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8th Grade Language Arts Syllabus
Conference Time: 8:40 9:20

In concordance with the 8th Grade Language Arts section of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
(TEKS) assigned by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), our classroom will focus on five educational
strands that will foster the reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills required for success in
high school. Classwork will also establish a foundation for college and careers.

Curricular Strands:
Reading: Students will read and understand a variety of literary and informational texts.
Writing: Students will compose a variety of written texts, and they will maintain their
compositions in individual writing portfolios.
Research: Students will learn to locate and document relevant sources needed to present
ideas and information.
Listening and Speaking: Students will collaborate with others, engage in flexible groupings,
and present information using a variety of methods, such as formal presentations.
Oral and Written Conventions: Students will learn to use oral and written rules of the
English language in speaking and in writing.

Classroom Supplies:
Students will use basic supplies on a daily basis. In order to succeed in Language Arts, students
must have the following items:

Writing utensils (pencils or pens)
Notebook paper
A 3-ring binder
Colored pencils or pens
A 100 sheet (200 page) composition notebook

Some supplies will need to be replenished throughout the school year. Failure to bring supplies, may
negatively affect student grades.

Attendance will be taken daily within the first 15 minutes of class. If students are not in their assigned
seats during attendance, then they may be marked absent or tardy.

Assigned Seating:
Each student will have an assigned seat and an assigned number as part of our classroom procedures.
All changes made to the assigned seating chart will be at the teacher's discretion.

Behavior that is disrespectful, offensive, disruptive to the learning environment, or threatens the well-
being of students WILL NOT be tolerated. Disciplinary action will occur in accordance with campus
and district guidelines and procedures.

Language Arts teachers follow the district policy for grading. Major grades comprise 50 percent of the
student's grade and can include tests, projects, essay or other compositions. Daily grades account for
30 percent of the students grades and can include warm-ups, completed notes, assignments, etc.
Quiz grades comprise the remaining 20 percent of the student's grade. Moorhead Junior High School
utilizes nine-week grading periods. To earn credit for the class, students must maintain a 70 percent

Late Work:
Student work with set deadlines must be submitted to the teacher and/or online at the beginning of
class the day it is due to be considered on time. Work submitted after this time will be late. As
such, the district late work policy will be applied.

All Language Arts students will take midterm and final Exams in the fall and spring. These exams
comprise 1/7 of the student's grade. Additionally, a passing score on the STAAR Reading exam
is required for students to progress to ninth grade. Students who do not pass the exam the
first time will be required to take a second test during the school year. If unsuccessful on the second
administration, students will have to attend summer school and take a third administration of the test.
Students who do not pass the STAAR will be considered for retention in the 8th grade.

Independent Reading:
Students will use the library once every two weeks and are required to have a book for independent
reading at ALL times. Please make sure all fines are paid because students must have a book for class

Computer Usage:
Students will be utilizing the school's computer labs, library computers, and classroom computers for
assignments throughout the year. Disciplinary issues that prevent students from using technology will
not remove the requirement to type and submit assignments.

All submitted papers will be checked for originality. Students who submit work that is not their own
will receive a zero for the assignment. In the event a student submits a duplication of another
students work, both students will receive a zero. Opportunities to redo the work will be at the
teachers discretion.

Writing Portfolios:
Each student has a writing portfolio that is kept inside the classroom. Drafts and final papers with
rubrics will be maintained here. Additionally, all students will save papers in Google Drive as

Tutorials will be available one day a week after school. Students who have been asked to stay for
tutorials will have a Tutoring Pass showing the date, time and purpose of the tutorial. Notice of
tutorials will be given via email or phone call. Students may also ask to stay for tutorials, however,
they must sign-up in advance (during their scheduled Language Arts class).


This sheet must be returned to Mrs. McInnis on or before September 11, 2016.

We have read and understand the 2016-2017 Course Syllabus for 8th Grade Language Arts. We
understand that the information is subject to change. Should information change, Mrs. McInnis will
post changes online and/or send out a group email through the schools gradebook.

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