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BMW Vehicles List

BMW M3 E30
(1983 1991) 3 Series Sedan/Coupe/Touring/Convertible/M3 Coupe/Convertib
BMW Z1 (1988 1991) Z1 Roadster
BMW E31 (1989 1999) 8 Series Coupe
(1986 1994) 7 Series Sedan
(1987 1994) 7 Series Sedan long wheelbase
BMW M5 E34 (1988 1995) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan
BMW E34 (1991 1996) 5 Series Touring
BMW M3 E36 (1991 1999) 3 Series Coupe/M3 Coupe
BMW E36 (1994 1999) 3 Series Touring
BMW M3 E36 (1991 1999) 3 Series Sedan/M3 Sedan
BMW M3 E36 (1993 1999) 3 Series Convertible/M3 Convertible
E36/5 (1994 2000) 3 Series Compact
BMW M Roadster E36/7
(1995 2002) Z3 Roadster/Z3 M Roadster
BMW M Coupe E36/8 (1997 2002) Z3 Coupe/Z3 M Coupe
(1994 2001) 7 Series Sedan
BMW E38/2
(1994 2001) 7 Series Sedan long wheelbase
BMW E38/3
(1998 2001) 7 Series Sedan Protection
BMW M5 E39 (1995 2003) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan
BMW E39/2 (1996 2003) 5 Series Touring
BMW M3 E46 (1999 2006) 3 Series Coupe/M3 Coupe
BMW E46 (1999 2006) 3 Series Touring
(1998 2006) 3 Series Sedan
BMW E46/5
(2000 2004) 3 Series Compact
BMW M3 E46 (1999 2006) 3 Series Convertible/M3 Convertible
BMW E52 (1999 2003) Z8 Roadster
(1999 2006) X5 Sport Activity Vehicle
BMW M5 E60 (2003 2010) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan
BMW M5 E61 (2003 2007) 5 Series Touring/M5 Touring
BMW M6 E63 (2003 2010) 6 Series Coupe/M6 Coupe
BMW M6 E64 (2003 2010) 6 Series Convertible/M6 Convertible
BMW E65 (2001 2007) 7 Series short wheelbase
(2001 2007) 7 Series long wheelbase
(2001 2007) 7 Series Protection
(2005 2007) Hydrogen 7
BMW X5 M (2007 2013) X5 Sports Activity Vehicle/X5 M Sports Activity Vehicle
BMW X6 M (2008 present) X6 Sports Activity Coupe/X6 M Sports Activity Coupe
BMW E72 (2009 2011) X6 Hybrid Sports Activity Coupe
(2007 2012) 1 Series Hatchback 3-door
BMW 1M Coupe (2007 2013) 1 Series Coupe/1M Coupe
BMW E83 (2004 2012) X3 Sports Activity Vehicle


(2009 present) X1 Compact Sports Activity Vehicle
M Roadster E85
(2002 2008) Z4 Roadster/Z4 M Roadster
M Coupe E86 (2006 2008) Z4 Coupe/Z4 M Coupe
(2004 2011) 1 Series Hatchback 5-door
(2008 2013) 1 Series Convertible
(2009 present) Z4 Roadster
M3 E90 (2005 2011) 3 Series Sedan/M3 Sedan
E91 (2005 2011) 3 Series Touring
M3 E92 (2006 2013) 3 Series Coupe/M3 Coupe
M3 E93 (2007 2013) 3 Series Convertible/M3 Convertible
F01 (2008 present) 7 Series
(2009 present) 7 Series long wheelbase
(2008 present) 7 Series Protection
(2011 present) 7 Series Active[-Hybrid
M6 F06 (2011 present) 6 Series Gran Coupe/M6 Gran Coupe
F07 (2009 present) 5 Series Gran Turismo
M5 F10 (2011 present) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan
F11 (2012 present) 5 Series Touring
M6 F12 (2011 present) 6 Series Coupe/M6 Coupe
M6 F13 (2011 present) 6 Series Convertible/M6 Convertible
F15 (2013 present) X5 Sports Activity Vehicle
(2014) X6 Sports Activity Coupe
F18 (2010 present) 5 Series long wheelbase
(2011 present) 1 Series Hatchback 5-door
(2012 present) 1 Series Hatchback 3-door
(2013 present) 2 Series Coupe
(2014) 2 Series Convertible
F25 (2010 present) X3 Sports Activity Vehicle
(2014 present) X4 Sports Activity Coupe
(2012 present)
3 Series Sedan
(2012 present) 3 Series Touring
(2013 present) 4 Series Coupe
(2013 present) 4 Series Convertible
(2013 present) 3 Series Gran Turismo
(2012 present) 3 Series long wheelbase
(2014) 4 Series Gran Coupe
F45 (2014) 2 Series Active Tourer
F46 (2014) 2 Series 7 Seat Gran Tourer
F47 (2017) X2 Compact Sports Activity Coupe
F48 (2015) X1 Compact Sports Activity Vehicle
F49 (2015) X1 7 Seat Compact Sports Activity Vehicle
F52 (2015 present) 1 Series Sedan
(2014 present) M3 Sedan
(2014 present) M4 Coupe
(2014 present) M4 Convertible
(2015) X5 M Sports Activity Vehicle
F86 (2015) X6 M Sports Activity Coupe
F87 (2015) M2 Coupe
G01 (2017) X3 Sports Activity Vehicle
G11 (2016) 7 Series short wheelbase
G12 (2016) 7 Series long wheelbase


(2016) 5 Series

BMW i01
BMW i12

(2014 present) i3 compact electric city car

(2014 present) i8 electric sports car

BMW Technical Acronyms
A - processed vehicle speed signal
A - "out" (Aus)
AB - Airbag
ABL - Brake system warning Lamp (2 color)
ABS - Anti-lock Braking System
AC - Air Conditioning (from ETK)
ACC - Active Cruise Control
ACS - Active Comfort Seats
ADB(X) - Automatic Differential Braking
ADS - engine intake air control
ADV - windshield wiper pressure control
AEGS - Automatic Electronic Gearbox Control (also EGS)
AFM - Air Flow Meter
AGD - suction silencer (from ETK)
AGR - emission reduction
AGS - Adaptive transmission control
AG - Automatic Gearbox (transmission)
AHK - Active rear-axle Kinematics
AHK - trailer hitch (from ETK)
AHM - trailer Module (not for US models)
AHPS - Advanced HPS
AIC - Automatic Interval Control (rain sensor)
AKF - activated carbon canister (from ETK)
AKS - Active head restraint
AKS - pressure regulating device (from ETK)
ALC - Automatic Light Control
ALR - Automatic Lamp Range Adjustment
AMM - Air Mass Meter
AMP - radio system AMPlifier
ARI - car radio information system (from ETK)
ARS - Active Roll Stabilization
ASC - All Season traction
ASC-EZA - ASC w/ engine timing and injection intervention
ASC+T - ASC+ Traction control
ASK - Audio System controller (Kontroller)
ASR - self starter block relay (from ETK)
AST - Automatic Slip control (marketing term)
AT - remanufactured part (from ETK)
AT - Antenna (from ETK)
ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid (from ETK)
ATL - exhaust gas turbo charger (from ETK)
AUC - Automatic air recirculation
AUT - AUTomatic transmission (from ETK)
AVT - Antenna amplifier Tuner
AZD - tightening torque specifications (in TIS)
A/D Analog/Digital
B - Benzene (gasoline)
BAT - BATtery (from ETK)

BC - Board Computer
BC1 - Body Controller 1
BL - Brake Light (from ETK)
BLS - Brake Light Switch
BMBT - Board Monitor
BS - Block diagram
BST - Battery Safety Terminal
BVA - Brake pad wear indicator (from ETK)
BZM - center console control center
BZMF - center console control center, rear
Controller Area Network (Multiple ECU Controller)
CAN-Bus - Controller Area Network (bus)
CANH-Bus - CAN bus, High
CANL-Bus - CAN bus, Low
CANP - fuel tank ventilation valve
CAS - Car Access System
CBC - Corner Braking Control
CBS - Condition Based Service
CCM - Check Control Module
CD - Control Display
CDC - Compact Disk Changer
CDS - CD player (from ETK)
CEL - CELsius (from ETK)
CIM - Chassis Integration Module
CO - Carbon monOxide (from ETK)
Electronic Instrument Cluster
CON - CONtroller
CU - Copper (from ETK)
CVM - Convertible top Module
CVT - Constantly Variable Transmission
CW - drag coefficient (from ETK)
D1 - Xenon light/ gas discharge (from ETK)
D-Bus - Diagnosis bus (same as TXD)
DBC - Dynamic Brake Control
DBS - Dynamic Braking System
DCS - Dealer Communication System
DE Diagnostic Unit
DD - Dynamic motor Drive
DDE - Digital Diesel Electronics
DIN - German industrial standards
DIS - Diagnosis and Information System
DISA - Differential air intake control
DIVA - continuously variable length intake runners
DK - throttle housing/valve
DKB - throttle w/ brake intervention
DKE Throttle Increase
DKI - throttle position
DKR - throttle reduction
DKT - throttle position signal
DKV - preset throttle position value
DME - Digital Motor Electronics
DM-TL - Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage
DOHC - Double Over Head Camshafts (from ETK)
DS - gasket set (from ETK)
DSC - Dynamic Stability Control
DSP - Digital Sound Processing
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code (SAE)
DTC - Dynamic Traction Control
DWA - theft deterrent system
DWS - tire pressure Warning System

DZM - revolution counter (from ETK)

E - "in" (Ein)
EBA - installation instructions (from ETK)
EBV - Electronic Brake force proportioning
ECE - European market version (from ETK)
ECM - Engine Control Module (SAE term)
ECU - Electronic Control Unit
EDC - Electronic Damper Control (from ETK)
EDR - Electronic throttle control
E-KAT - Electrically heated catalytic converter
ECM - Engine Control Module (SAE term)
ECO - Controller for I-Drive system
EDC - Electronic Dampening Control
EDC-K - Electronic Dampening Control - Continuous
EDK - Electronic throttle valve
EDS - pressure regulator
EFH - Electric window lifter (from ETK)
EGS - Electronic transmission control
EH - Electronic-Hydraulic
EHC - Electronic Height Control
EKM - Electronic body Module
EKP - Electric fuel Pump
ELV - Electronic steering lock
EM - Electro-Mechanical
EMF - Electro-Mechanical parking brake
EML - Electronic Motor Load regulation
EMV - Electro-Magnetic sensitivity (from ETK)
EO - component location
EPC - Electronic Parts Catalog (also ETK)
EPROM - Erasable/ Programmable chip Memory (from ETK)
ETK - Electronic parts catalog (also EPC)
ETM - Electrical Troubleshooting Manual
ESS - Electronic anti-theft device
EV - injection Valve
EWS - Electronic drive-away protection
FB - Function description
FBC - Fading Brake Control
FBD - remote control services
FBZV - radio frequency locking system
Vehicle Speed Control (Cruise Control)
FH - window lifter
FHK - rear Heater/ air conditioner
FLC - automatic Light Control
FRU - Flat Rate Unit
FS Crash Sensor
FZV - central lock receiver
GAL - speed dependent sound volume
GM - General Module
GMR - yaw moment control
GPS - Global Positioning System
GRII - cruise control
GRS - rotation Rate Sensor
GS Belt Tensioner
GWK - torque converter lock-up control
H - "rear" (Hinten)
H2 - Xenon headlights
HA - rear Axle (from ETK)
HC Hydro Carbon
HD - Heavy Duty (from ETK)

HDC - Hill Decent Control

HFM - Hot Film air mass Meter
HG - manual Gearbox (transmission)
HKL - Hydraulic trunk lid Lift
Hot Wire Air Mass Meter
HPS - Head Protection System
HR - Heater control (from ETK)
HVA - Hydraulic Valve Adjuster (from ETK)
Hz Hertz (Cycle)
I-Bus - Information bus
IB - Interior lighting control signal
IHKA - automatic Heating and A/C
IHKAF - IHKA w/ micro filter
IHKR - regulated Heating and A/C
IHKRF - IHKR w/ micro filter
IHKS - standard Heating and A/C
IHPD - Internal High Pressure Deformation
IHR - Integrated Heater control (from ETK)
IKE - Instrument cluster Electronics
ILH - Interior Lighting, rear
ILV - Interior Lighting, front
IMS - Instant Mobility System (from ETK)
IR Infrared
IRS Infrared Locking System
ISC Idle Speed Control
ISIS - Intelligent Safety Integration System
ISN - Individual Serial Number
ISOFIX - standardized mounts for child restraints
ITS - head airbag assembly/ Inflatable Tubular Structure
IVM - Integrated power supply Module
K-Bus - body bus (Karosserie)
KAT - catalytic converter
KATON - converter creating (signal)
KD - Kick-Down
KHI - interface for headphones
KL - terminal designation
KL15 - run bus (ignition switch run position)
KL30 - battery bus (hot at all times)
KL31 - ground bus (chassis ground)
KL50 - start bus (ignition start position)
KLR - accessory bus
KO - compressor "on" signal
KOMBI - instrument cluster
KOREL - compressor relay signal
KR Contact Ring
KSK - Knock Sensor
KVA - fuel consumption signal/value
KW - crankshaft
KW - KiloWatt (from ETK)
LCM - Lamp Check Module
LDP - Leak Diagnosis Pump
LEV - Low Emissions Vehicle
LEW - Lateral acceleration sensor
LHD - Left-Hand Drive (from ETK)
LKM - Lamp control Module
LL - closed throttle
LM - Light Module
LMM - air flow meter/sensor
LMR - Light alloy wheel
LRA - vertical headlight aiming

LSM - steering column memory

LSZ - Lamp Switching center
LVA - air supply system (for EHC system)
LWR - vertical headlight aim control
LWS-5 - steering angle sensor
M-Bus - IHKA/IHKR stepper motor bus
MAL - center armrest
MBC - Maximum Brake Control
MDK - Motorized throttle valve/system
MFL - Multi-Function steering wheel
MFC - Multi-Function Controller
MFU - Multi-Function Clock
MID - Multi-Information Display
MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp (SAE), "check engine" Lamp
MIR - Multi-Information Radio
MMC - Multi-Media Changer
MoDiC - Mobile Diagnostic Computer
MOST-Bus - Media Oriented System Transport bus
MRS - Multiple Restraint System
MSR - engine drag torque Regulation
MV - Magnetic Valve (solenoid Valve)
n-ab - rotational speed, transmission (rpm)
n-mot - rotational speed, engine (rpm)
NAVI - Navigation module
NG - New Generation (as in N73 engine)
NG - tilt sensor
NOX - Nitrogen Oxides/ exhaust gas recirculation (from ETK)
NSD - rear muffler (from ETK)
NSL - rear fog Lamp (from ETK)
NSW - fog lamp (from ETK)
NTC - Negative Temperature Coefficient
NW - camshaft (from ETK)
OBC - On-Board Computer
OBD - On-Board Diagnosis (SAE)
Park/Neutral position
P-Bus - Periphery bus
PB - Pin assignments
PBS - Parts Bulletin System (in TIS)
PDC - Park Distance Control
PGS - Passive Go System
PM - Power Module
PP Impact Pad
PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient
RLS - Rain-Light Sensor
PWG - Pedal position sensor/ potentiometer
RA - Repair instructions (in TIS)
RAM Random Access Memory
RAL - Aluminum wheels (from ETK)
RAL - standard color (from ETK)
RDC - tire pressure Control
RDS - Radio Data-broadcast System
RDW - tire pressure Warning
RHD - Right-Hand Drive (from ETK)
RM - Relay Module
ROZ - Research Octane rating/ fuel grade (from ETK)
RPA - tire puncture warning (from ETK)
RPS - Rollover Protection System
RS - Repair kit (from ETK)
RSW - back-up lamp (from ETK)
RXD - wake-up Diagnosis line

RZV - direct stationary ignition

SASL - Satellite, A-pillar left
SASR - Satellite, A-pillar right
SAV - Sport ACTIVITY Vehicle
SB - fuse assignments
SBE - Seat occupancy detector/sensor
SBFH - Seat module, passenger-side rear
SBSL - Satellite, B-pillar left
SBSR - Satellite, B-pillar right
SBT - SI techniques/ tech reference information (in TIS)
SCA - Soft Close Automatic/Actuator
SD - sliding roof (from ETK)
SD - silencer/ muffler (from ETK)
SE - Special Equipment (from ETK)
SES - voice recognition System
SFAH - Seat module, driver's side rear
SFZ - Satellite, vehicle center
SG - control unit
SGS - Seat integrated belt System
SHD - sliding/ lifting roof (from ETK)
SHD - Sunroof module (also SHDM)
SI - Service Information (in TIS)
SIA - Service Interval system (ver. I, II, III, IV, etc.)
SII - Service Interval Indicator
SIL - SILicon (from ETK)
SIM - Safety Information Module
SINE - Siren/tilt sensor
SKD - Steel sliding roof (from ETK)
SKHD - Steel sliding/ lifting roof (from ETK)
SM - Seat Module
SM/SPM - Seat/Mirror Memory
SMBF - Seat Module, passenger side
SMFA - Seat Module, driver's side
SMG - Sequential Manual Gearbox
SP - Schematic
SRA - headlight/fog light cleaning
SRS - Supplementary Restraint System
SSD - Steel sliding roof (from ETK)
SSH - Seat Satellite, rear seat
ST - connector views
Steptronic - transmission shift control
STVL - Satellite, left front door
STVR - Satellite, right front door
SVS - Speech processing System
SWR - headlamp cleaning system (from ETK)
SWZ - Special tool listings (in TIS)
SZL - Switch center, steering column
SZM - central switch center Module
TAGE - door handle Electronics
TCM - Transmission Control Module
TD - engine speed signal (ignition pulse)
TD - Technical Data (in TIS)
TE - fuel evaporation control
TEL - TELephone control unit
TEV - evaporative purge control
THZ - Tandem master cylinder (from ETK)
TI- Injector "on" Time (duration)
TIS - Technical Information System
TL - part throttle / load signal
TLEV - Transitional Low Emission Vehicle

TMBFT - door Module, passenger side

TMBFTH - door Module, passenger side rear
TMFAT - door Module, driver's side
TMFATH - door Module, driver's side rear
TP - Tandem Pump (from ETK)
TPS - Throttle Position Switch/Sensor
TR - engine speed signal (rpm)
TR - TRansistor (from ETK)
TRG - fuel level sensor (from ETK)
TRI - Technical Reference Information (also SBT)
TRS - battery isolation Switch
TSD - Torsional vibration dampener (from ETK)
TSH - door lock Heating
TSZI - Transistorized coil Ignition system (from ETK)
TU - Technical Update (as in M50tu)
TXD - Transmitting Diagnosis line
U-batt - Battery voltage
U-vers - supply voltage
UERSS - rollover bar (from ETK)
URS - rollover protection System
USIS - Ultrasonic passenger compartment Sensor
V - "front" (Vorn)
V - vehicle road speed
VA - front Axle (from ETK)
VAT - front axle support (from ETK)
VANOS - Variable camshaft timing
VEP - distributor-type injection Pump (from ETK)
VID - VIDeo module
VL - full load (wide open throttle)
VSD - front muffler (from ETK)
Valve tronic
WBG - hazard warning switch (from ETK)
WIM - Wiper control Module
WK - torque converter lock-up clutch
WSS Wind Shield (from ETK)
WT Valve tronic control unit
Z - "central" (Zentrum)
ZAB - ignition fade-out (reduction)
ZAE - central Airbag Electronics
ZAS - ignition starter switch (from ETK)
ZGM - central Gateway Module
ZK - cylinder head (from ETK)
ZKE - central body Electronics
ZKH - cylinder head cover (from ETK)
ZMS - dual-Mass flywheel (from ETK)
ZV - central locking system
ZS - central lock (from ETK)
ZSD - center muffler (from ETK)
ZV - central locking system (from ETK)
ZVM - central locking Module
ZWD - idle control valve
Abblendlicht Dipped Headlights
Abbledschalter Dip Switch
ABS (Anti-Blockier-System) ABS (Antilock Braking system)
ABS-Diagnose ABS Diagnosis
ABS-Druckmodulator ABS Pressure Modulator

ABS-Kontrolleuchte ABS Telltale

ABS-Relais ABS Relay
ABS-Sensor ABS Sensor
ABS-Tester ABS Key
ABS-Warnrelais ABS Warning Relay
Abschirmhlse Screening Sleeve
ab modell from model
akustisch (akust.) acoustic (audible)
nderung Change
Anlasser Starter Motor
Anlasserkontakt Starter Contact
Anlasserrelais Starter Relay
Anlasserschalter Starter Switch
Anlarelais Starting Relay
Anlawiderstand Starting Resistor
Anlawiederholsperre Starting Repeat Lock
Anschlu Connection
Antennenhalter Aerial Holder
Basis Base, Basic
Batterie Battery
Bedienteil Control Element
Begrenzungsleuchte, -licht Marker Light
Behrdenschaltplan Circuit Diagram (Official User)
beige beige
Benzinstandgeber Fuel Gauge
blau blue
Blaulicht Blue Light
Blinker Flasher
Blinkerausschalter Flasher Cancel Switch
Blinkerkontrolle Flasher Telltale
Blinkerkontrolleuchte Flasher Telltale Light
Blinkerschalter Flasher Switch
Blinkgeber Flasher Unit
Blinkeuchte Flasher Turn Indicator
Bremsflssigkeitskontakt Brake Fluid Contact
Bremsflssigkeitskontaktschalter Brake Fluid Contact Switch
Bremslicht Brake Light, Stop Light
Bremslichtschalter Brake Light Switch
Choke-Kontrolleuchte Choke Telltale Light
Choke-Kontrollschalter Choke Telltale Switch
City-Horn City Horn
Cockpit Cockpit (Fairing)
Country-Horn Country Horn
Dauerlicht Permanent Light
Diebstahlwarnanlage Burglar Alarm
Differenzdruckschalter Differential Pressure Switch
Diode Diode
Diodenplatte Diode Board
Diodentrger Diode Carrier
Doppelfanfare Twin Tone Horn
Drehstromgenerator Alternator
Drehzahlmesser Revolution Counter
Drehzahlwarnung Engine Overspeed Warning
Drosselklappenschalter Throttle Butterfly Switch
Druckknopfschalter Pushbutton Switch
Einspritzrelais Fuel Injection Relay
Elektrik Electrical System
Endschalter Limit Switch
Entlastungsrelais Load-Shedding Relay
Entstrfilter Suppressor Filter

Entstrgeflecht Suppressor screening

Entstrhlse Suppressor Sleeve
Entstrkasten Radio Suppression Box
Entstrkondensator Radio Suppression Capacitor
Erluterungen Note On (Key To)
Fahrlicht Low Beam
Fanfare Horns
Fanfarerelais Horn relay
Fanfareschalter Horn Switch
Fernlicht High Beam
Fernlichtkontrolle High Beam Telltale
Fernlichtkontrolleuchte High Beam Telltale Light
Fernlichtschalter High Beam (headlight) Switch
Fliegende Sicherung Fuse In Cable
FMS-Geber (Funkmeldesystem) Two-Way Radio Transmitter
France France
Frontplatte Front Panel
FUG (Funkgert) Two-Way Radio Set
Funk-Batterie Two-Way Radio Battery
fr (f.) for
Fu Foot
Fubremslichtschalter Foot Brake Light Switch
Ganganzeige Gear Indicator
Generator Generator
Getriebe Gearbox
Getriebedeckel Gearbox Cover
Getriebeschalter Gearbox Swich
Gleichrichter Rectifier
grau gray
grn green
Hallgeber Hall-Effect Transmitter
Hand Hand
Handbremslichtschalter Handbrake Light Switch
Heckleuchte Rear Light
Heckteil Tail
Heizgriffe Heated Handlebar Grips
hinten rear
Hinzukommende Teile Additional Parts
Hoch, hoher Ton high, high-note
Hhenkorrekturstecker Height Correction Plug
Horn Horn
Horndrcker Horn Push
Hornrelais Horn Relay
Hornschalter Horn Switch
Horntaster Horn Push
Hrsprechgarnitur Transmitter/Receiver Equipment
identisch mit identical with
Induktivgeber Inductive Transmitter
Instrument Instrument
Instrumentenbeleuchtung Instrument Lighting
Instrumentkombination Instrument Cluster
Kabelbaum Wiring Harness
Kontrolleuchte Cold Start-Increased Idle Speed Telltale Light
Kaltstatanhebung Kontrollschalter Cold Start-Increased Idle Speed Telltale Switc
Kammernummer Chamber Number
Kasten Box
Kennleuchten Identification Lights
Kennzeichenlicht Number Plate Light
Klangfolge Tone Sequence

klappbar folding
Klemme Terminal
Kombischalter (Kombisch.) Combined Switch
Kombi-Instrument Combined Instrument
Kondensator Condenser, Capacitor
Kontaktplatte Contact Board
Kontaktschalter Contact Switch
Kontrolle Check, Monitoring, Telltale
Kontrolleuchten Telltales
Kraftstoffanzeige Fuel Gauge
Kraftstoffkontrolleuchte Fuel Telltale
Kraftstoffpumpe Fuel Pump
Kraftstoffstandgeber Fuel Level Sensor
Khlmittelempertur Coolant Temperature
Khlmittelemperturwarnleuchte Coolant Temperature Telltale
Kupplungsschalter Clutch Switch
Ladekontrolle Charge Telltale
Ladestromkontrolleuchte Charge Telltale Light
Ladestromwarnleuchte Battery Charge Telltale
Lampenkontrolleuchte Bulb Monitoring Light
Lampenkontrollgert Bulb Monitoring Unit
Lautsprecher Loudspeaker
Leerlauf Idle, Neutral
Leerlaufkontrolle Neutral Indicator
Leerlaufkontrolleuchte Neutral Indicator Light
Leerlaufschalter Idling Switch
Leitung Cable, Wire
Leitungsverbinder Cable Connector
Lenkerschalter Handlebar Switch
Leuchtdiode (LED) Light-Emitting Diode (LED)
Licht-Hauptschaltung Main Light Switch
Lichthupe Headlight Flasher
Lichthupe-Relais Headlight Flasher Relay
Lichthupe-Schalter Headlight Flasher Switch
Lichtrelais Light Relay
Lichtschalter Light Switch
links (li.) left
LTG (Leitung) Lead
Luftmengenmesser Airflow Meter
Lftermotor Fan Motor
Magnetschranke Solenoid Barrier
Masse Earth, Ground
Massenpunkt Earth Grounding Point
mechanisch (mech.) mechanical
Mikrofon Microphone
mit (m.) with
Modell Model
Motor Motor, Engine
Motorkabelbaum Engine Wiring Harness
Nachtrag Supplement
Nebellicht, Nebelscheinwerfer Fog Light
nicht belegt not in use
Notabschalter Emergency Off Switch
Notausschalter Emergency Stop Switch, Kill Switch
nur, nur bei only, only with
ohne (o.) without
ldruckkontrolle Oil Pressure Telltale
ldruckkontrolleuchte Oil Pressure Telltale Light
ldruckkontrolleschalter Oil Pressure Telltale Switch
ldruckschalter Oil Pressure Switch

ldruckwarnleuchte Oil Pressure Telltale

orange orange
Plus Positive
Pol Pole, Pin
-poling -Pole, -Pin
Rahmen Frame
rechts (re.) right
Regler Regulator, Govenor
Relais Relay
Rundumkennleuchte Rotating Beacon
Schalter Switch
Schaltgert Switchbox
Schaltkasen Controls Cabinet
Schaltplan Circuit Diagram, Wiring Diagram
Scheinwerfer Headlight
Schlulicht Rear Light
schwarz black
Schweden Sweden
Serienhorn Standard Horn
Sicherung Fuse
Sicherungskasten, -dose Fuse Box
Signalhorn Horn
Signalhornschalter Horn Switch
Sirene Siren
Skalenbeleuchtung Instrument Dial Lighting
Sonderausstattung (SA) Special Equipment
Spannungsmesser Voltmeter
Spanungsregler Voltage Regulator
Sprechtatse Speak Button
Stadthorn City Horn
Standlicht Parking Light
Straktonhorn High Power Horn
Stecker Plug
Steckerleiste Plug Strip
Steckerplatte Plug Board
Steckerverbindung Plug Connector
Steuergert Control Unit
STVB (Steckverbindung) Plug Connection
Summer Buzzer
Tachobeleuchtung Speedomter Light
Tachometer Speedometer
Tachometer-Skalenbeleuchtung Speedometer Dial Lighting
Tank Fuel Tank
Teile Parts
Temperaturefhler Temperature Sensor
Temperaturschaltgert Temperature Switchbox
tief, tiefer Ton low, low-note
Tonfolgeanlage Tone Sequence System
Tonfolgesteuergert Tone Sequence Control Unit
Transistorzndung (TSZ) Transistorized Ignition
Uhr Clock
Umschalter Changeover Switch
und (u.) and
Unterbrecher Breaker, Contact-Breaker
Ventil Valve
Verbindungsstelle Connection Point
Verkleidung Fairing, Cover Panel
Vollenstrung Interference Suppression, Complete
Vollverkleidung Fairing, Full
Voltemeter Voltmeter

vorhandene Teile Existing Parts

vorne front
Vorwahl Preselection
warm warm
Warnblinkanlage Hazard Warning Flashers
Warnblinkgeber Hazard Warning Flasher Unit
Warnblinkschalter Hazard Warning Flasher Switch
Zeichungs-Nr. Drawing Number
Zeituhr Clock
zum (z.) to, for
Zndung Ignition
Zndauslser Ignition Trigger
Zndkerzen Spark Plugs
Znd-Lichtschalter Ignition-Light Switch
Znd-Lichtschlo Ignition-Light Switch And Lock
Zndschalter Ignition Switch
Zndschlo Ignition Lock
Zndspule Coil
Zndspulenbefestigung Coil Mounting
Zndsteuergert Ignition Control Unit
Zndunterbrecher Breaker, Contact Breaker
zur (z.) to, for
Zustazinstrumente Additional Instruments
Zusatzschalter Additional Switches
Zusatzscheinwerfer Additional Driving Lights
Zweifunken-Zndspule Twin-Spark Coil