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A large water reservoir has two outlet pipes, a small one

and a large one. It takes 6 hours to empty the reservoir
when only the small outlet pipe is open. It takes 3 hours to
empty the reservoir when only the large outlet pipe is open.
About what fraction of the reservoir will be emptied in one
hour if both the pipes are open?
(i) 0.33 (ii) 0.50 (iii) 0.17 (iv) cannot be determined
2. A piece of equipment consumes c cents per hour of fuel
and requires d dollars per hour for other operational costs.
What is the cost in dollars of operating the equipment for
300 hours?
(i)300 c + 3 d (ii)3 (c + d) (iii)300 (c + d)(iv) 0.01 c + d
3 c + 300 d
3. After work, Mr. White drove 36 miles west, then 20
miles south, and finally 12 miles west to meet his sister.
What is the shortest distance in miles from Mr. White's
workplace to his sister's home?
(i) 68

(ii) 52

(iii) 60

(iv) cannot be

4. If the base of a triangle is by 20% and its

height is increased
(i) decreases by 4% (ii) increases by 20% (iii) decreases

by 35% (iv) decreases by 20%

5. If a line segment is drawn connecting point A (-6, 5) and
point B (8, -19), then the coordinates of the midpoint are
(i). (-7, 1)

(ii). (1, -7)

(iv) . (2, -14)

(iii). (-24,
(v). (14, -24)

6. Quantity A = Time to travel 95 miles at 50 miles per hour

Quantity B = Time to travel 125 miles at 60 miles per
(i). Quantity A is greater
(ii). Relationship Indeterminate
(iii). Quantity B is greater
(iv). Quantity A equals Quantity B
7. Mr. Haqim drove from Hat Hill to Capsville in 85
minutes at an average speed of 45 miles per hour. In about
how many minutes should he make the return journey so
that his average speed for the entire journey is 60 miles per
(i). 141 (ii). Can not be determined
113 (v). 42

(iii). 127 (iv).

8. Pineapples cost 30 cents each, whereas pears cost 80

cents a dozen. A litre of fruit punch requires 1/3 of a
pineapple and 4 pears. How many dollars will it cost to
make 5 litres of fruit punch?
(i). 50
(v). 1.83

(ii). None of these

(iii). 0.37 (iv). 16.50

9 Last month, Mr. Anderson spent 9% of his salary to pay

his electricity bill, 13% to pay his phone bill,and 58% for
general monthly expenses. If his salary is $ 2000, then his
savings last month was
(i). $ 260 (ii). $ 400 (iii). $ 1160 (iv).
$ 180

$ 1600 (v).

10. Consider a square with side of length a, and an

isosceles right triangle with one side of length a and
hypotenuse of length b. What is the sum of the areas of the
square and the triangle?
(i). a3b/2 (ii). 2a3b

(iii). 3a2/2 (iv). 2a2/3 (v). a2 +

11. A gas cylinder has two vents, V1 and V2, for discharge.
The cylinder empties in 8 minutes when only vent V1 is
open. The cylinder empties in 2 minutes when both vent V1
and vent V2 are open. About how many minutes will the
cylinder take to empty if only vent V2 is open?

(i). Can not be determined (ii). 0.17

6.00 (v). 2.67

(iii). 1.60


12. Consider a triangle PQR.

Quantity A = length of PQ + length of QR
Quantity B = length of PR
(i). Quantity A equals Quantity B
(ii). Relationship
(iii).Quantity A is greater
(iv). Quantity B is greater
13. Mr. Kennedy bought 700 shares of ABC Inc. in 1994 at
a price of $ 5 for each share. He sold all these shares
yesterday for 80% more than he paid for them. If he has to
pay a tax of 40% on the gain, how many dollars does he
pay as tax?
(i). 1120

(ii). 373 (iii). 2800

(iv). 1400 (v). None of

14. Consider a rectangle. The length of its shorter side is 8,

and the length of its diagonal is 16.
Quantity A = 30o
Quantity B = measure of angle formed by diagonal
and shorter side
(i). Relationship Indeterminate

(ii). Quantity B is

greater (iii). Quantity A is greater

equals Quantity B

(iv). Quantity A

15 Quantity A = Volume of a cube in which the length of a

side is 5 Quantity B = Volume of a cube in which the
length of a diagonal of a face is 6 (2)^1/2
(i). Quantity A equals Quantity B
(ii). Quantity B is greater
(iii). Relationship Indeterminate
(iv). Quantity a is greater
16 Quantity A = Percentage increase from 10 ft to 13 ft
Quantity B = Percentage increase from 13 ft to 16 ft
(i). Quantity B is greater
(ii). Quantity A equals Quantity B
(iii). Quantity A is greater
(iv). Relationship Indeterminate
17. A task is done by y women in 45 hours. The same task
is done by (y + 2) women in z hours.
Quantity A = 45 Quantity B = z
(i). Quantity A is greater (ii). Quantity B is greater
(iii).Quantity A equals Quantity B (iv). Relationship

18. The fuel economy of a passenger car will typically peak

at 45 miles per hour, and then decline as the vehicle's speed
increases. For example, a given car gets 40 miles per gallon
at 45 miles per hour, but it gets 12% fewer miles per gallon
at 60 miles per hour. How far can this car travel at 60 miles
per hour on 11 gallons of gas?
(i). 35.2 miles (ii). 387.2 miles (iii). 400 miles
408.3 miles


19 Harry takes seven tests in a semester and gets an

average grade of 80. If his first five exam scores were 75,
69, 81, 90, and 73, what was his average score for the last
two tests?
(i). 78 (ii). 81 (iii). 82 (iv). 86 (v). 65
20 Oil costs $4 per gallon and diesel costs $5.24 per gallon.
If the price of oil rises by 10% a month, and the price of
diesel is unchanged, how many complete months will it
take until a gallon of oil costs more than a gallon of
(i). 2 (ii). 3 (iii). 4

(iv). 5 (v). 6

21. In a 500 meters race, A beats B by 50 meters or 8

seconds. Find A s time over the course.
(a) 2 min.
(b) 1 min. 12 sec. (c) 2 min. 35 sec.
(d) 1 min.

22. Both hands of a clock starting together from 12 oclock

will coincide next time again after
(a) 65 min.
(b) 36.18 min
(c) 30 min. (d) 65.45
(e) 62.18 min
23. The angle between two hour division consecutively is
(a) 20o
(b) 12o
(c) 30o
(d) 60o
(e) 15o
24. When the two hands of a clock coincide in every 64
minutes, then the clock
gains time (b) loses time (c) shows correct time
(d) loses and gains time alt.
25. If the ratio of areas of two squares is 9 : 1, the ratio of
their perimeter is
(a) 9 : 1
(b) 3 : 4
(c) 3 : 1
(d) 1 : 3
(e) 4 : 3
26. 40 is what percent of x?
27. The lowest fraction in , , 5/6, 7/12 and 2/5 is
(c) 5/6 (d) 7/12
(e) 2/5
28. If 3 men or 7 women can do a piece a work in 32 days,
how long will 7 men and 5 women require to do a piece of
work twice as great?
(a) 10.5 days
(b) 21 days
(c) 42 days (d) 27 days
(e) None

29. A mixture of 40 kg of spirit and water contain 10%

water. How much water must be added to this mixture to
raise the percentage of water to 25%?
(a) 48 kg
(b) 24 kg
(c) 10 kg
(d) 8 kg
4 kg
30. What is the percentage increase in volume of a cube
when its edge is doubled?
(a) 200
(b) 400
(c) 700
(d) 800
(e) None

Each of the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 is:
Represented by a different letter in the figure
Positioned in the figure above so that each of
A+B+C, C+D+E, E+F+G, and G+H+I is equal to 13.
Which digit does E present?
32. A, B and C often eat dinner out.
Each orders either coffee or tea after dinner.
If A orders coffee, then B orders the drink that C
If B orders coffee, then A orders the drink that C

doesnt order.
If C orders tea, then A orders the drink that B
Who do you know always orders the same drink after

There are three facedown playing cards 1,2 and

3. Your job is to figure out the value and suit of each
playing card, The following 4 clues are given:1) There is at least one 3 immediately to the right of a 2.
2) There is at least one club immediately to the right of a
3) There is at least one 3 immediately to the left of a 3.
4) There is at least one club immediately to the left of a

Question 34 - 38
Ashland is north of East Liverpool and west of
Bowling Green is north of Ashland and west of
Dover is south and east of Ashland.
East Liverpool is north of Fredtown and east of
Fredtown is north of Dover and west of Ashland.
Coshocton is south of Fredtown and west of
34. Which of the towns mentioned is furthest to the

(a) Ashland
(b) Bowling Green (c) Coshocton
East Liverpool (e) Fredtown


35. Which of the following must be both north and east of

I. Ashland
II. Coshocton
III. East Liverpool

I only
II only
III only
I and II
I and III

36. Which of the following towns must be situated both

south and west of at least one other town?
Ashland only
Ashland and Fredtown
Dover and Fredtown
Dover, Coshocton, and Fredtown
Coshocton, Dover, and East Liverpool
37. Which of the following statements, if true, would make
the information in the numbered statements more specific?
Coshocton is north of Dover.
East Liverpool is north of Dover.
Ashland is east of Bowling Green.
Coshocton is east of Fredtown.
Bowling Green is north of Fredtown.

38. Which of the numbered statements gives information

that can be deduced from one or more of the other
Choose the word most nearly opposite in meaning to
the following words:
39. Unearth

40. Candid


(a) Vague


(b) Outspoken


(c) Anxious


(d) Swallow




Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits
the meaning of the sentence as a whole:

42. Measurement is, like any human endeavour, a complex

activity, subject to error,not always used __________ ,
and frequently misinterpreted and ______________ .
43. Although a few years ago the fundamental facts about
the Milky Way seemed fairly well______________ , now
even its mass and radius have come to be _____________
Choose the word most nearly similar in meaning to the
following words:
44. Reiterate
(a) Bury
(b) Frustrate
(c) Shield
(d) Desire

45. Indignity

(a) Pomposity

(b) Bombast
(c) Obeisance


(e) Gain



Work out the following analogies :47. INDIGENT : WEALTH

(a) contented : happiness
(b) aristocratic : stature
ascetic : hedonist
(c) smug : complacency
: pusillanimous
(d) emaciated : nourishment
: literate
(e) variegated : variety

48. HERMIT :


(a) daredevil : alert
(b) braggart : carefree
(c) blackguard : protective
perfunctory : inspiration
(d) spendthrift : weak
(e) die-hard : stubborn

50. LATENT :

(a) miser :
(c) coward
(d) scholar
(e) crab :

(a) torpid :
(b) patent :
(d) punctilious :
(e) dormant :

1 Who is Indias first woman foreign secretary?

uma barathi
sarojini naidu

vijayalakshmi pandit
chokila iyer

2 Who was the commander of the pandava army in the



3 who is incharge of the interim government in

hamid karzai
Beharrudin rabbani
Rashid latif
Zahir shah
4 Which singer-actress suffered a breakdown recently due
mental stress
Jennifer lopez
Mariah carey

Britney spears

5 During the period of which british primeminister did

India get its
Clement Atlee
George erwing

winston churchill
Sir paul alcott

6 Before Thomas johannson which swede won the

australian open title
stefan edberg
jonas bjorkman

Mats wilander
Bjorn borg

7 Yajur veda deals with

8 What is the surname of dennis in the cartoon " DENNIS


9 How is santa clara,a californian county better known as?

silicon valley

Beverly hills
san jose

10 Who took over as the chairman of NASSCOM after the

death of
Dewang mehta
Ramalinga raju
sabeer bhatia
kiran karnik
Nandan nilekani