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Can you ask

1. Which of Ambassador program 2.0 or 3.0 is more attractive?

2. What is the reason of answer for question 1 ? ( regardless co-teachers no incentive )
3. What kind of non-monetary incentive can motivate co-teachers?
Ambassador program 1.0
The ambassador program we did from Jan - Apr 2015
WAL based incentive
500 IDR for ambassador, and 500 IDR for co-teacher
Ambassador program 2.0
The one you introduced this week

For super ambassador

Ambassador program 3.0

Receive WAL based incentive every week from Aug-Nov

o Incentive: 200 IDR per WAL
Additional bonus if the active rate of school for that month reaches 70% from Aug- Nov
o Active rate = (# of students who answered at least one question)/ (school population)
o They receive this reward 4 times at maximum (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov)

Super ambassador program

o Same as ambassador program 2.0
o basically we put ambassador for each school

If active rate of co-teachers (active rate = # of WAL / # of joined students) becomes lower
than 20%, the co-teachers will be removed from the ambassador. And the ambassador will
not receive WAL based incentive (200 IDR)