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) Magick: Book 4 (Liber ABA), Parts I-IV

Reasoning: 3 Previousely Published Books ("Book 4: Magick and Mysticism",
"Magick In Theory And Practice" and "The Law Is For All") are in This 1 Volume
Published Book with Added Multiple Libri and Related Material.
2.) Gems from The Equinox
Reasoning: A Condensed Form of all the "Important Stuff" from The Equinox
Volume I, Numbers 1-10, The Equinox Volume III, Number 1 and Multiple Libri
and Related Material from During and After the Equinox.
3.) 777 (Liber DCCLXXVII) and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley
Reasoning: 777 is Obtained in Many of ACs' Books already so, I would be
getting THIS Version of 777 Because of the Helpful Qabalahistic Writings to go
ALONG with the Study of 777 such as "Sepher Sephoroth (Liber D, i.e., 500)"
and "Gematriah" ("The Temple of Solomon The King, Part 5", i.e., in "The
Equinox Volume I, Number 5).
4.) Commentaries on The Holy Books and Other Papers, The Equinox Volume
IV, Number 1
Reasoning: This Book already Containins The Equinox Volume III, Numbers 9
(The Hole Books of Thelema) AND Respective Commentaries.
5.) The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley, Volumes I, II & III
Reasoning: I Consider These 3 Volumes ONE Book Because They are 3 PARTS
of a Whole Idea for a Book. References are made in The A:.A:. Cirriculum to
Many of the Writings IN These Books and so are NEEDED to Accomplish The
A:.A:. Cirriculum.
6.) Magick Without Tears
Reasoning: Due to the Wealth of Knowledge on Many Occult Subjects and
Specifically in Their Relation Relivence to Thelema in a Concordance Form &
(?) -Intimate
8.) The Book of Lies (Liber CCCXXXIII), which is also Falsely called Breaks: The
Wanderings or, Falsifications of the One Thought of Frater Perdurabo; Which
Thought Itself Untrue
Reasoning: The A:.A:. Requires the Study of This Book as Part of the
Cirriculum due to...
9.) Konx Om Pax: Essays In Light
Reasoning: The A:.A:. Requires the Study of This Book as Part of the
Cirriculum due to...

10.) The Mystical & Magical System of The A:.A:.

Reasoning: Although This Book is not an Aleister Crowley Book-, all the Books
Listed Above really Serve no Spiritual or, Magickal Purpose without This Book
that gives a Comprehensible Structure to Follow as an A:.A:. Student.
Reasoning for Book Omissions:
1.) Eventhough My Occult Study of Choice and Specialty is Taro, it might be
Un-Comprehensible to Somebody as to Why I was not Bias When Writing this
List and Why I left The Book of Thoth and the Thoth Deck out. My Reasoning
is that I Figured that The Book of Thoth (Liber LXXVIII, 78) is really only an
Essay on the Taro with Additional 777 Attributions (which are Now already
Included in "777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley" as Listed
Above anyway), does not Teach HOW to use the Thoth Deck and the Thoth
Deck is not a,-per Say-, Book so, I did not Include either. I Consider The Book
of Thoth and the Thoth Deck as ONE "Book" (just I do All 3 Volumes of "The
Collected Works of Aleister Crowley") and I would have liked to Add Them but,
the Truth is that We COULD Re-Produce the Thoth Deck IF needed to from
Other Extant Books and Material Written about the Thoth Deck that Gives
Descriptions of Each Card.
2.) Liber AL (Both 220 & 33) is already IN Several (-at Least 4-) of the
Previously Mentioned Books so, I find Naming it by Itself a "Waste" of a Book
in the List.
3.) "Magick In Theory And Practice" is already in "Magick: Book 4 (Liber ABA),
Parts I-IV" (Listed Above) as Part III and I do not need it at the Start to Study
The A:.A:. Curriculum.
Notes on Possible Books:
The Eye In The Triange-Personality
536-not Much Written about Astrology by AC
8 Lectures-Vital Reference Companion for A:.A:. Yoga Teachings
TSK-Personality (Spiritually)
Liber Aleph (Equ. Vol. III, No. 6)-Intimate
Suggested Book Publications:
Diaries COMPLETELY Published in Chronology
ALL the Existing Pictures We have of AC