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Running head: Prejudice against irresponsible man


Lee Vern Hoe
Jamescook University

Prejudice against irresponsible man 1

Prejudice is an unreasonable feeling, especially the feeling of not liking a
particular group of people, preconceive opinion that leads to preferential treatment to certain
kind of people or prejudgment to the people that you meet on your first sight by their looking,
wearing, and behavior. This is cause by several factors such as personal experience, influence
from third party, and implantation of the concept since young. Prejudice can also be judging on a
person base on the action of a person and also the characteristic. Since long ago in the history,
Men are always the financial contributor in a family. As a man you are meant to be hard working
and earning money for the family, because your wife is dependent on you and your children
hinge on you as well. Father, as the leader of the family, its very important for him to be the role
model of the kid, because a childs behavior is always the reflection of the parents. Man is just
like Umbrella and Woman is under the Umbrella, simply means man's responsibility is to take
care of Woman. (Anonymous, n.d.). That is the reason why, mans responsibility is to earn the
main income for their family. Even though in this modern society, women are becoming more
independent and feminine, so for woman depending on their man is case to case basis thus for
married couples that is normal, if both of them working and help each other financially, it is
better that way.

Family is build when there are fair contribution among each other in the family,
each and every family members play a role to maintain the order. There is no way for a wife to
take care of a family when she is financially depended and also taking care of the children in the
family. Since long time ago, women is meant to be staying in the house, taking care and give
education for their children. For men, earning income is their main job. If a man is depended on
their wife, its not fair for the wife when she have to handle the financial problem of the family

Prejudice against irresponsible man 2

and also taking care of the family. For example, its common to see a man depended on their wife
in Malaysia, from my record, there are a lot of women in Malaysia work as a hawker, a business
women and etc to support the family while the husband will just be staying at home and wait for
their wife to feed them, thats totally unacceptable. Moreover, the wife is not blaming the
husband for not doing anything. Mrs.Cheng is one of the women who start up a business to
maintain the family while Mr.Cheng is a jobless. Mrs.Cheng work as a hawker in a food center,
she works for more than 10 hour a day to earn enough for living, but her husband will always go
the counter and take the money when he needed without any feeling of shame. In my opinion, as
a single man, you make money to sustain your living but as a husband, its your responsible to
bring the main income for the family, not your wife. Any man who still wants to carry the title of
"head of the family" should work and not depend on a woman for financial support.

Life is climbing up the ladder, the higher you climb, the harder you fall (Criss Jami,
n.d). Life will not always be perfect, there are times when you raise and drop. Based on Mr.
Deelan, Mr. Deelan used to be a wealthy person but after a period of time, he lost his job due to
lack of new knowledge and old style working system, but he is so used to his old life style to a
point that he couldnt accept living in a plain life. He used to have a great income during young
days, showing off this wealth, driving luxury cars and living in a comfy life. Since he lost his
job, he got no income, even though hes having hard time, still he wants to show his so called
wealthy life even to a limit that he have to borrow money from loan sharks to pay his load for
house and cars. On top of that, the wife have to start working to sustain his living life style,
paying the debt, doing small business that just earn enough for herself to live. I do not
understand why cant the man leave his past and start over again, leave the luxury life and start

Prejudice against irresponsible man 3

the hard work again instead of depending on his wife. Its not a shame to start over, but its
disgraceful if youre not taking any action to fix your problem and leaving it to others.

According to a study by University of Connecticut professor Christin Mensch in the

June issue of the American Sociological Review, theres a 15% chance in an average year that a
young man who is completely dependent on his wife will have an affair, For economically
dependent women, the figure is about 5% in a given year. How is that even possible to have a
wife to earn money and let the husband to spend the money on the other woman? From my
record, there was a married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ho, which I knew that the husband was
cheating on his wife, taking all her money to spend on the other women. The jobless husband had
a really good excuse to get the money from his wife, saying that he had a worthy investment and
hes ready to go all in. So he persuaded his wife to give him the money whenever he needed. At
the beginning, the wife has no doubt about it, even when she was told by her friends and family
that they saw her husband going out with the other woman, but the wife choose to believe in her
husband, convince herself that the woman was the colleague of her husband, but after few
months, she didnt saw any earning from the husband and thats when she realize the husband
was not making any investment, instead he took all the money to spend with the other woman.
Nothing else she can do but leaving the husband.

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends
until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility. (Eleanor
Roosevelt, n.d.). It is reasonable to have fun sometime after a long period of work, in the
adulthood a part of them will choose to drink liquor to release stress. Nothing is wrong with

Prejudice against irresponsible man 4

releasing stress by doing something you enjoy, but you have to take the responsibility of the
action that you made. Many of the men will go to the night club in a bunch occasionally to
release their stressful life, it usually goes along with few bottles of alcohol, but there are also part
of them that will take drugs as an alternative way to release stress, which is worse than taking
alcohol. Most of the time they will be addict to drugs which lead them to lose their job. Mr.
Kamal is a drug addict, he was arrested due to family abuse and taking drug, Mrs. Kamal could
not do anything other than calling the police for help. Before that, Mr. Kamal works in a
company, he has a good paid but the amount of work is a lot, he has to work overtime for few
days to complete his job and that is why he will always go to the night club after working,
furthermore he will always blame the wife for not contributing in the family. When he is in the
club, at first he will only take a few bottles of alcohol, but he was influenced by the people there
and started to take drugs. After that, his performance on working getting worse and eventually he
lost his job. He assaulted his wife due to seizures and frustration.

This generation has lost the true meaning of romance. There are so many songs that
disrespect women. You cannot treat the woman you love as an item. You should treat your love
like a princess. Give her love songs, something with real meaning. Maybe Im old fashioned but
to respect the woman you love should be a priority. (Tom Hiddleston, n.d.). The women that
gave you all her live should be the one that you cherish the most. But in the dark side of this
society, Women are getting abuse, they are forced to do something not on their own wills. Angie
is one of the victim of sexual abuse. Bill, her husband is a sexually active person and he does it
without an agreement with Christy. Most of the night Bill will yank at Christy and pulling her
legs apart. They fought about this all the time but it just never work out, Bill still did the same

Prejudice against irresponsible man 5

thing. Christy was told from the bible that she belongs to him, but now she no longer desire a
relationship, she feel disrespect and the relationship is meaningless to her. As a husband, he
should always care about his partners feeling and never betray their trust in you.

In conclusion, disgraceful man must change their behavior or the strong prejudice against
them will never change from my point of view. Make a different every day, start form changing
the attitude and then rebuild the relationship. Nothing is easy at the beginning but the amount of
effort that put into it will eventually fix up everything. A man should never give up in life.
Understanding and care about the family is one of the fact to be a good father and husband. As a
husband, he should never betray her life partner. The title of the Head of Family should be
always earn by contributing, respect, trust, and all kind of good action.

Prejudice against irresponsible man 6

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