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American sculptors had made an impact dramatic impact on the 20th century.

both the naturalistic and idealized modes, its works lead to the expansion of American
museums. However, there was no single particular style that dominated the 20th century.
Abstraction came about during the pre-20th century and lead artists to create more
modernized pieces. The expressionism movement steered artists such as Vincent van Gogh
to create masterpieces using bright bold colors and distorting alterations. Vincent van Gogh
made an enormous impact on the 20th century. His development and his belief from
stepping away from pre-modern art known as impressionism, created a large following from
many aspiring artists. Starry Night was one of his modern creations that were replicated by
many. The furious swirls that van Gogh sketched in this paintings to represent the sky and
the blowing cypress trees represented a wind that drove people mad.
Another inspiring evolution period was the evolution of music. Similar to van Gogh, many
composers started to step away from building music from the normal standard beliefs.
Musicians started to create music more freely and started to use sounds that were against
the norm. Music began to have a more delicate form and was also had a very spontaneous
definition to it. The break-thru of technology was a major influence in music making. The
ever so popular recoding tape was a very popular tool. The combination of sounds that
were played together to create sounds of well known instruments was popular during the
middle of the 20th century. With the use of computers, we were able to alter the face of
music into multiple performances that could be played at one given time.
The Jazz movement era was very popular time that dominated the early 20th century. Jazz
is an American genre of music that brought upon their improvised sounds too many bands.
These bands improvised on their musical forms to create sounds like the blues, the swing
and popular dancing techniques such as the Boogie-Woogie. To make Jazz more creative,
musicians often used other various forms of music, such as classical and modern rock, to
being upon various forms of harmony, rhythm and melody.
Modern time architecture came for reasons providing specifics needs to the public rather
than imitating nature. Modernist architecture was expressed in many stylish ways. One style
that we see in major cities is the International Style. This creator of style can be found in
the works of Berthold Luberkin. He was a Russian architect that believed that such style
can be brought upon by applying scientific and analytical methods. Creating such methods
created unique and tall buildings that often appeared to rebel the force of gravity. One of
the most famous examples of International Style is from a designer named Le Corbusier.
His works helped design and create the United Nations building in New York City. A creation
made of smooth glass sided edges that stretch along the New York skyline. This building
was completed in 1952.
The many works of art, music, and architecture made the world a more interesting place
and brought upon more knowledge and research as we entered in the 20th century. The
Advancement made in these forms improved people lifestyles and began and social way of
life. We began to focus on what we could bring to society instead of what society might
predict from us. It gave mankind the ability to be free to experiment and to bring new
ideas that that society needs in order to grow.