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Dear Sir/Mis,

Tiger specialty chemicals Inc., is a professional company under Tiger Group located in
Kunming, Yunnan. With the rich resources here in Yunnan and our strong R&D capacity, we
are specialized in the nonferrous and precious and rear metals chemicals.

My department business area covers zinc, tin and nickel fine chemicals. The following product
list is our major products within our manufacturing area. If you have any inquiry to our
products, tell me, I will follow up your request and provide best service through whole Tiger

Best regards

Nonferrous metal chemicals manager

Tiger Specialty Chemicals
Kunming, China

Kunming Branch of Shanghai Tiger International Co., Ltd

Rm 120A, B Bldg 470 Baiyun Rd., Kunming650224, China.昆明市白云路 470 号金

色年华 B 座 120A
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Pr odu ct lis t
1、Stannous chemicals
1、Stannous sulfate SnSO4
Usage: used in Alloy 、Tinplate、Steam Cylinder Piston Steel Wire for Acidity

electroplate 、Electroless tin plating to electronic device and Additive heat tinting to

insoluble≤0.5,Cl≤0.5,Sb≤0.1,As≤0.01,Dissociation H2SO4≤2。

2、Stannous chloride
Stannous chloride is colourless liquid,The smoke from air. soluble in water and just heat is

let out、sterols、benzene、CCl4(organic solvent).

Usage: used in raw material- synthesis organotin compound、dye mordant、lubricant additive

and so on.
SnCl2:SnCl2≥97%,Sulphate≤0.105,H2S precipitate(pb)≤0.15 、Arsenic

SnCl4:SnCl4≥99%,Freeacid≤0.01% 、non-volatile matter<1%。

.SnCl4 SnCl2-2H2O SnCl4-5H2O

3、Sodium stannate Na2SnO3-3H2O

Usage: used in dye mordant and macor

Sn>36.5,Pb≤0.002,As≤0.001,Sb≤0.03,free alkali≤5.0,NO3-


4、Potassium stannate K2SnO3-3H2O

Usage: used in car-manufacturing、 electronic industry、canned food and food box to

electroplate. dye mordant、pottery and porcelain and so on.

5、Stannous oxide SnO SnO2

SnO:Picine crystalline powder.

Density:5.9-6.4g/cm3。Easy dissolve in acid and concentrated base solution. Not dissolve

in water、sterols. I t was can be slow oxidation in the air.

Usage: used in electrolytic tinning、glass industry and to manufacture pink salt。

SnO2:White or straw yellow powder,the nature is stable. insoluble in water,diluted acid or

diluted alkali. Methods of fabrication including gasification and acidification.

Gasification granularity:0.010mm≥98%、acidification :0.050mm≥98%。

Usage: used in electronic components、colouring matter for enamel、 pink salt、polishing
paste for marble glass; jealous glass、prevent frostbite and high strength glass.

6、Tin powder and Tin balls

Tin powder: hoar finely divided metal. physico chemical property as metallic tin as. Use
in galvanization、powder metallurgy、ceramic-metal combination、low melting point

alloy organic synthesis reducer ;stannous chemicals、signal detonator

flame、rubber 、additives for plastics (TDPA)等。
Tin balls:It has been widely used in tinplate、fluxing medium、organic synthesis、Production

in the chemical industry、Metal Alloy,To provide multiunit- molectron(IC) in

Electronics industry (CSRC) and determination arsenic (As)、reagent for

phosphate、reducing agent,tinning products and so on . Size:13mm 19mm


2、Nickel chemicals
1、Nickel Sulfate。
Nickel sulfate is green Crystals . Be capable of soluble in water and sterols, but insoluble in
ethanol and aether.

Molecular weight:154.75,


melting point:848°C. Nickel salt are used extensively in nickel catalyst、paint dryer and

plating、photosensitive metal and so on. They are made of nickel protoxide and sulfation.

2、Nickel nitrate。
Nickel nitrate hexahydrate is green monoclinic。Relative density:2.05,Melting point
:56.7°C,Boiling point:137°C. It is resolved at 56°C.在 95°C.,is easily soluble in
water 、ethanol、slightly dissolving in acetone and the water absorbability.It is appliesd to other
abio-& organic chromic compound、catalyst and carrier、rust inhibitor and dye mordant、glass
industry and ceramic colored glaze industry。

3、Nickel carbonate。Ni(CO3)·2Ni(OH2)·4H2O
This is prducts of including nickel carbonate 、nickel hydroxide and compound of
crystallization water, pea green powder,insoluble in water,soluble in ammonia& diluted
acid。application area in galvanization、magnetic material,nickel catalyst,paint use
enamel&to make other nickel salt.

4、Nickel powder and balls。