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Susan B.

Anthony Middle School


Mr. J. Pezzuto | Email: | 781-388-7520 ext: 54213

Staying Connected
to Forensic Science

Class Website:

Twitter: @SBA_Pezzuto
Instagram: @SBA_Pezzuto
Google Classroom:tv0h93k

Classroom Policies
Grading Policy:
Tests: 40%
Quizzes: 30%
Projects: 20%
Homework: 10%

Bathroom Policy:
Students are required to
use the date stamp each
time the exit the classroom.
Please stamp the date next
to your name in the
designated binder. (For
example, if you are going to
the nurse, please open the
binder that says nurse, find
your name and stamp the
date in the next available

Course Description
Students will explore scientific topics, theories and
technologies that forensic scientists use in order to
assist in the solving of crimes. Students will apply life
science, physical science as well as the power of
observation (a scientists greatest tool) in order to
solve mysteries the way detectives, police officers and
forensic scientists do in the field. Some topics that
will be explored include DNA typing; Fingerprint
Identification, Impression Analysis (footwear, tire
track, etc.), Blood spatter analysis, and many more.

Susan B. Anthony Middle School

After-school Policy
Forensic Science department
night is Thursday. I am usually
after school until at least 2:40pm


Students will be responsible for both learning

scientific concepts as well as their forensic

each day to assist students and

address any questions. To be
welcome after school, students
must be working on forensic
science work and sign into the
After-School Help/Department
Night binder.

Late-Work Policy
Late-work will be accepted for a
penalty of TEN (10) points per day
late, for up to TWO (2) days.

Required Course Materials

One 1 inch three-ring binder

Lined Filler Paper

Labeled binder dividers

Late-work turned in two days

after the deadline will result in a
zero for the particular

Absent/Make-up Work Policy

Students are responsible for
checking the class website or
board for their absent/make-up
work. The class website and
Google Classroom is updated

Do Now


Folder for handouts/tests/quizzes

An organized binder is crucial to your success

in this class. Routine binder checks will be
conducted randomly and will count towards
your final grade.

Materials Due Date: ________________________________

Work missed due to absence
must be made up within ONE


make up work will result in a
ZERO (0%) for the assignment.

Making Up
Quizzes and Tests must be made
up the department night

Student Name: _____________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________

Questions that Forensic Science

Students May Investigate:

Susan B. Anthony Middle School


How are fingerprints analyzed?

How does the American Judicial System Work?
How is a crime scene processed?
What information can blood patterns give you about a crime?
How is DNA used as an identification method?
What is forensic anthropology?

Below is a tentative outline of some concepts that will be covered in Forensic Science
class. This outline is subject to change during the course of the school year.

Unit 1: Introduction to Forensic Science

- What is Forensic Science?
- Overview of sub disciplines of Forensics
- Locard Exchange Principle
- Observation (Sensing your environment)
- Crime Laboratory
- CSI Effect

Unit 2: The Crime Scene

- Sketching the Crime Scene
- Taking Notes
- Evidence (What should you look for?)

Unit 3: The Criminal Court System

- Roles in the Court Room

Susan B. Anthony Middle School


- Functionality of a Court Room

Unit 4: Forensic DNA

- History of DNA and Forensic DNA?
- Sources of DNA (Where is DNA?)
- Genetics
- Forensic DNA Processing
- CODIS Database

Unit 5: Serology/Criminalistics
-Blood Pattern Analysis
- Saliva

Unit 6: Forensic Anthropology and Entomology

- Skeletal System
- Determining Gender by Skeleton
- Determining Age by Skeleton
- What can studying bugs tell you about a crime scene?

Unit 7: Forensic Identification

-Fingerprint Analysis (Arches, Loops and Whorls)
- Footprint, Tire track, and Trace Evidence Analysis

Susan B. Anthony Middle School