drink delicious
nectar from the flowers with this straw.(showing her mouth apparatus)
Roach: And where do you find this delicious nectar. Id like to try some butterfly food.
Butterfly: Well, my favorite flower is the butterfly bush, its got beautiful purple flowers
with some of the most delicious nectar you can find! And oh, the butterfly weed, its
orange and its so delicious!
Roach: Well. We must find a place with lots of butterfly bushes and butterfly weeds
and there are sure to be butterflies there.