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Note: Attempt all questions.

1. AHB-AP Bus is used to interface . . . . .

a) External memory
b) debug access

c) Private Peripherals

d) Processor
2. Cortex-M3 allows total __________ simple linear memory.
a) 4GB
b) 8GB
c) 32GB


3. Each Assembly Instruction for Cortex-M might contain ____ fields, among
them ____ fields are optional.
a) 5, 2
b) 4, 1

c) 3, 4


4, 3
4. Choose the instruction which will be 16-bit encoded by compiler.
a) ADDS R2, #365

b) SUBS R2, R2,#8

c) MOV R2, #0xFFAC

d) ADDS R4, R3, #14

5. The attribute ALIGNS=10 will provide a section aligned on a _______ boundary.
a) 4 Byte
b) 1KB
c) 1Mb
d) 8 Byte
6. The CODE area should have ______ attribute.
d) ALIGN=3
7. Microprocessor performance can be improved by
a) Use of fewer
b) Reducing Cycles
c) Speeding up


All of them

per instruction

8. Write Equivalent assembly instruction for

the clock

R 2=R 3+ R 4

Ans: _____________________________________________
9. Write Equivalent assembly instruction for

R 0=R 3+ R 4R 5

Ans: _____________________________________________
10.Write Equivalent assembly instruction for

R 1=R 4 2

Ans: _____________________________________________

11. A number is given in register R0. Write a code to find that whether the number can be
presented as the nth power of 4. If it can, then provide the power also?

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12. Write a code to test a given number in R1, whether it is zero, positive or negative. Based
on the result write 0, 1 or -1 in R2 if given number in register R1 is zero, positive or
negative respectively?

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