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Barbara Coloroso (2006:47-50) membagi jenis-jenis bullying kedalam empat jenis,

yaitu sebagai berikut:

1. Bullying secara verbal; perilaku ini dapat berupa julukan nama, celaan, fitnah,
kritikan kejam, penghinaan, pernyataan-pernyataan yang bernuansa ajakan
seksual atau pelecehan seksual, terror, surat-surat yang mengintimidasi,
tuduhan-tuduhan yang tidak benar kasak-kusuk yang keji dan keliru, gosip
dan sebagainya. Dari ketiga jenis bullying, bullying dalam bentuk verbal
adalah salah satu jenis yang paling mudah dilakukan dan bullying bentuk
verbal akan menjadi awal dari perilaku bullying yang lainnya serta dapat
menjadi langkah pertama menuju pada kekerasan yang lebih lanjut.
2. Bullying secara fisik; yang termasuk dalam jenis ini ialah memukuli,

menendang, menampar, mencekik, menggigit, mencakar, meludahi, dan

merusak serta menghancurkan barang-barang milik anak yang tertindas.
Kendati bullying jenis ini adalah yang paling tampak dan mudah untuk
diidentifikasi, namun kejadian bullying secara fisik tidak sebanyak bullying
dalam bentuk lain. Remaja yang secara teratur melakukan bullying dalam
bentuk fisik kerap merupakan remaja yang paling bermasalah dan cenderung
akan beralih pada tindakan-tindakan kriminal yang lebih lanjut.
3. Bullying secara relasional; adalah pelemahan harga diri korban secara

sistematis melalui pengabaian, pengucilan atau penghindaran. Perilaku ini

dapat mencakup sikap-sikap yang tersembunyi seperti pandangan yang
agresif, lirikan mata, helaan nafas, cibiran, tawa mengejek dan bahasa tubuh
yang mengejek. Bullying dalam bentuk ini cenderung perilaku bullying yang
paling sulit dideteksi dari luar. Bullying secara relasional mencapai puncak
kekuatannya diawal masa remaja, karena saat itu tejadi perubahan fisik,
mental emosional dan seksual remaja. Ini adalah saat ketika remaja mencoba
untuk mengetahui diri mereka dan menyesuaikan diri dengan teman sebaya.
4. Bullying elektronik; merupakan bentuk perilaku bullying yang dilakukan

pelakunya melalui sarana elektronik seperti komputer, handphone, internet,

website, chatting room, e-mail, SMS dan sebagainya. Biasanya ditujukan
untuk meneror korban dengan menggunakan tulisan, animasi, gambar dan
rekaman video atau film yang sifatnya mengintimidasi, menyakiti atau
menyudutkan. Bullying jenis ini biasanya dilakukan oleh kelompok remaja
yang telah memiliki pemahaman cukup baik terhadap sarana teknologi
informasi dan media elektronik lainnya.


My name is Gemma. I have been bullied for most of my life. And I've never spoken
about it until now, 15 years after it first started.
I've literally faced bullying for as long as I can remember; at least since pre-school. I
had three very good friends, one of whom was a boy. I was never pretty, even as a
kid, or athletic. Kids teased me mercilessly for it. I cried easily. I remember one day
we had a substitute teacher who was telling us a story. The kids started teasing me
in front of her until I cried. I asked her in front of everyone to make them stop, but
she simply shook her head as if in disappointment.
When I got to primary school, I thought it would be okay, but it was so much worse. I
can't remember everything from earlier years, but around grade 3 and up is when it
got really bad.
I was always a tomboy. Mainly because I didn't have a skinny figure like other girls. I
kept my hair relatively short and wore baggy clothes. Because of this, I didn't fit in.
When I tried to do something about my appearance, be more girly, it was even
worse. They called me a freak. They said I would be better off dead. They made up
songs about me. Two particularly popular ones were, "G-E-M-M-A, Gemma makes
the straight guys gay," and "Look at me, I'm Gemma (last name), lousy with stupidity.
Won't go to bed till I'm legally dead. I can't, I'm Gemma (last name). They would
tease me if I liked someone, and tease someone else if they liked me. Sometimes, it
got physical. The worst was when a boy yanked my school bag off me so hard it took
the skin off my arms.
In high school, I went to an all girls school. Some girls from my primary school also
went there, but they ignored me almost completely. It was there that I met Hanna
and Carla, the two worst influences of my life. They befriended me, but would tease
me and laugh at me behind my back. Both smoked and drank and tried to be "bad
girls," while I always tried to be good. They teased me even more for this. Halfway
through my first year, I met my best friend, Lexi. She never gave in to them, and
always stood up for me. Even still, I became anorexic and clinically depressed, which
I still struggle with. In grade 10, I started going out with the ex of one of my friends. In
the space of a week, she'd turned everyone in the grade against me, even though
she didn't really like him. I got called a w****, a s***, a b****. When we broke up, it
was sweet revenge for her. I lost all my friends except for Lexi. Carla even
facebooked me saying what a worthless person I was.

After years, I'd finally had enough. I told the girl I was sick and tired of it, and she
backed off. In fact, we're actually best friends again. Anthony and I got back together,
and have now been dating for over 6 months. He makes me strong, and makes me
feel beautiful, even though I don't deserve it. I'm studying art, first year, at the top
school in the country. I graduated from high school with 2 distinctions and am hoping
for another when the re-marks are back. The bullies graduated at an average level.
Carla, last I heard, was a drop out and Hanna fell pregnant at 17.
I could say so much about what I went through, and I still carry so much anger with
me, especially towards girls who think they can be mean because they're more
popular or prettier than other girls. I tried so many times to stand up for myself, but
ignoring it was always what made it worse. Never ignore it. Stand up for yourself and
others. Talk to teachers. Talk to parents. Make people see who is the victim.
Remember, being a victim does not make you weak, but being hopeful makes you
I was severely bullied and beaten up in middle school,particularly in grades 6 and 8
because I was weird and annoying to others . The physical bullying was reduced in
9th grade (to stealing and destroying my properties) . In 10th grade the bullying
became more physical with punches in my arm almost everyday(sometimes,if not
always I riposted and stand up to myself). In grade 11 I began to be myself a
bully(still,I was picked on constantly in this year by a tall guy) and I constantly beat
up and picked on two of my classmates(one of them for many reasons,including
vengeance,and the other because he was pissing me off with his unstable behavior)
but in 12th grade I became calm(I'm 18 now).I even know why I became a bully in a
prompt way,because all the years and struggles I have been through made me for a
serious yet a small period of my life a monster searching for revenge on my old
bullies and I wanted to rebuild my self esteem(wich was ruined by the age of 12).I
am still bullied now I can tell but it is rare and verbal bullying(very rare
phisically,because some types of bullying have age limits and punching someone in
the face when you're legally an adult is considerate a crime and punished by law).

Hi, im Angel and im 18 years old. Well my story about being bullied all started in 6th
grade, I was getting picked on because I was to tiny for my age. Then I started
getting picked on for the guys I would date, they would call me harsh names n some

very bad words, I think everyone knows what im talking about, then I started getting
made fun of because I got jumped in 6th grade and expelled from a school and had
to change schools, when I change schools people were spreading rumors about me
and cyberbullying me telling me to go kill myself n such, then 7th grade year came
around and the bullying got worse I had people wanting to fight me and jump me for
even trying to talk to kids, I told adults like school officials sadly they did not take
action. I even told my parents but they didnt believe me. In 8th grade everything was
ok. 9th grade year came around and I gotten really sick over the summer so I was
skinny so I got called names such as scranny, toothpick, stick, and ect. 10th grade
year I got called down to my bestfriends well use to be bestfriends house and got
jumped by 1 girl and 4 guys. Then 11th grade I finally made some good friends and
the bullying kinda got semi ok except for the rumors and people calling me really
mean words and telling lies on me. Around 11th grade year I then started having
thoughts of cutting never really tried but once with my finger nails it hurt so I stopped.
Now im in 12th grade year and I have made a facebook page to stop bullying and
writing my senior research paper on bullying I wanna help others who have been
bullied or is getting bullied I think bullying needs to be stop and schools should start
taking action, are schools are always on the news for bullying but nothing is done.
Well that is pretty much my whole story and the advice I give you is dont listen to
what people say, you are beautiful in your own way. And still to this day im bullied but
I kinda got use to it except for the depression and the crying myself to sleep part.
Well thats it.
~ Angel
stay strong
Well it all started in year 7, I told one of my best friends Something very personal and
then the next day it was all over the school
They would make fun of me for it call me Names and Sometimes hit me I would go
home a cry I told NOBODY! I was so Upset about it It came to the point where I had
no friends I would Hide myself away And I would just Hate school I skipped most of
it because of this Bullying I would not talk to anybody I stopped eating I got really ill I
started being sick going dizzy and it came to the point where I fainted and went to
hospital I fainted when I was Outside I wacked my head of the Pavement Cracking it
open I lost quite abit of blood
I got Bullied for My Hobbies Art & Singing and for Liking Dinsey Etc ... But it didn't
end there I moved to Essex's 2 weeks later Everybody hated me bullied me I cut
myself and I tried to Hang myself one time My brother stopped me And I finally told
him everything My
Mum and dad Went down to the school and Started Telling the head teacher
everything Now I go to a really good School I stand up to Bullys

And sometimes I even help people get threw hard times

I know it must be tuff but tell someone It will make your life a Hole lot better

Bullying may be defined as the activity of repeated, aggressive behavior intended to hurt another
person, physically, mentally or emotionally. Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in
a certain way to gain power over another person.[9] It can be classified into four types:[10]
1. Physical (hitting, punching, or kicking)
2. Verbal (name-calling or taunting)
3. Relational (destroying peer acceptance and friendships)
4. Cyber-bullying (using electronic means to harm others)
Physical, verbal, and relational bullying are most prevalent in primary school and could also
begin much earlier in preschool. Cyber-bullying, arguably the most destructive and common form
today, is more common in secondary school than in primary school. [10]
Norwegian researcher Dan Olweus[11] says bullying occurs when a person is "exposed,
repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons". He says
negative actions occur "when a person intentionally inflicts injury or discomfort upon another
person, through physical contact, through words or in other ways.