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Crocodile Bujang Jahat

Once upon a time, deep in the Sarawak jungle in Malaysia, there lived a happy lot
of animals. There were orangutans, tigers, elephants, tapirs, squirrels, deer and birds. Of
course there were many other animals too, especially those commonly found in the rain
forest. There they lived happily and food was abundant. There was so much food that
they did not have to fight, except for one bad crocodile. He caused many problems for the
other animals.
This bad crocodile is called Bujang Jahat. He is such a bad crocodile, he never
brush his teeth and had bad breath. His mouth is so big he could eat all the smaller
animals in the jungle. Bujang Jahat is also a notorious crocodile and behaved like a
gangster on the riverbank.
One fine day, while all the other animals were happily going about playing in the
jungle, Bujang Jahat sneaked along the riverbank and attacked a herd of deer that were
there to drink water. The sudden attack caused the deer to panic and they were seen
running for their lives. However, Bujang Jahat who was speedy and fierce caught one
deer. He dragged the deer down to the bottom of the river.
The deer drowned and soon died. Bujang Jahat then buried him at the bottom of
the river. Preys were in abundance and easy to catch, Bujang Jahat became greedy. He
continued to hunt every other day. He terrorized all the animals that came to drink at the
riverbank. Soon the entire river-bed was filled with dead animals. And all other surviving
animals were too frightened to go near the river.
Bujang Jahat became arrogant with his success. He boasted to another group of
crocodiles living on the other side of the jungle, I am the most fearsome crocodile in the
jungle. In fact, I am the most fearsome crocodile in the whole wide world. I have done so
much hunting, that I have enough food for all my wives and children for one year. I am
getting bored and I think I am going to kill the rest of the animals in the jungle. Let there
be only crocodiles left in the animal kingdom, he said to his friends.
These words got around the entire jungle. That struck fear in all the animals that
were smaller than Bujang Jahat. None dared to get close to the river. Some even preferred
to die of thirst rather than to be killed by Bujang Jahat.
The killing continued and soon Pak Cerdik, the head of the monkey sought help
from Abang Sabah, the chief of orangutan up in his tree house.

Weve got to do something about this bad crocodile said Pak Cerdik to Abang
Yes, youre right, Pak Cerdik. But what can we do? Bujang Jahat is so big and
strong. The smaller animals are weaker than him. And to make thing worst, the larger
animals cant swim said Abang Sabah.
The discussion ended without any solution to this problem.
Bujang Jahat continued to do his killing along the river. His teeth got sharper and
sharper. His killing instincts became better and better. He has gone further down the river
and did more and more killing everyday. And he got so swollen headed that he didnt care
about what he kills. Be it smaller or bigger than him. He continued to kill all the animals
that came to drink at the river.
In one of his killing feasts, he caught a baby rhinoceros and took him down the
river. Not happy with that small catch, he struck the mother rhino and dragged her down
This has got to stop shouted Hang Garang, said the tiger king to the hundreds of
other animals in an open meeting.
But how asked a tiny Rabbit?
The plan is this, the larger animals will gather at the river bend at noon and attack
Bujang Jahat tomorrow
Howls of approval were heard all round. The elephants blew their trumpets. Other
animals roared excitedly. They all screamed in happiness. Hope that this ugly episode
would soon end. They were all tired of living in fear and wished peace will prevailed.
At sunrise the next morning, the large animals gathered at the river bend. They
hid behind the trees and waited patiently for the crocodiles. The smaller animals helped
by shielding the larger animals with leaves. And true enough, by noon a crocodile came
on the riverbank to take a nap. The animals waited for a while for the crocodile to walkup from the river
ATTACK !! Shouted Hang Garang.
Hundreds of animal surrounded the crocodile. There was no way it could escape.
The elephants sat on its head. The rhinos stamped on its back. While the orangutans held
the crocodiles powerful tail. The smaller animals jumped in and participated in this
exciting but funny scene. The monkeys tickled the legs, the tortoises bit the ears and the
birds pecked the side of the stomach.
The Crocodile couldnt fight back and soon died.

Hmmm this crocodile doesnt look like Bujang Jahat said Abang Sabah.
Bujang Jahat is a much bigger crock than this, he said while other animals looked with
You are right said Pak Putih the rabbit.
This is one of Bujang Jahats wives confirmed Pak Cerdik.
We have done a terrible thing. We have killed the wrong crocodile said Pak Putih
with a worried look. By then all the animals knew they are in great danger. They are sure
that when Bujang Jahat comes to know about this, terrible things would happen.
The smaller animals ran off fearfully to their respective homes. Most of them took
their family and ran off to another jungle fearing that there will be a big war between the
crocodiles and the animals. This was going to be the worst thing the jungle was about to
experience. The air was tense and the animals had lost their hopes. They did not know
what to do next except to blame each other for killing the wrong crocodile.
By nightfall, word came to Bujang Jahat that the animals have killed one of his
wives. Bujang Jahat was very upset about this. He felt so angry that he let out a loud roar.
The roar was so loud that it could be heard as far as the next jungle.
When he had regained his composure, he vowed to take revenge. So he swam
along the river to the next jungle. There he met another group of crocodiles and he told
them about what had happened to his wife. He managed to stir their emotions and made
them angry. And sure enough, he gathered the biggest group of crocodiles in the jungle.
They set out to take revenge on the animals.
The next day, thousands of crocodiles swam to Bujang Jahats jungle and waged
war against the animals. The war began without warning. The crocodiles charged steadily
into the jungle. They were like mad war tanks, killing every animal, every living thing
along their way. Those animals that were able to run deeper into the interior were safe.
But the slower animals were killed. It was an ugly scene.
By the end of the day, there were a lot of dead animals. The crocodiles then
returned to their river. Later they had a big celebration for this victory. They danced to the
beat of the drums and rhythm of the music. There were plenty of drinks and food served
on the river.
The mood on the river was very happy. I am the most powerful animal in the
jungle now shouted Bujang Jahat to the triumphant crocodiles.

This was met with a big cheer from the ugly looking crocodiles. I now declare
myself the KING of all animals in this jungle proclaimed Bujang Jahat to the thunderous
shouting of his supporters.
But, the scenario in the rest of the jungle was the opposite. It was a sad scene. Life
was hard for the animals. All the animals now worked for the crocodiles. They had to
provide food to the crocodile everyday without fail. Sometimes, they even had to
sacrifice their newborn babies to the crocodile. Those who disobeyed were eaten alive.
This is bad. This is the worst thing of my life. I have lost my brothers and sisters
and now I have to sacrifice my children to the crocodiles cried Macik Siti the squirrel to
Hang Garang. Hang Garang was in total despaired. Everyday animals come forth to seek
his help and tell their grievances. Hang Garang do not know what to do. He began to
wonder aimlessly in the jungle.
There he stumbled on an ants mount. The ants were angry with him for
destroying part of the nest, but the sad look on Hang Garangs face caught their
sympathy. Lt. Adnan, the head of the colony asked Hang Garang why does he look so
sad. What has happened he enquired?
At first Hang Garang was reluctant to tell the ants. What can they do to help he
thought to himself silently. But, after much persuasion from Lt. Adnan and his friends,
Hang Garang began to slowly relate his story. All the ants listened intensely and were
moved by the sad things that had happened to the animals in the jungle.
After hearing the story, one soldier ant stood up and shouted Lets declare war
against the crocodiles!
Hahaha..this is funny laughed Hang Garang. He thought to himself, what
could these little ants do when the larger animals could not? In the midst of this
amusement, the ants quickly gathered and drew up a war plan. Lt. Adnan then told Hang
Garang to wait by the riverbank at sun rise the next day. We will attack those big bullies a
But how are you going to do that. Do you know the crocodiles are very powerful
creatures? You are no match to them cautioned Hang Garang.
Be patient my friend and try not to underestimate small insects. Ideas must work
through the mind. Size doesnt matter. Go home and tell your friends to prepare for
tomorrows fight said Lt. Adnan.

Lt. Adnan was by no means an ordinary ant. Even though he was tiny, but he was
a pillar of strength. His bravery came with wisdom. This was evident when he said to
Hang Garang. Keep your fear to yourself, but share this aspiration with others.
Still doubtful of what Lt. Adnan had said, Hang Garang walked home to his part
of the jungle and told his friends. As expected the animals laughed at that silly idea. No
one paid attention to what the ants were planning to do.
The following day, the ants gathered the biggest army there was in the jungle.
There were thousands and millions of red soldier ants. All equipped in war uniform and
army hats. They were also armed with guns, spears and bombs. The battalion of ants
marched to the riverbank and took their positions.
I have spoken to the other insects and birds about the terrible things that the
crocodiles had done to you said Lt. Adnan to Hang Garang. They have responded well
and we will fight against the crocodiles. Here is the war plan.. Lt. Adnan went on
to explain to Hang Garang and a handful of animals at the riverbank.
Soon thousands of poisonous spiders marched into the riverbank. Followed by
millions of rhinoceros beetles, poisonous centipedes, scorpions and followed by another
army of Ants from the neighboring jungle. There were also millions of dragonflies,
mosquitoes and bees with sharp tails flying over the sky.
The air was really tense and the stage is now ready for war with the crocodiles.
Soon the hornbill birds arrived. Thousands of them flocked to the river. Using their large
beaks, they began to scoop up the water from the river. After a while the water on the
river got lesser and lesser. By the time the river had almost dried out, the crocodiles were
doing their own thing and were unaware of the war against them. Some crocodiles were
seen sleeping, some taking a bath, some reading books and some watching TV. The
young crocodiles were seen playing football and some playing congkak.
When the water on the river was almost dried out Lt. Adnan sent signals to his
commanders. He then let out a loud command CHARGE!!!!!!!. At the same time the
Generals of other insects also ordered their forces to attack. Wave after wave of spiders,
centipede, bees, scorpion, beetles, dragonflies, mosquitoes swarmed the crocodiles.
Bujang Jahat let out a big laugh. So did most of the crocodiles on the river. But
the insects were determined and charged fiercely at them. The soldier ants began to attack
by biting the legs of the crocodiles. The centipede crawled underneath the crocodiles and
bit their soft bellies. The scorpions then sting the crocodiles tail and pumped poisonous

Then the war continued from the sky. The bees attacked the crocodiles faces. The
mosquitoes shot sharp hot arrows onto the backs of the crocodiles. The dragonflies airlifted the spiders and dropped them like SWAT teams from a line into the mouths of the
crocodiles, spreading poison from inside.
This fight raged on. The crocodiles realized that they were facing a real war and
not a joke as they had perceived earlier. But it was too late for them to fight back. Most of
the crocodiles were already dizzy from the poison in their bodies. The number of insects
was simply too huge for them to handle. There are insects everywhere. In fact the entire
river was filled with insects. There is no way for the crocodiles to escape.
A few crocodiles managed to drag themselves out of the river. But their legs were
too weak to run fast. By now, the other animals had joined in the war. Those crocodiles
which fled the river could not escape from the animals. The orangutan, monkeys, tigers,
all joined in and killed any crocodile that tried to escape.
By sunset, the war had come to an end. All the crocodiles were dead, including
the bad Bujang Jahat. The insects and the animals had won the war. Though many insects
died in this war, Lt. Adnan was happy with this victory.
The key to survival is to learn to add more value today, and everyday. Lets not be
arrogant like Bujang Jahat. Let us all live in peace said Lt. Adnan to all the insects, birds
and animals.
Things changed quickly for the better. Animals returned to their old homes in this
jungle. The animals went about their daily lives in complete freedom. No more Bujang
Jahat to worry about. Mothers of many animals began to have more babies. And young
animals could be seen playing freely in the jungle, some playing football and some swing
from trees to tree. And some playing sepak raga.
Animals are seen eating roti canai at the riverbank without worry. They could bath
on the river whenever they liked.
On a fine day one can see Pak Cerdik, Pak Putih, Abang Sabah, Hang Garang and
Lt. Adnan sipping tea tarik and chat about their fishing trips at the riverbank.
Food was plenty, the air is fresh and the sky was always blue once again.
Cheerfully they kept up a kind of daylight in their mind, and the animals lived happily
ever after.




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