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Course: SL Mathematics Year 1


Teacher: A. Dass

Teacher: Derek Olson

Course Description/Overview: IB Mathematics SL Year 1 is a Pre-Calculus course

designed for students who have a strong interest and foundation in mathematics. The
intention of this course is to expose students to concepts and applications of Algebra,
Functions and Equations, Circular Functions and Trigonometry, Vectors, Statistics and
Probability. Students will also learn the use of graphic display calculators (GDC)
throughout the course as a tool for understanding and applying concepts from the topics
listed above. This course aims to strengthen and expand students knowledge of the
above topics, ultimately preparing students for future studies and the application of
mathematics in their lives. The content of this course includes, but is not restricted to,
all topics highlighted in the yearlong course calendar.
Required Materials: Students must have:

1. A 3 ringed binder or notebook and folder.

2. Pencils or pens. Multiple colors are recommended.
3. Ti-84 Plus Calculator.

Course Units:
Semester 1
Sequence and Series
Exponents and Logarithms
Quadratics and Functions
Triangle Trigonometry

Semester 2
Periodic Models and Trigonometry
Vector Basics and Applications
Statistics and Line of Best Fit

Washburn High School 2015-2016

Summative Assessments: Each of the eight units will include a two day (one noncalculator and one with calculator) summative exam. Quarters 1 and 3 will conclude
quarter finals and quarters 2 and 4 will conclude with semester cumulative finals.
Grading: The primary purpose is to communicate the academic achievement status of
students to students, their families, employers, and post-secondary institutions. The
grade should accurately reflect what students know and are able to do in the course.
Consequently student performance on summative assessments will largely determine
their grade.
Grading modifications may be made for students with IEP or 504 plans.

Grading Scale and Make Up:

Grade on 4 point


Letter Grade

4 (87.5-100%)

Exceeds Expectations

3 (75-87.5%)
2 (62.5-75%)

Meets Expectations
Mostly Meets


1 (50-62.5%)

Attempt Made,

Beginning to show

Summative: (Tests, Finals, Projects) 75%

Formative: (Quizzes, Hw, Classwork) 15%

Evaluating Assigned Homework and Class Participation:

marks in this category consistently exhibit the following:

Students with high

On task and focused while in class

Persevere through challenges
Collaborate with peers, ask for help when needed, and assist others
Thoroughly attempt all assigned problems by the due date
Show/explain work that demonstrates conceptual understanding



Missing & Late Work: Late work will be accepted up to 3 days after an excused
absence, and must be photographed and emailed to the teacher.
Extra Credit: No extra credit is offered.
Re-Learning and Retakes: Students are allowed to retake ONE part of the two unit
tests per quarter for up to full credit. The following steps are required prior to any

Mistakes on the initial exam must be corrected with sufficient work included.
Additional practice and/or preparation as prescribed by the teacher.
All Homework must be completed for the unit.

The above steps and retake must be completed within two weeks of receiving the
corrected exam.