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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare


Lecture dated 23-01-00

By His Holiness Radhanath Swami

Problems-Opportunities for Self Realization,


tad upadravam jya

lokasya vasu lumpatm
bhartary uparate tasminn
anyonya ca jighsatm
cora-prya jana-pada
hna-sattvam arjakam
lokn nvraya chakt
api tad-doa-darina


Upon seeing the dust storm, the saintly persons could

understand that there were a great deal of irregularities due to
the death of King Vena. Without government, the state was
devoid of law and order, and consequently there was a great
uprising of murderous thieves and rogues, who were
plundering the riches of the people in general. Although the
great sages could subdue the disturbance by their powersjust
as they could kill the Kingthey considered it improper on their

part to do so.

Thus they did not attempt to stop the


The saintly persons and great sages killed King Vena out of
emergency, but they did not choose to take part in the
government in order to subdue the uprising of thieves and
rogues, which took place after the death of King Vena. It is not
the duty of brhmaas and saintly persons to kill, although
they may sometimes do so in the case of an emergency. They
could kill all the thieves and rogues by the prowess of their
mantras, but they thought it the duty of katriya kings to do
so. Thus they reluctantly did not take part in the killing

Hare Krishna. I am pleased to see the nice attendance we
have during Srimad-Bhagavatam class. We are reading the
fourteenth Chapter of the fourth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam
which is explaining the story of the life of King Vena. So many
precious instructions to illuminate our consciousness are
contained within this story especially the principle that from
apparent inauspicious circumstances is born the most
auspicious opportunity to devotional service. Because this
world is a place where suffering is imminent, the Lord teaches
us this lesson again and again. Practically, every incarnation of
the Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared as a result of
nature of people, crisis and misery within the world. The

devatas as well as the rsis, they were so much being tortured

and harassed by Ravana that they prayed to Lord Visnu, Save
us, and as a result the Supreme Personality of Godhead
appeared as Sri Ramachandra. Similarly, the entire planet
earth was helplessly submerged at the bottom of the
Garbhodhaka ocean. Then the great rsis and sages prayed to
Lord Brahma, Save the earth. As a result of this great crisis,
Sri Varaha Dev appeared. Similarly when the devatas and the
asuras were churning the ocean of milk with the Mandar
Mountain, if their churning went on very smoothly, the most
wonderful part of that pastime wouldnt taken place. There
was an emergencythe entire mountain was sinking. They
were helpless. They just cried out to Visnu to help them. As a
result, Kurma avatara came. Similarly, Mother Earth, along
with the demigods approached Lord Brahma. Why?Because
of the over burden of demoniac kings exploiting the resources
of the planet. In fact, demons from various planets all over the
universe made a consistorial plan of how to conquer the
universe. They all decided to take birth on the earth planet
and make that their headquarters and this place to conquer
everything. There was Jarasandha, Bhaumasura, Salya; there
was Kamsa, Kesi, Agha, so many demons were just exploiting
and troubling the earth. And ultimately, Devki and Vasudev
were cast within the confines of the walls of prison. In
response, the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna appeared.
So what do we learn from this lesson? That the problems we
face in life are the greatest opportunities for self realization.
That is one of the reasons the Kaliyuga is the best time for
Krishna Consciousness. Actually in every age, the chanting of

the holy name can awaken pure love of God. However, people
have to go through all kinds of difficult tribulations to perform
their spiritual practices in previous ages because chanting is
just too simple. Every other process of religion loses its
potency in the age of Kaliyuga, only harinaam sankirtana gains
its strength in this age. But the necessary qualification for
achieving Krishna prema through harinaam in this age of Kali is
we have to attentively cry out the name like a child crying for
his mother. If everything is very nice in our life we dont cry
out, we just chant ritualistically. However, because Kaliyuga is
so full of sufferings, its the best possible situation because its
so natural in that condition to just helplessly cry out for the
mercy of Lord by chanting His name [Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama
Hare Hare].
Success in life has nothing to do with making a comfortable
happy situation in this world. Success in life is getting out of
this world. Srila Prabhupada explained in prison house there is
first class, second class, third class and fourth class cells within
the prison. No doubt elevating yourself from a fourth class,
dirty, filthy cell to a first class, nice, clean cell is improvement.
But that is not the goal of life. With the same amount of
energy that youre using to buy the different prison officials to
get a elevation in your cell status, you can be contacting your
lawyer and make a real solution to get out of the prison.
Similarly, people are very much eager to try to create a nice
situation in a world of suffering, a place where death will be the
final blow to diffuse all of your dreams. But with same energy
were struggling and toiling to try to be happy in this world, we

can be put in that same energy into Krishna Consciousness in

making a permanent solution to our problems.
The heavenly planets are not as favorable as this earth planet
for devotional service because everyones pious and religious,
but its just too nice. So of course, it is natural that we do not
seek miseries and calamities but they will come of their own
accord. The nature of maya is that which is not. But you think
youre going to get is just the opposite of what you actually
get. We have seen. No need to get into many examples. Man
and woman, they fall in love and then how much they torture
each other and then they want children and how much misery
does the child give them. Its like that. India fought so hard for
independence and what kind of mess they created ever since.
So what were hoping for, maya will not give us that. That is
the laws of nature. So this age of Kali is very favorable
because sufferings are everywhere. So we can really use our
good intelligence and turn to Krishna with our heart.
There was a king named Maharaj Anga. He married a beautiful
queen. She had so many nice virtuous qualities. She had
beautiful face, beautiful form, she was very chaste, very polite,
very, very nice. But there was one technicality that was
overlooked. Her father happened to be death personified. So
they met happily together but of course when you get married
it is duty to have children. According to the sastra, if you take
to the renounced order youre simply dead, all other
responsibilities are finished but if you dont you have so many
different obligations. One of the obligations of grihastha is to
have children to carry on your dynasty. You owe that to your
forefathers because they gave you your body. Of course, if you

surrender to Krishna wholeself, hundred percent, then youll be

free from all of these other obligations. So Maharaj Anga
wanted to have a child and raise him in Krishna Consciousness
to become the next King. He was a great devotee and like
every parent they want their child to be such a wonderful, little
vaisnava. I remember in the early days of the Hare Krishna
movement when people were young and just starting to have
children in Krishna Consciousness. Every parent was under the
impression that their tiny little infant baby was a demigod to
earth from Devpuri. Sometimes thats true but not always. So
Maharaj Anga was very happy a beautiful, little boy was born.
And he tried to raise him in nice environment in bhakti. But the
child wanted nothing to do with bhakti. From his earliest
babyhood he began to manifest symptoms of cruelty, envy. He
would play with his little playmates and he would ruthlessly
torture them till they will screaming in pain and the more they
screamed in pain the happier he became and then ultimately
he would murder him. Hare Krishna. And as he got older he
became worse and worse and worse. His father was doing
everything within his power and he was the King to somehow
or other reform the character of his son. Impossible!!! The
nature of the worldhowever great and powerful, learned and
wonderful you may be circumstances are beyond your control
from time to time. Just like Hiranyakashipu, he conquered the
whole universe but little five-year old Prahalad was out of his
control. Here is the opposite situation. Father is a devotee and
son is a little, tiny, crawling asura. He tried everything because
he was a devotee who is very peaceful and very kind Maharaj
Anga but his son just got worse and worse. Very, very painful
when there is someone who youre supposed to be able to

control and you cannot control. So he began to think that this

whole world is such a miserable place. I have beautiful palace,
beautiful queen, all kinds of friends, relatives, family members,
all my citizens love me and worship me but I cant find any joy
anywhere because my son is such a rascal like sand in sweet
rice. Reti? Reti kheer [Laughter] something like that? But this
is the nature of life. Everything can be so much according to
our plan but one little thing goes wrong and all you can do is
suffer. And one little thing going wrong may come through
adhyatmika, adhidaivika, adhibhautika.
And we have no
Recently one of our devotees was telling me the wealthiest
man on earth is the owner of the big computer software
company. Hes got tens of billions of US dollars. Although he is
the controller of the most powerful, productive and profitable
industry in entire planet, his marriage is a disaster. Hare
Krishna. He even was found going to prostitutes just to get
some relief. Haribol. What kind of controller is that? And
thats the biggest, most successful man on the planet. The
things just dont go according to our plan. Therefore, how do
we create a happy environment in this world? We have to put
aside our own plans and put Krishnas desire in the centre.
Then there can be harmony and unity.
Through Maharaj Anga, seeing the terrible suffering in his own
heart, he decided that actually this is the mercy of Krishna.
How would I ever surrender to Krishna wholeheartedly unless I
was suffering like this? This is wonderful, its nectar. So he just
without any attention of what so ever entered into the forest
and became a paramhamsa.

Meanwhile back at home, Maharaj Vena was coroneted as the

king. From one point of view he was an excellent king that he
was so ruthless in punishing any offenders that no rogues or
thieves dare to do any mischief in his kingdom. But there was
a problemhe was the biggest rogue and thief [Laughter]. He
kept everyone --- so that he can exploit everything and
And when we get power and influence, the
tendency is that our ego becomes infatuated. Greatest danger
is if someone worships you and you follow in the illusion that
you are worshippable. Maharaj Vena had so much power,
control and people had to bow down to him that he came under
the illusion that he was God, better than God. Therefore he
outlawed any other puja or yajna to anyone except him. It was
a federal offence to worship God or demigods and he would
punish. So people had to chant the only mantra, people were
--- mantras in glorification of Maharaj Vena. Om sri venay
namah! [Laughter] something like that.
Meanwhile the brahmanas, they were very much feeling
distress that people were not allowed to worship the Lord. So
they approached King Vena with humility and respect, This is
not right what you are doing. The Supreme Lord Visnu is the
source of everything that exists and the demigods are His
diffuted agents to provide the necessities of life. You must
allow people to do their worship. Upon hearing this he
became all the more arrogant, he laughed at them in anger
and he said, You are fools. Dont you not know what the
sastras saysthe Supreme Lord and all the demigods are all
present within the body of the king? Perverted reflection of
Bhagavatam. If you water the root of the tree, all parts of the

tree are nourished. His illusion was if you worship everything

will be perfect and if you dont worship me, hell punish. So
they decided this Vena must die. So they chanted mantras and
brahmanas has such great powers but they dont like to use
their power for political purposes because this compromises
their service to humanity. But this was a desperate emergency.
So they chanted some mantras omkara and then cause King
Vena to die. And his mother who was naturally attached to him
was so aggrieved that she preserved his body in various
medicinal oils and herbs. So that was a great relief. But the
nature of the world is one solution creates another problem. So
yes the king was dead but then the rogues and thieves came
out again.
One day the brahmanas were on the bank of the river
Saraswati discussing harikatha and they saw dust everywhere
in the air. They understood what this dust was. It was the dust
raised from the feet of all the rogues and thieves who were just
plundering the earth. So they decided that Maharaj Vena with
all of his disqualifications still he subdued them, we need a
king. So they went and attained Venas body. And through the
brahminical mantrams they churned his body. First think that
happened was a personality who was blackish in color came
out from his body. He was the personification of all the sins in
King Vena. His name was Bahuka and it was sent into the
jungle. Now when Maharaj Vena was clean, his body, they
churned it again and what happened is the Supreme
Personality of Godhead in his saktyavesa incarnation of Pruthu
Maharaj and his beloved consort Arci appeared in this world.

So we are all something like Maharaj Venas, so many sinful

desires are within our heartslust, anger, envy, greed, pride,
illusion; so many desires to want to enjoy the resources of
material existence which are all meant for the pleasure of
Krishna; so much false ego; so much self-centered mental
thinking. A saintly person, every thought is for the welfare of
Haridas Thakur didnt mind being beaten rudely
through twenty-two market places. He only concerned himself
with giving harinaam to others. Srila Prabhupada, he didnt
mind heart attacks, poverty, persecution. He was only thinking
how to give Krishna prema to others. But conditioned soul in
every condition, theyre thinking, Whats good for me? I want
to see something that gives pleasure to my eyes. I want to
hear something that gives pleasure to my ears, my nose, my
mouth, my flesh. And what about my false ego? I have to
situate myself in a situation where I am properly respected.
Even when we are engaging in devotional service these desires
are often prominent. So somehow or other we have to churn
our hearts to remove all of these anarthas. That is the process
of sadhana bhakti.
dau raddh tata sdhu-sago tha bhajana-kriy
tato nartha-nivtti syt tato nih rucis tata
That first is a little faith and by that faith Krishna brings us into
the association of devotees. Then the churning begins. We
accept spiritual master and he teaches us the process of
bhajana-kriya. Here we follow regulative principles, we hear
about Krishna, we chant about Krishna, we worship the deities,
we serve the vaisnavas, we engage in various duties under the
instruction of guru, sadhu and sastra. This is the process of

sadhana bhakti. The result is anartha nivrtti syat, Bahuka

comes out of us. All the black sinful ambitions and conceptions
are removed from our hearts. But thats not all. Thats the
liberated state but we have to continue the churning process,
we must go on serving vaisnavas, worshipping the deities,
hearing Srimad-Bhagavatam and chanting the holy names
[Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare
Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare]. Gradually, nista, we
become very firm in our faith. Then ruchi, we develop a very,
very deep hearted enthusiasm for devotional service and then
asakti, we become completely attached to Krishna and the
path of serving Krishna, especially we become attached to the
association of devotees, hearing the glories of the Lord and
chanting the names of the Lord and we go on churning and
then next bhava, love of Krishna and ultimately prema and that
prema, that realization of Krishna is so powerful that it can
create such immense benefit to the whole world.
One time devotees were together and Prabhupada was asked
the question What pleases you the most? Devotees were
wondering will he say book distribution, will he say cow
protection, will he say college preaching, will he say building
temples in Mayapur, Vrndavan or anywhere else? Prabhupada
replied, What pleases me most is when you love Krishna,
because if you love Krishna, Krishna will manifest and empower
you in so many ways so all these things can happen. Hari Hari.
All the book distribution, millions of Bhagavad-gita SrimadBhagavatams, Caitanya-caritamrtas, all over the world
hundreds of beautiful temples, temple in Mayapur, Vrndavana,
Bombay, even Belgaum is beautiful temple. Who could ever

imagine in this little village of Belgaum little city, I am sorry.

With just a few devotees who dont have much income or
anything else, theres a wonderful temple that thousands of
people could sit at a time to hear Srimad-Bhagavatam. And
there is farm communities and there is school, so many
wonderful projects within ISKCON. What is the source of all of
it?One man who loved Krishna. The basis of everything that
we have is Srila Prabhupadas love for Krishna because when
the pure heart loves Krishna, Krishna reveals himself. And one
who loves Krishna is one who surrenders to Krishna. He --- own
ego. Krishna Im yours, Im your instrument, speak through
me, work through me, let me be your puppet. On Jaladuta,
Srila Prabhupada prayed, Please Krishna make me your
puppet. With the strings attached to your lotus like hand make
me dance as you want me to dance. Please give me the words
to penetrate their hearts with your message. When there is
love, there is total humility and submission to the beloved and
it is that love that had the power to do everything. So
Prabhupada said, What will please me the most is you love
Krishna then everything else will come. But if you are not
developing love of Krishna, then everything that we have
accomplished can easily crumple. Hes given us so much but
first and foremost hes given the process of how to love
Krishna. If were not chanting our rounds attentively every
day, if were not hearing Bhagavata every day, if were not
following the principles and serving devotees every day, then
well create corruption and then all the wonderful things
become disturbed. So therefore this is the first and foremost
duty of every devotee to perform their sadhana bhakti and
their seva in such a way that they can achieve love for Krishna

and get this Bahuka out of our hearts, all these accumulated
sins and materialistic desires and let Maharaj Pruthu appear to
--- in pure consciousness. In this spirit we should be very, very
attentive and determined to chant the holy names [Hare
Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama
Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare].
I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to all of the devotees
of Sri Radha Gokulanand Mandir in Belgaum for the incredible
amount of devotional service they have rendered in organizing
Rathyatra. Under Devamrita Prabhus nice guidance all of you
have worked so hard. But Lord Jagannatha wasnt satisfied
with just your hard work, he wanted to see your surrender.
Now, what is the meaning of surrender? When we know we
never have to take birth in this material world, were thinking
that were surrendered. I ate prasada today instead of karmi
foods so I am surrendered. I finished my rounds today, I am
surrendered. We advertise 50,000 pamphlets, we set up a big
pandal at Military Mahadevs abode. We worked so hard fully
at our mouths to put up hoardings and all kinds of banners all
over the streets. We had to raise so many funds and collect for
tens and thousands of peoples prasada. So we were thinking
we were surrendered. But Krishnas idea of surrender is
something else. Oh! You have done so much. I am very, very
pleased with your hard work, your determination and your
united efforts. So I will reward you. Now materialistic devotee
will think the reward is after Rathyatra I can lay on the beach in
Goa and drink coconut ---. But Krishnas idea of reward is not
what we always expect. Krishnas mercy is when he takes us
to higher platform of devotion. Therefore, in reciprocation for

all the hard work and all the planning and all the united efforts
you made, in the last minute Krishna created havoc [Laughter].
yasyham anughmi, hariye tad-dhana anai. Haribol.
Srila Prabhupada tells us that when Krishnas pleased he takes
everything away from you.
Thats why so many people
worship demigods [Laughter]. But in taking with one hand he
gives the most auspicious treasure with the other if you just
allow him to do so. So Krishna, out of his great, great mercy,
reciprocated with your devotion by giving his mercy. Form of
that mercy was such a disaster that the only possible way that
this Rath-yatra could go on is devotees had to give up their
sleeping, they had to be totally united and they had to work,
work, work and pray from the core of their hearts, Krishna
save us. That is mercy. Sri Jagannatha Bhagavan ki Jai!
When Devamrita Prabhu was telling Chandramauli Maharaj,
Jananiwas Prabhu and myself the story how at the last minute,
they were approaching so many big, big, big politicians and
other influential people trying to somehow or other get the
donations. Krishna is in the heart of everyone. He wasnt
about to inspire anyone to give permission [Laughter] and plus
Jananivas Prabhu, hes the head pujari in Mayapur. There is a
deity called Ksetrapala Mahadev. Lord Siva is the protector of
the holy dhama. He protects the dhama and he protects the
sanctity of the devotees hearts. So Military Mahadev is not
different than that Ksetrapala Mahadev. I dont think any
puranas have this name Military Mahadev [Laughter]. Some
say, East meets west. But whatever you call him, nmnm
akri bahudh, the Lord has many, many names.
Bhagavan Military Mahadev, he was protecting the devotees.

How?By not allowing that pandal program to be held in his

grounds. And Devamrita Prabhu was saying, It was ecstatic.
He could have easily given up and say, Well, next year well
try again.
One thing we have noticed in our years in Krishna
Consciousnessas long as you dont give up you are never
defeated. In any project in Krishna Consciousness we may lose
terribly so many battles. If we give up we lose the war.
However much all odds are against us if we just dont give up,
we just keep struggling and fighting for Krishna, then it is
guaranteed the war will be won because the power of Krishna
is absolute. Why did Krishna put the Pandavas in such a
difficult situation?to show their glories. Why did Krishna put
Prahalad Maharaj in such difficult situations? One day hes
laying in a bed of poisonous serpents. Another day hes put
under the sea with a mountain on top of him. Another day hes
placed in blazing fires. But he didnt give up and the next day
hes sitting on the throne of Hiranyakashipu ruling the dynasty.
Hare Krishna. Srila Prabhupada in Bowery, everything was
going against him. He had no assistance, no servants, no
money, nothing. He was just had a little Indian typewriter he
was trying to type his translations and the typewriter was
stolen. And he was kicked out of his house. And he had
nowhere to go. Its cold and everybody in India was saying,
Swamiji, come back. Its impossible. He didnt give up. His
guru maharaj, Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Nityanand Prabhu, they
wanted this movement to spread all over the world that he was
determined, I must do it. From the unknown beggar on the
streets of the --- of New York he became world acarya. This is

the example. Were in this sampradaya, so Krishna is going to

give us the best mercy.
Devamrita Prabhu was saying it was blissful to see how the
devotees Belgaum is known for devotees who like to fight
against each other. Those who know the history have some
understanding. Wonderful devotees, simple hearted, sweet
nectarean vaisnavas. Something about Belgaum makes people
--- have these little disagreements. Yes? No? May be?
Sometimes? But on this day everyone on the urgency of
saving Jagannathas festival, they were working in total unity.
People who hardly do any service were coming out willing to
surrender their lives on that night. Krishna gave you a taste of
the spiritual world. And in the end, most wonderful festival
right at the lotus feet of Sri Radha Gokulanand. And when
people have the nice experience, they understand this is a holy
place let me come. So this is the theme of todays class and a
living example of the evidence of this principle that during
good times and bad times, they will come of their own accord.
Every situation we should be welcoming the opportunity to
surrender to Krishna. The pleasures and pains of the body and
mind will come and go like the waves in the ocean. But if we
have the proper understanding of Krishna Consciousness each
one of those waves will bring us closer and closer and closer to
the shore of the spiritual world. From our heart we must turn
to Krishna with great attention, determination and enthusiasm.
Thank you very much. Is there any question?
--- guests in our midst today. All of you are knowing His
Holiness Candramauli Swami Maharaj, a very senior disciple of
Srila Prabhupada. He preaches in America. He also preaches

in Europe and often in India. He is very humble, very gentle,

very simple vaisnava. Let us welcome him [Haribol! Haribol!
And next guest --- you have never seen in Belgaum ever
before. In fact you never see him anywhere except Mayapur.
How he has come here is simply Prabhupadas causeless
mercy, inconceivable, infallible mercy. There is no words to
express. Jananivas Prabhu met Srila Prabhupada I think in
1970? 1971. Same year I happened to meet him. But theres
a difference. I was a rascal and he was a great saintly person
[Laughter]. Jananivas came to Mayapur dhama. How many of
you have been to Sri dhama Mayapur? At that time it was just
a paddy field with one straw thatched hut and Prabhupada
lived in and he had his deities of Radha Madhava and he
assigned Jananivas Prabhu to be the head pujari of that
thatched hut and told him to remain there always and serve Sri
Sri Radha Madhava. Now, Mayapur at that time, during the
rainy season, there was floods and no facilities what so ever.
Over the years there were communal attacks, devotees getting
blown up and shot at. Very, very difficult! But Jananivas
Prabhu taking Prabhupadas order on his head never left the
deities. Since 1971 he has been the head pujari of the
headquarters of the International Society for Krishna
Consciousness and remained faithful, steady, humble and
sincere through every kind of difficulty. It is said that gold is
purified and also tested to be gold when it is put into blazing
fire. If it not real gold, when you put it in fire it turns black or it
burns. But real gold the more the fire eats up, the brighter and
more effulgent it becomes. Similarly if we are sincere devotees

the more the difficulties and tribulations come into our life, the
more we shine in our Krishna Consciousness but if we are not
so sincere we become covered up or burnt. So Jananivas
Prabhu in remaining so steady through so many upheavals,
inconveniences and disasters. How many times he must have
had malaria and everything else, living amongst poisonous
snakes but going on offering his puja to the deities. He is
personification of what we are trying to express in this class
todayNever giving up his service, steady as Govardhana Hill.
He is saying Govardhana Hill is sinking. That means he is
admitting that he is in such pains of separation from Krishna
due to his love for Krishna and really, he and his brother
Pankajangari Prabhu were very quiet, unassuming, never talk
nonsense. I feel so purified when Im with them because my
tendency is to talk all unnecessary subject matters but he is
not interested in any of these unnecessary subject matters. He
is quiet and grave. In his presence I feel ashamed. And this is
very healthy, for me. He is one of the pillars of sanctity within
the Hare Krishna Movement. He may not come front in public
scenes making a nice show but he just remains in the
background maintaining his loving devotional service to Sri
Radha Madhava and continuing his good sadhana and just as
an emblem of sanctity and purity within our movement. And
those who are most fortunate will recognize that. Those who
are not so fortunate will just overlook it because they remain so
quiet and so much in the background of social interchanges.
So somehow or other by his great kindness and Srila
Prabhupadas mercy he has come to Belgaum. Wherever there
is deity worship in the world, people are longing for him to
come. New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, all these places,

Jananivas, please come. But he just goes on with his service

to Srila Prabhupada. But Jagannatha must be very pleased
with you. He sent Jananivas to this small, unknown town of
Belgaum. So we are very, very grateful to him. It is my
humble request to all of youtry to understand that Krishna
Consciousness is not a show bottle religion, it is a spiritual
movement based on deep sincere surrender of the heart. And
this wonderful vaisnava represents that principle. Jananivas
Prabhu, will you kindly stand up?
wholeheartedly, as loud as you can by chanting Haribol with
raised arms welcome Jananivas Prabhu [Haribol! Haribol!
Haribol!]. Much louder please [Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!].
Thank you very much. Any questions? Just by the sound of his
name Krishna gives His darsana [Laughter]. Jananiwas Prabhu
please come sit, give microphone. Could you sit on this please
as a humble service to the vaisnavas.
Jananivas Prabhu: --- instrumental in hearing and chanting
Haribol three times so I think my visit here has been
successful. But when I was coming on a train here from
Calcutta, the night train, I woke up in the night and I thought,
What am I doing? Going the opposite direction from Radha
Madhava in Mayapur.
Why am I going in the opposite
direction? And I was feeling kind of lonely and separated, and I
was thinking, We are coming here. We have to go to some
Rath-yatra festival in Manglore and another place Madras just
small as for ritualistic purposes what is the Where did I
leave? I was wondering why I was leaving. Now I am feeling in
kind of lonely and separation. Other devotees told me that in
the Rath-yatra Manglore, Radhanath Swami will be there. And I

began to think of Sri Radhanath Swamis loving affection that

he shows to all his devotees and immediately my loneliness
and separation vanished. And I became very happy that I am
away to meet Radhanath Swami. And I was thinking that --kind of devotees --- and affection to others, this is what we
need in life because we feel here we can take shelter, here is
protection, here is safety. And my moroseness vanished and
then I began thinking that most probably when I see him he will
also advice me to stay with him longer. I was anticipating and
Krishna fulfilled my desire.
So Krishna acts through his
devotees. So whatever Radhanath Swami was saying is being
the desire of Lord Jagannatha. Everything is --- by his desire
but totally that desire is manifested through his devotee. So, I
--- grace of Radhanath Swami that Im here today and I have
experienced --- wonderful devotees here and I really enjoyed
the Rath-yatra festival and also his promise to take one of the
few places ---. So I considered that the success of this trip
when he asked me, Please come with us for few more days.
So youre very, very fortunate to having taken shelter of Sri
Radhanath Swami Maharaj. Because such devotees, you find a
place of shelter at Krishnas feet --- but its difficult to take
complete shelter of Krishnas feet. But His devotees are very
kind and the offer their shelter.
This is their unlimited
kindness. And if you can find such a devotee, you please take
shelter. So Sri Radhanath Swami is such a devotee, you can
take shelter of without hesitation. Without fear you can hold
the --- lotus feet and feel that your whole life is completely
safe. This is my conviction. So, when one takes shelter of the
lotus feet Krishnas devotees, then his problem in life is solved.
The problem of life is we are taking birth and death again and

again and again. This is the real problem of life. But when we
take shelter of Krishnas devotees, that problem is finished.
You dont have to worry anymore. Thats you never have to
take birth again. This is why devotees are happy. The
s---.apparently distressful conditions the devotees are facing.
But they are always happy in these conditions. Why? Because
they have solved the real problem of life. Birth and death
business is finished for them ---. In one lifetime, simply by
meeting a devotee and taking shelter of his feet, his business
is finished. So the devotees business is --- wonderful gift. This
is the gift that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu came to give. And
hes giving through his devotees. --- that this is our last birth in
material life. If by taking the shelter of lotus feet of Krishnas
devotees, were going back to Godhead at the end of this life.
So our only business, our only gratitude to our spiritual masters
who saved us from this repetition of birth and death.
---because they receive the great gift of shelter at the lotus feet
of Krishna through his devotees. Now our problems in life have
been solved, now our only business lets help others with their
problems. So, I would like to thank Vrndavana das Prabhu to
invite me. I would also like to thank all of you for being such
wonderful devotees here. And --- because Im simply an official
priest, I can pray to Radha Madhava and and Gauranga
Mahaprabhu Jagannatha when you receive the blessings of --nonetheless--- to increase yourdevotion, increase your faith,
increase your shelter at the lotus feet of dear devotees like
Radhanath Swami. Sri Radhanath Swami Maharaj ki Jai. Nitai
Gaur Premanadi Haribol!

Jananiwas Prabhu said we should take the content of his

humility seriously but not the literal words that he spoke.
Jananiwas Prabhu ki Jai. Chandramauli Maharaj ki Jai.
Once again I want to thank all of you. One of the most
glorious festivals we have ever seen. Belgaum is really,
really a specially blessed place. One of the Foremost
commanders in Srila Prabhupadas movement, Devamrita
Prabhu has come here simply out of love and affection for
all of you he has come here. So please reciprocate with
his kindness. Srila Prabhupadas mercy is manifesting
through him and make your lives perfect. Thankyou very
much. Srila Prabhupada ki Jai.