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Workout day 1

3 minutes 10x incline treadmill. Speed 4.8

Leg rise using brown leather table 8xeach leg 3 times
3kg dumbbell in each hand and rise them alternately for 20 times
15 times star jump
Repeat the above 2 for three times
Buttkick for 30 secsx3
Treadmill for 2 mins with 10xincline and nearly 5.0 speed
Videogame cycle for 1.30 kms with a gear of 9

Workout day 2

3 minutes of 12.5xincline. Speed 4.8

Ball throw x 10 times and Star jump x 15 times repeat thrice
Using the taller stool one leg rise for 10 times on each leg repeat twice
Using 4 kgs dumbbell raise hands and squat 12 timesxthrice
Running across gym and backwards 10xtimes
Running across gym and stopping in middle to do star jumps, ball slam,
butt kicks 3 times
Lunging across the room 4 times
Treadmill for 4 minutes at inclination of 15 x 4.8 speed

Workout day 3

5 minutes of treadmill at inclination of nearly 12 and 15 30 seconds rest

in between at inclination 0. Heart rate :139 and above
Lunging across room 4 times
One leg climb in big stool 10 times in each leg followed by star jump 20
times repeat 3 times
4kg dumbbell rise in each hand and squat with stool 8 times in each
hand and repeat three times
Kettle weight propel using hips 16 times followed by butt kicks for 30
secs repeat two times
Ball throw for 10 times x 2
Treadmill for 2 minutes to finish 15 inclination for 3 minutes nearly

Workout day 4

4 minutes of treadmill at 10xinclination and 5 speed

Jumping jacksx10 for four times with 20 second breaks in between
Squat jumpsx10 times for three times
Large stool step up for 12 timesx3
4kg dumbbell shoulder press for 12 timesx3
Knee touch for 30 seconds
Butt kicks for 20 seconds
Jumping jacksx10
Repeat the above for three times

Workout day 5

Treadmill 15 inclinationx3 minutes

Mens gym area: one arm press and sit in stoolx4 kg dumbbell 10 times
each handx3 times
17 kgs dumbbell squat by liftingx10 times repeat thrice

Shoulder press dumbbell x7.5kgsx10 times repeat thrice (by alternating

with above)
Bar press x thrice first it was lower so harder to get deep, second time
bar was bit high so easy to go deep, last time again harder (there is a line
near the machine to stand behind) stand on your toes
One arm row using 4 kgs dumbbell one hand can rest 10timesxboth
arm repeat alternate with above
5 kgs plate raise with armx10 times NOTE: dont bend your arms when
lifting and lowering. Do it thrice
In the stool One leg squat x 10 times in each leg and jumping jacks for
20x three times

Workout day 6

15xincline @ 5 speed for 3 minutes

Squat and one hand raise with dumbbell of 4 kgs 6 times in each leg
Bicep curl 4 kgs dumbbell alternate each hand x 10 times
One leg press in the stool/machine x 10 times for each leg
Repeat the above for three times
Put the bar low and do pushups x 10 times
Raise the bar and do inverted pull ups x 10 times. Make sure that the hips
are straight and does not bend. Ring finger should rest in the circle mark
Repeat the above atleast 3 times
Take 7.5 kgs dumbbell and do shoulder press x 15 times (above head
Same dumbbell put hand under the bar and raise like bicep curp x 10
Hold the dumbbell mid air (hands under bar) for 30 seconds
Repeat above twice
Finish by cycling (not videogame one) with workload of 10 -13 (pace above
70) and complete 1.5 kms

Workout day 7

15xincline for 3 minutes in 5 speed

Boxing sequence
Dumbell shoulder press for 10 times in each hand
Dont remember?

Workout day 8

15xincline for 5.1 speed for 4:30 minutes

10 times leg press in each leg
Star jumpx15 times
Ball throw in floorx8 times
Squat in brown couch x 15 times
Everything above is a package rest only after doing everything
continuously. Has to be repeated thrice
Pushing the brown couch (cant be done without another person)
Cycling at 75 Watts and Gear 10 to 11 for express speedway beat the
yellow t shirt guy at last

Workout day 9

11-14inclinex4minutes Speed 5
Cycling (not videogame) Workload 9-10 and pace has to be above 70 for
2.2 kms. Take break after every 0.50 kms
Ball slam (12kgs ballx8times)
Star jumps 20 times
Repeat above thrice
Running and reverse across the gym (As fast as u can) for 8 times. Note: 1
going and reversing is counted as 1. Do for 8 times. Repeat thrice
5 kgs dumbbell in each hand
Squat and shoulder press using brown couch for

Workout day 10

3 minutesx15 incline for 4.7 speed

Run across the gym and back (in the yellow line) and do star jumps at the
end of each round repeat this thrice
Run across again and do 3 squats repeat thrice
Run across again and do buttkicks for 5 seconds repeat thrice
Knee jumps to hand for 20 seconds x thrice (By now you should be out of
breath and leg burn)
Sit like a chair and hold for 20 seconds x 3 times
Normal cycle x 12 workload pace should aim above 50 stop at 0.55 and
then 0.75 and 1.20
Elliptical x 13 workload do 0.20 and take break. In the last increase
workload to 18-19 and do for 0.20