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Only Knowledge can make a nation great and strong

It is oft-quoted world famous saying that knowledge is power. Apparently sometimes

worldly power of money holds its sway but it is temporary and fleeting. On the other
hand, the power of knowledge is always permanent and engrossing. Wealth can glitter
and glimmer for a while but the light of knowledge enlightens and shines forever.
Knowledge does not simply mean to learn books ; rather it is a preparation to lead
better lives. It is an awareness of what is wrong and what is right. Knowledge is thus a
tower of light showing us the right path to go through life without tumbling here and
there. It teaches us wisdom and sagacity. It enriches us with all the flowers of our
social, cultural, economic, political and religious values. It inculcates all moral and
ethical values to be distinguished easily from the animals. No gold of the world
whatsoever can buy the wisdom and sagacity, the morals and cultural values, the ways
of living among men.
Please have a look at the history of mankind and you will get enough evidence that
the nations which sought after wealth and worldly glory were washed out of the face
of history and only those nations remained alive in the pages of history which made
their mark in the field of knowledge and learning. it is also evident that it is the will of
God that man should learn and seek knowledge. Hence all divine messages revolve
around the search of truth through knowledge.
It is natural for man to know and learn about his surroundings to survive and sustain
in this world of social animalism. His social, economic, cultural, ecological and geopolitical needs force him to know "something" about his habitat. It is thus intrinsically
instinctive for man to search for truth. It was the same sense of curiosity and urge to
know the unknown that forced Adam to taste the forbidden fruit of knowledge
ignoring the divine prohibition and our dear forefather was dethroned from Heaven to
the hell of this world. It is thus in our very nature that we run after the unknown to
know and learn eagerly about the thing itself to unfold the layers of mystery. It is this
search of truth that has brought about innovations inventions and revolutions. Man in
pursuit of knowledge has unfolded thousands of secrets of nature. It is this urge of
knowledge that man is trying to find out the mysteries of space, discovering new
planets, new galaxies, new horizons, new solar systems every day. The moon, the
Mars and millions of other stars and planets are just a step away man of today. In
science and technology, man has conquered the impossibilities. it is just because of
the never-ending search of man that has widened the scope of research in health,
education, religion, industry and agriculture.
Islam is the most comprehensive and complete religion as it is the culmination of all
the divine messages reached to mankind for proper guidance through a long chain of
Prophethood. Islam lays the greatest stress on its believers to seek knowledge for a
preparation of better living in this world and the world hereafter.
It is very significant and symbolic that God Almighty started his Revelation of the
Holy Quran on his most beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the
following words---- Iqra bismi- Ribi------. My dear, Islam is the culmination of all
divine religions. It is the thus very clear cut message that man can conquer the
universe through knowledge. The Holy Quran says, "Verily, there are signs of wisdom
for those who ponder upon the change of days and nights". God Almighty invites
people to think and learn about the universe. It is on the wings of knowledge that the
Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was placed at the highest order of Prophet-hood. It
was just because of their persistent seeking of knowledge that the Muslims were able
to rule more than half the world. They were strong and powerful in the world because
their academies had been producing great men of scholarly stature. That's why, the

Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) started the propagation of Islam in the first Muslim
Academy of Sufa. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) always stressed upon the
Muslims to seek knowledge. Once he clearly proclaimed, It is the duty of every
Muslim man and woman to seek knowledge". During the golden period of Islam, the
Mosque became the center of all activities for the Muslims from politics to religion,
from social problems to economic planning, from worldly knowledge and research to
the study of the universe. It created amazing results. Many great philosophers,
educationists, commanders, scientists, reformers, scholars were produced. It was the
brightest period of human history when the West and the East looked upto the
Muslims for new discoveries and inventions. It was a time when great people like
Ibne-ul- Hashim, Al- Khawarzami, Ibrahim al-Fazari, Al-Farabi (Abunaser), Avicenna
(Ibn Sn), Al-Farabi , Khalid ibn Yazid, and thousands of others took the world by
storm by their wealth of knowledge and learning.
It is again very interesting to note that the Muslims were great and strong in the world
because they were the greatest knowledge-seekers in the world. Their centers of
learning in Medina, Spain, Egypt and Baghdad remained centers of excellence for
centuries to come. The Western people came to them as learners. It was then the
Muslim left the pursuit of knowledge and went after worldly wealth. From thereon, a
steep downfall of the Muslim nation started that is still going on. Today we are the
target of humiliation in the world inspite of our rich resources all around just because
we are knowledge -seekers no more. The 56 Muslim counties in the world and the
Muslim population living in many other countries of the world are the richest people,
more than 70% of world oil and other resources are their own but they are now
declared terrorists in the eyes of the world because they have left the cord, the string
of Islam; because they have abandoned Knowledge and learning; they have ignored
the very injunctions of Allah to seek knowledge to be really strong and great. They no
more believe in the prayer, " Qul, Rab-e Zidni ilma". Alas, they no more obey the
orders of their Prophet peace be upon him seek knowledge from cradle to grave.
In the end, let me conclude to say the only way to glory or a future revival, or Muslim
Renaissance is possible if the Muslims turn themselves to seeking knowledge. It is
what the great Father of the nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah enjoined and expected from
the youth of Pakistan in his addresses. that they should seek knowledge day and night
to make Pakistan a strong and prosperous country.