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Shal kot is old name of _______________ : Quetta

2. United Nation is devised for: for peace and security
3. Head Quarter of Transparency International: Berlin (Germany)
4. Atacama Dessert is found in: South America
6. Largest sea: The South China Sea
7. China wall famous for: Ancient architecture
8.Name of Afghanistan parliament: Shura
9. Bangladesh is famous for which product: Jute
10. 7 SARRC countries which one joined lately: Afghanistan
11. Zarb e Azb operation in: North Waziristan
12. G-20 host country in 2015: Turkey
13. Next World expo 2020 will be hosted by: Dubai
14. Recently Wikipedia city Monmouth has been built. In which city is it located?
16. 2019 ICC world Cup will be held in: England
17. Who is President of India: Pranab Mukherjee
18. International Year of 2015: Soils
19 . Third World country: Developing country
20. Sun shines vertically on equator: Twice in a year
21. Normal tenure of office United Nation: 5 years
22. Pass connecting Afganistan and Pakistan is: Khyber Pass
25. Next cricket world cup will be hosted by which country: England
26. Cm of Punjab is: Shabaz sharif
27.Siachin is which mountain range: Karakaram range.
28. Who shared the Nobel Peace prize with malala: Kailash Satyarthi
29. Normal body temperature of human being in centigrade? 36.8
30. Recent meeting of UNO 40 countries gathered for purpose of meeting?

Light of moon reach on earth in how much time? 1 min 3 sec

Madrid is the capital of? Spain
Army operation in north Wazirstan: Zarb-e-Azb
Doctor killed in PIMS was specialist of which field: Cardiology
OIC stands for: Organization of Islamic Conference
From four Caliphs who stayed for long period: Hazrat Usman
Name the president of India: Parnab Mukhar Jee
Siam is the name of which country: Thailand
Name the 3rd Governor General of Pakistan: Ghulam Muhammad
Next Criket World Cup will be hosted by which country: England
Current CM of Punjab is: Shabaz Sharif

42. Siachin is in which mountain range: Karakoram Range.

43. Who shared theNnobel Peace Prize with Malala? Kailaash Satyaarthi
44. How many countries are permanent UN Members and Veto Powers : 5
45. Who is BK Loshali: Indian Coast Guard DIG BK Loshali
46. Which city is declared by WHO large endemic polio virus: Peshawar
47. Rueful (Antonym): Joyful
48. One mile has how many kilometres.= 1.60Km
49. What is the unit of energy.= Joule
50. What is the filament of electric bulb made of.= Tungsten
51. What is added in lead pencils.= Graphite
52. How does sunlight enter the rooms? Regular reflection or irregular reflection.=
Irregular Reflection
53. How many colors are visible in the sunlight spectrum.= 7 Colours
54. Which substance is liquid at room temperature? =Mercury
55. Which of these is negatively charged? =Electrons
56. What happens to volume of water when it freezes.= Remains constant
57. Which party has the highest no. of seats in senate after 2012 elections .
58) 1010 (that star is actually power of 10 as zero,i dont know how to insert
zero)= 10
59. Stoic (Antonym): complaining
60. Catastrophic(Antonym): fortuitous
61. Stilted(Antonym): Natural
62. Chalgoza Forest in: Takht-e-Sulaiman (Balochistan)
63. Kiwi bird belongs to: New Zealand
64. French Revolution _______ Napoleon
65. Largest body of Fresh water: Lake Superior
66. Dr manzoor Admed killed in PIMS _________head of cardiology
67. International Year of Soils: 2015
68. Chief of Army staff Pakistan: Gen. Raheel Sharif
69. 1.The Education federal minister of pakistan is: Baligh-ur-Rehman
70. Who made national flag of Pakistan: Ameer Qidwai
71. Hamid karzai became president of Afghanistan 1st time in: 2004
72. RAPIS (Anagram) is the name of: City (Paris)
73. India is not signatory of which Treaty: NPT
74. The capital of Latvia is: Riga
75. Ghazwa-e-Badar took place in which year: 2nd Hijri
76. When Putin,the president of Russia took over as 3rd President: 7 May, 2012
77. Geneva Agreement was held in which year: 1954
78. Monetary policy of Pakistan is made by: State bank
79. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy was awarded Oscar for: Saving Face & A Girl in the
80. Queen Elizabeth called her Jubilee as:
81. Who followed Steve Jobs as apple CEO: Tim Cook
82. World war 1 started on: 1914
83. Capital of Bosnia is: Sarajevo
84. Queen Elizabeth regarded her reigning as: Humbling Experience
85. UNO was formed on: October 1945
86. The size of budget- 2.96 trillion (Now, 4.4 trillion)

87. Aggregate demand relationship with price: negative relation

88. London Olympics torch was lit by: Sunrays
89. Bolsheviks Revolution took place in: Russia
90. Benazir Bhutto International Airport is at: Islamabad
91. Reason for calling off Non cooperation movement by Ghandi: Chura chori
92. Soda water is carbonated by adding what. =Carbonic acid
93. Who was given the title of Ghaseel ul malaika? Hazrat Hanzala (R.A)
94. Who is us ambassador to Pakistan. Current US ambassador is Richard oslon
95. Who is Pakistan ambassador to united nations? Current ambassador is Maleeha
96. What drug was reported to be the cause of death in the Punjab institute of
97. Christain wulff who resigned as head of state belonged to which country?
98. Who is the secretary of state of US. John Kerry
99. Which party has the highest no. of seats in senate after 2012 elections . PPP
100. Who is us ambassador to Pakistan: David Hale

F PSC AND P PSC solved papers

1.Two books namely The Spirit of Islam & A short history of Saracens written by.
Syed Ameer Ali
2. Ball Bearing in wheel of vehicle is used for. Reduction of Friction
3. Recoil of gun is the example. Newtons 3rd law of Motion
4. Needle partially emerged in water seen bended due to. Refraction
5. Cooking oil can be converted into ghee by the process of. Hyrogenation
6. Basic law of geometry invented by. Pythagoras
7. The designer of Minar-e-Pakistan. Naseer-ud-din Murat Khan
8. Kalabagh Dam was planned to be built on river. Indus
9. In 1960, Indus water treaty was arbitrated by. World Bank
10. Low initial cost and low maintenance cost pump. Centrifugal Pump
11. The machine with quick return stroke. Shaper
12. Distemper is used for. Composite Walls
13. First Five year plan of Pakistan. 1955-60
14. First South Asian received Victoria Cross in WW-I. Subedar Khudad Khan
15. First South Asian Country used GNH. Bhutan
16. Agriculture support price by government to avoid the price below. Floor Price
17. The concept of Human Development Index (HDI) conceived by. Mahbub ul Haq
18. Classic theory of development was introduced by. Ricardo
19. Which one is the operating system of computer. Vista
20. Galilio persecuted on account of his claim. Earth revolves around Sun.
21. Fjords found in. Norway & Sweden
22. Which one is the refrigerant used in domestic refrigerator. Freon
23. Current Federal Tax Ombudsman. Abdur Rauf Chudhry
24. Upper bari Doab originates from which rive. Ravi
25. The bank being operated in Pakistan since 1947. MCB
26. Global Finance Magazine awarded the best Islamic Bank of Pakistan. Meezan
27. Cape of Good Hope is located in. South Africa
28. Mustafa Zaidi is a poet. He was also. Civil Servant
29. Ceteris Paribus means. with other things the same
30. Runway is oriented for landing and taking of the airplane. aginst the wind
31. Gatt. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
32. One watt of power is equal to. 1 J/s
33. The Projectile can cover the maximum distance by throwing at an angle of. 45
34. Head Marala has been constructed over the river. Chenab
35. The name of IMF currency is. SDRs
36. IMF established in. 1945
37. The entrepreneur put his efforts for. Roping the investors / capitalist
38. Sharif Khan Poochanwale is. Sitar Player
39. The South African players are called Protease. What is Protease. Flower
40. The demarcated point at Line of Control. NJ 9842
41. The youngest winner of a Indian Filmfare Award. Nazia Hassan
42. Agenda 21. Plan of Sustainable Development
43. As per Recardo, out of the following which has the key role in economic
development. Capitalist
44. 1 GB is equal to. 1024 MB
45. Cost of imports increased due to. Increased Tariff

46. Most liquid Current Asset. Money

47. Which one of the following is not fixed asset. Stock
48. Devaluation of currency can result in. Increase in exports
49. Money is not demanded when. Increased Interest Rates
50. Bala hisar fort is located in. Peshawar
51. If the expenses are more than revenue, the difference is called. Fiscal Deficit
52. Bidget Deficit is: Budget Deficit plus net government borrowing
53. Transformer is used in Electric Power. For efficient distribution of energy.
54. Who said The business for the business is business. Milten
55. Who worked at scientific Management. Fredrick Taylor
56. The motion study must be carried keeping in view. Efficient resource utilization.
57. Credit rating is not made for. Stock
58. Smaller unit of ownership in business. Stock
59. Nobel Laureate of South Africa Nadin Gordimer awarded in which field.
60. Karamchang Gandhi started political activities from. South Africa
61. Out of the following which is not an input device. Monitor
62. Which one is the permanent storage device. Hard Disk
63. Optical fiber is mainly used in. Communication Technology
64. Free falling body carries more weight
65. Matter contains in a body is called Mass
66. Which one is the unit of force. Newton
67.What is Kyoto protocol? All above
68.What is Debenture? Fixed Interest Rate
69.Angel fall located ? Venezuela
70.First. UN. Secretary general? Trygve Lie
71.UN organisation for population development? UNDP
72.UN organisation for culture and Education. UNESCO
73.What is Malakhra? sport wrestling
74.Pakistani judge in ICJ? Muhammad Zafarullah Khan
75.What PSDP stands for? Public Sector Development Program
76. What is xenophobia? Both (fear of foreigners or strangers)
77. Philology is study of? Study of language
75.What PSDP stands for? Public Sector Development Program
76. What is xenophobia? Both (fear of foreigners or strangers)
77. Philology is study of? Study of language
78. Pakistan become republic?23 march 1956.
79. Pakistans First Law minister :Jogander Nath Mandel
80. Dr Abdus Salam got nobel prize in : 1979
81. Moosa Alkhawzmi related to: Algebra
82. Karachi-LHR Motorway Length M5: 1287 km
83. In Uch Sharif whose tomb is situated: BB Jawindi
84. Bhagat Singh belongs to: Bhakti Movement
85.dia mir bhasha dam on which river? Indus
86. Fort Munro in province: Punjab (DG Khan)
87. Keenjhar Lake in: Sindh (Thata)
90. waran district in: Balochistan
91. Harrappa in: Sahiwal District
92. How new country becomes the member of UN? by General Assembly
93. 9 LAN stands for: Local area network
94. Tab key function in excel: Next cell

95. First lady governor state bank? Dr Shamshad Akhtar

96. Tomb of qutubu din aibak situated in? near Anarkali Bazar
98. Demand of money can be reduced by? increased interest rate
99. First indo-pak personality to win victoria award? Subedar Khudad Khan
100. Pakistan membership of UN, has been opposed by? Afghanistan
Complete General Knowledge Paper PMS 2015 (Solved)
1. Which US Ambassador killed with Zia: Raphael
2. Who is the Foreign Minister of Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif
3. Which Vegetable has the most Potassium: Spinach
4. What is the qualification of Mahathir Mohamad: Medical Doctor
5. From which University Sartaj Aziz Graduate: Harward
6. What is the name of the Treaty for formulation of European Union: Maastricht
7. What is name of Operation for the killing of Osama bin Laden: Neptune Spear
8. What is the capital name of Kosovo: Pristina
9. Maslow theory of needs for which purpose: Motivation
10. Who said that Man is a Political Animal: Aristotle
11. What is the name of grassland of Argentina: Pampas
12. From Which U Thant belongs to: Burma
13. Who share the disputed with UK on Falkland Island: Argentina
14. Which district has the least population in Punjab: Rajanpur
15. Which UNO org has the all the member countries: General Assembly
16. Which Greenhouse gas has most heat: Corbodinoxide
17. Who is the auditor general of Pakistan: Rana Asad Amin
18. How many Divisions of Punjab: 9
19. When India first time test the atom bomb: 1974
20. Who is the ex-foreign minister of India: Salman Khurshid
21. Princess Zeb un Nisas Father: Aurangzeb
22. Pedagogy is the study of : teaching
23. 5 cars attached bumper to bumper, how many bumpers are connected : 8
24. A person standing in a queue at place six from both sides, how many total
persons in the queue : 11
25. A couple has 7 daughters and each daughter has one brother, how many total
they are: 10
26. Maj shabbir sharif shaheed got which military award other than nishan e haider:
Sitar e Jurat
27. Sharmeen obaid oscar winning documentary movie: Saving face (& A Girl in the
28. Q & A Writer of slumdog millionaire: Vikas Swarup
29. Most illegaly traded animal: Pangolin
30. Drama serial Waris written by: Amjad Islam Amjad
31. Secretary General of UN in 1953-54: Dag Hammarskjld
32. Reshma, folk singer died in: 3 November, 2013
33. Facebook started in: 2004
34. Old name of Zimbabwe: Southern Rhodesia
35. Original name of Santosh Kumar: Syed Musa Raza
36. where is Lal Sohanra Park: Bahawalpur
37. bleaching powder formula? : Calcium hypochlorite


When ship travels from fresh water to the ocean or sea: rises
1 hectare is equal to how many acres: 2.47
Gas to liquid conversion: Condensation
Baglihar dam is constructed on river: Chenab
Diphtheria disease is related to: Throat
Epistemology deals with : Knowledge
Ustad Allah Baksh a famous painter: Belgium
Kamran bradari is made by kamran who is: Son of Babur, brother of Humayun
Headquarter of African union is: Addis Abbaba
The clash of civilization is written by: Huntington
Deosai national park is situated in: Gilgit Baltistan
Term of 21st amendment is approved for: 2 years
Abdul Sattar Edhi got Lenin prize: 1988
Previous Heart of Asia conference was held at: Beijing
Son of Ranjit Singh who was crowned at the age of 5 years: Duleep Singh
Odd one out of: RAM, ROM, Cache, HDD: ROM
Yeast contains: Fungi
When was first Nobel Prize awarded: 1901
Detroit company in USA is famous for: automobile
Mustafa zaidi by profession was: Civil Servant
Gohar Ayub khans military rank: Captain
Indian Nuclear Test in: 1974
Name of the king who came to India for first time for darbaar: George V
HDI (Human Development Index was developed by: Mehboob ul Haq
Usain bolt belongs to? Jamaica
Fourth issue raised by Nawaz Sharif in UN assembly: Withdrawal from Siachen
When did pak and india composite talks start: 1997 (Originally in 1985)
First woman president of the UN: Vijaya Lakshmi Pundit
Pacemaker: regulates heart beat
Gibraltar connects: Mediterranean with Pacific
UNESCO Headquarter: Paris
COP 20 held in: Lima
LED: light emitting diode
GT road: Grand Trunk
Tower of Pisa: Italy
Earth rotation: 24 hours
Hingol Park: Balochistan
Pemra chairman: Absar Alam
1st panipat battle fought between: Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi
Swiss women voting right: 1971
Founder of De beer (Diamond Exploration Company): Cecil Rhodes
Kingdom Saudi Arabia renamed from Najad to Saudi Arabi in: 1932
Indian Nobel prize winner: Amartya Sen
Who performed role of Quaid e azam? Christopher Lee
Presidency of U.N. rotate every: One month
Single computer can operate without? LAN card.
Liquid turns to gas Process? Volatile

88. Taj Mahal on which river? Yamuna

89. Chauburji historical place belongs to King? Aurangzeb Alamgir
90. Which country expelled PLO in 1970? Jordan
91. Beijing declaration 1992 for: women
92. WEF idea was given by: Klaus Schwab
93. What was the fathers name of Madeline Albright? Joseph Alport
94. Revolution of 1958 in Iraq was led by: Gen. Abdul Kari el Qasim
95. Endemic Species of Pakistan: Indus Blind Dolphin
96. Painting in Italy by: Michelangelo
97. Rio de summit 1992 with effect from: March 1994
98. Convention on Wetlands in Ramsar which is a city of? Iran
99. Herbert Simons four basic motivations for subordinates do not include? Social
100. Right is a reasonable claim recognized by the society and enforced by the
state, said by? Bosanquet