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Structural Design I (Reinforced Concrete)

CE 325 - Autumn 2016
Lectures (LC 001): Wednesday and Friday (11:05 am 12:30 pm)
Tutorials (IC 1): Tuesday (3:30 pm to 5 pm)
Dr. J. Ghosh
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay
Office Location: Room # 220
Office Phone: 022-25767337

Homework No. 1: Characteristic Strength and Design Load Calculation

Due: In Class on August 10, 2016
No Late Submissions

1) Solve the following while showing the steps in your calculations:

a. A reinforced concrete (RC) column in an old building is instrumented to estimate the
vertical live load acting on the column. The file Live_Load_Data.xlsx uploaded in
Moodle lists 100 such recorded live load data from past several years. Find the
characteristic live load acting on the column. Also, assuming that the column dead load
can be modelled using a Normal distribution with mean 80kN and standard deviation
of 10kN, find the design load under strength or collapse limit state consideration.
b. Sample test results from crushing strength test of a batch of concrete are given in the
file Concrete_Data.xlsx. Estimate . If another batch of concrete tested in another
lab has the same characteristic strength but a standard deviation of 15 MPa, find .
Out of the two batches of concrete, which one would you adopt and why?

2) Slabs supported by beams on all four sides are typically of two types: one way slabs and two

way slabs. If the length to width ratio ( ) is greater than 2, the slab acts as a one way slab

and the beams along the long spans are assumed to carry the load from the slab (Fig. 1a).

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CE 325: Homework 1

However, in two way slabs with

< 2, as per the yield line theory, the load is assumed to

be distributed to the beams as shown in Fig. 1b.

Consider the floor plan shown in Fig. 2 of an office room in Main Building where slabs S1, S2
and S3 and supported by beams B1 to B8. Determine the design moment of beam B7 for the
ultimate limit state.

Unit weight of reinforced concrete = 25kN/m3

Slab thickness = 200mm

Width and depth of all beams are 250mm and 500mm respectively]

Fig. 1a Load Distribution in One Way Slab

Fig. 1b Load Distribution in Two Way Slab

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CE 325: Homework 1


2.5 m








2.5 m

5.0 m




5.0 m

6.0 m
Fig. 2 Floor plan

3) The portal RC frame shown in Fig. 3 is loaded by:

Dead load (self weight) of 10kN/m
Imposed live load of 30kN/m
Wind load of 15kN/m
Find the design compressive loads in both the columns for the following load combinations
a) Dead Load and Live Load
b) Dead Load and Wind Load
c) Dead Load, Live Load and Wind Load

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CE 325: Homework 1