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Luna Park is coasting its way into a new era by

completely recreating its image with the
construction of a new Rollercoaster. It is ridding
itself of the old carnival theme and fighting to

compete with modern attractions at big theme

parks. Local residents are looking forward to the
new ultra-modern roller coaster being located
so close to home.
The 80 year old amusement park has been on a
decline of visitors for the last decade and is
looking to attract more customers. We at In the
Loop asked visitors about what they thought of
the current park and what they would like to
see. The data has shown that 40% of people are
currently unhappy with Luna Parks current
attractions and that 70% of people are unhappy
with the carnival/old-fashioned theme. Luna
Park went all in out in effectively responding to
such problem with the creation of the more
modernized Python. This was a practical
approach from the park because as we
discovered that 9 out of 10 people thoroughly
enjoy roller coasters, no-one can resist their
twists, turns and loops, thrill seekers are
The ride flawlessly implements the modernised
theme of adventure, contrasting with the old
carnival theme. This themed attraction is a sight
to see, as it features a majestic waterfall and a
mysterious tunnel. Luna Park also will be building
a monstrously sized serpent as an integrated
enhancement of the adventure theme.
The Python will be a ride never seen before in
Sydney. With its considerable size and hairraising features, there is more than enough to
get you to line up as soon as you finish. With an
astounding speed, thrilling loop and corkscrew,
banking turns and stomach-dropping dips.

The Python will be located in what used to be

the picnic area behind the Moon Ranger as it
will need all the possible space to fit such an
immense and astounding ride.

strengthened fiberglass frame designed for

maximum strength and minimum weight. Due to
all the recyclability of these components, for
every 1 ton of components recycled they are
saving over 2.2 barrels of oil, 642kWh and 2.4
meters cubed in landfill space not to mention
creating new resources for uses in other
purposes or projects.
So if this cant convince you to head down there
and try out this ride I dont know what will. This
ride is likely to be even better than any other
rollercoasters in Australia, possibly even the
southern hemisphere. With its unparalleled
speed, jaw-dropping loop and crazy corkscrew,
not to mention is future-planned sustainability
and material selections you really have nothing
to lose. So why not drop in to the affordable, fun
and one of a kind roller coaster near you?

And for all of those who are worried about the

environmental implications of building a ride of
this caliber they are proud to announce that the
ride will be built almost entirely out of sustainable
resources. The rollercoaster will consist of a
multitude of different materials, carefully
selected for their properties, cost and
sustainability. The main framework of our
rollercoaster, including the structural supports
and rails will be made out of a medium-carbon
steel, a type of carbon steel, which balances
strength with ductility. It provides good wear
resistance both against the elements and
sustained usage/stress. Tt is also relatively cheap
compared to some of the other options such as
modern-aluminum alloys and more easily forged
in large quantities or components. Due to the
lower levels of heat treatments, this metal
remains more malleable than other carbon
steels and steel based alloys. Because of its
malleability, it is cheap and easy to form,
however still strong enough to maintain
structural integrity under high levels of stress. This
steel is also sustainable as carbon steel is easily
recycled, melted down and re-forged instead
of just being scraped or going to landfill. They
are also using a new type of silent low friction
urethane wheels which will create a much
smoother and quieter ride for the visitors. In
addition to these aspects urethane is also
recyclable, however this is a little more difficult
with urethane. They will also be creating the cars
out of a lighter aluminum alloy set on a

Early Sketch