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Once upon a time up in the mountain of Bukit Naga in Malaysia, there live a kingdom. In
this kingdom there were many animals and they lived happily for many, many years.
Then a bad omen fell upon them. Many children and animals went missing. They just
disappeared without a trace.
Up at the peak of Bukit Naga is a palace where the king and his family lived. His name is
Sultan Idri and he has two daughters, Dayang Amanda and Dayang Amelia. Dayang
Amanda has two pet phoenixes called Mukjizat and Merak. While Dayang Amelia has a
different kind of pet, that is Chakang the Dragon.
Chakang is a very funny dragon. Though he is a young dragon but he liked to act tough.
He also liked to show-off to the other animals in the palace by blowing out fire every now
and then. But all that he could do was to blow hot air. There is no fire at all.
Amelia likes to ride on Chakang like a horse and play police and thief with her sister and
all the other pets in the palace. Sultan Nabil would often remind his two Dayangs not to
go too far away from the palace. Or they may go missing like other kids.
Each day Amanda and Amelia would play for hours and hours with their pets. However
one day while Amanda had to attend tuition class, Amelia played alone with the rest of
the pets. They played for many hours changing from police and thieves to Indians and
They got carried away with the game and went too far. Mukjizat and Merak played the
part of Indians and were chased by Amelia and Chakang the Cowboys. Mukjizat and
Merak found a cave and have gone hiding.
They saw a few bats in the cave. Are their heads heavier than their legs, asked Merak
Why are they hanging upside down, Merak chuckled in amusement at the strange sight of
the bats. Shoo.. and keep your mouth shut Merak cautioned Mukjizat. We do not want
Amelia and Chakang to find us here.
As they ventured deeper into the cave they saw more strange things. There were many
stones of different shapes and sizes. Though it was dark in the cave, but with some lights
coming from the crack of the cave, they could see that the stones were actually children
and animals like squirrels, deer, tigers, lions, monkeys and bears.

Eeeeee! They look so spooky said Merak. The facial expressions of these stones look
so frightening. It looks like they are calling out for help said Mukjizat. At this juncture
Merak and Mukjizat were feeling frightened. And when they looked up there are
thousands of bats hanging from the ceiling in the dark cave.
Lets get out of here! Shouted Merak.
Mukjizat and Merak flew as fast as their wings could take them. Being a bigger bird
Mukjizat managed to fly out first. But Merak did not make it. The bats caught-up and
attacked him. They sucked his blood. Soon he too was turned into a stone.
Run for your lives! Shouted Mukjizat to Amelia and Chakang as Mukjizat was whizzing
off. Mukjizat bumped into them just outside the cave. Not paying attention to what
Mukjizat had just said Dayang Amelia ordered Chakang to chase after Mukjizat as like
what they usually do in a game. I am going to catch you! Said Amelia while urging
Chakang to go faster.
Soon Chakang caught up with Mukjizat at the other side of the hill. Gotcha! You are now
my prisoner said Amelia to Mukjizat.
Stop stop there is trouble said Mukjizat in between heavy breathing. The bats.
They have made Merak into a stone explained Mukjizat. Amelia and Chakang didnt
quite understand what Mukjizat was talking about.
Mukjizat began to cry. Her sad look has made Dayang Amelia and Chakang realize that
Mukijizat has been telling the truth. The game was over but the problem had just begun.
The three of them then went straight home. Too frighten to talk about it to anyone they
went straight into their rooms.
Hello guys Amanda said cheerfully to Amelia and her pets. Hey what did you guys
played? Huh..? Why are you so quite? Are you in love? Amanda continued being
humorous. But Amelia walked away without saying a word.
Soon night fell and everybody was preparing to go to sleep. Sultan Nabil kissed his two
Dayangs and wished them good night and sweet dreams.
Though Amelia could not t sleep but she kept her eyes shut. Amanda noticed that Amelia
was sweating and it was not normal in such a cool place like in Bukit Naga.
Amanda than crept out of her room and went into the garden to talk to Mukjizat. You
cant lie to me. There is some thing wrong isnt it? Amanda demand for an answer from
Mukjizat. Amanda was determined to find out what happened and requested for an
immediate answer as to the whereabouts of Merak. After much pestering Mukjizat then
revealed to Amanda the whole story.

Take me there. Take me to the cave. I want to see Merak. I want to see the stones and bats
Amanda insisted.
No we cant go there. The bats will suck our blood and turn us into stone, replied
I want you to take me there or Ill tell my dad. Amanda threatened Mukjizat.
OK. OK, but we can go only to the mouth of the cave relented Mukjizat who was left
without a choice.
Amanda rode on Mukjizat and flew to the cave. This is it said Mukijizat. Amanda brought
along a torch and ordered Mukjizat to be quiet.
Amanda walked into the cave determined to look for Merak.
Stop your Highness. Please! I beg you not to go in. You promised you would not go in
cried Mukjizat.
Her cries fell onto deaf ears as the brave Amanda walked straight into the cave with a
small torch.
Amanda searched frantically for her pet Merak. She hadnt looked up the ceiling of the
cave yet and so she wasnt frightened at all. Upon seeing Merak, Amanda let out a cry of
joy. There you are Merak! What have they done to you? The stone was too heavy for
Amanda to carry. So she began to drag him out.
In the midst of pulling Merak out of the cave, Amanda accidentally shone the torch to the
ceiling of the cave. The light had shown directly straight into the eyes of some of the bats.
They immediately attacked Amanda. There was no way she could escape and soon she
too was also turned into a stone.
Mukjizat could only hear the commotion from the outside of the cave and was quick
enough to fly away. She flew straight home and woke Amelia up. Amelia listened
intensely to what Mukjizat had to say. We have to do some thing said Amelia to herself.
Quickly she called Chakang to set up a meeting.
Amelia also called some of her other pets and held a secret meeting in the garden. There
were dogs, cats, eagles, hawks, turkey, ducks, chickens and rabbits. Amelia briefed
everyone about what had happened. We must rescue them said Amelia with full confident
I will burn them alive! Huffed Chakang with his imaginary fire. Hurrr..!!
Thats it! I got an idea exclaimed Amelia with a brilliant smile. We will do exactly that.
We will burn the bats said Amelia.

But Chakang has no fire replied Simon a worried looking dog.

Yes he does reply Amelia as she waved to the animals to gather closer to listen to her
strategy. Everyone had a role to play and they were all excited about it. They were
confident that this feat would put an end to the omen which has caused all the children
and animals to live in fear.
After they were told of their roles they went straight to work. The dogs and cats made
fireballs out of old newspapers dipped with kerosene. The ducks and chickens dismantled
their cages to make it into a net. The rabbit and squirrel collected twigs and small sticks
to be used as nails. The eagles and hawks transported the net and the animals to the cave.
Soon everyone arrived at the cave. Quickly but quietly they carried out their battle plan.
They nailed the net at the end of the cave that covers the escape hole. When that was
done Amelia and Chakang would begin to attack the bats from the front. The dogs and
cats would throw the kerosene dipped paper balls at the bats at a distance good enough
for Chakang to blow hot air, which is good enough to ignite the paper ball and burn the
Now the stage was set for war.
Amelia yelled at the bats demanding them to surrender or she and her battalion will burn
the bats alive.
The bats laughed. Ha ha ha Its so funny. What could a small girl and a little dragon do
to them? Go home and drink your milk said Mahinda the head of the bats. Go away
before I change my mind and turn you into a stone he threatened Amelia instead.
There is no time to waste and Amelia decided to start the war. Attack! Amelia gave the
command to her army. The dogs threw the paper balls towards the bats. One by one the
paper ball exploded into fireballs as Chakang blew hot air at them.
Ouch! Ouch! Some of the bats squealed when their tails and wings caught fire. It was
such a funny scene to see the bats scrambling to put out the fire on their tails and wings.
The tempo increased and more and more fire-balls were thrown in. Amelia and her army
gained ground and moved deeper and deeper into the cave. Soon the bats could not take
the heat from the fire anymore. Mahinda then instructed his bats to escape through the
holes at the back of cave.
Hold tight, they are coming shouted Uncle Marcus, a strong eagle to the rest of the
animals who were also holding the net at the back of the cave. True enough the bats came
flying straight into the net. Ropes and wires were used to bundle them up.
Hold them and dont let go. Im going to call my dad said Amelia. Run like the wind

Amelia rode Chakang as fast as they could to the palace. Upon reaching the palace they
woke the Sultan and informed him everything that has happened at the cave. The
excitement and noise also woke up a lot of other people at the palace.
Sultan Nabil quickly instruct his General to assemble the military forces. They quickly
speed off to the cave. The soldiers then took over from the animals. All the bats were
placed in the middle of an open grass. The Sultan than commanded his army dragons to
blow fire at the Bats. Fire raged from the dragons and burnt the bats. In a short while all
the bats were reduced into a pile of ash.
Suddenly, all stoned children were slowly gained back to life. The transformation of the
animals took a little bit longer as the dark magic spell was slowly broken.
Ah. Amanda let out a sigh of relief as she transformed from a stone into a human
girls again.
What took you guys so long asked Merak with a happy smile on his face.
You could see all the children and animals jumping and shouting to one another. Its
really delightful to see how happy it is for the children and animal to be alive again. Soon
some parents heard the good news rushed to see their children whom they thought were
already dead.
Its a miracle exclaimed Aunt Colleen the mother bear upon seeing her cubs. How can I
thank your Majesty said Aunt Colleen to Sultan Nabil in between tears and cry of joy.
Peace has returned. Thanks to our hero, Dayang Amelia said Sultan Nabil as he
addressed the cheering crowd. Most of the important things in the world have been
accomplished by people who persisted when there seemed to be no hope at all. Dayang
Amelia has just done that. She has this Absolute Faith. She has saved all the children and
animals in Bukit Naga said the proud Sultan to the cheering crowd.
From then on, all the children and animals in the kingdom lived without fear. They could
play to their hearts out without having to worry about being bitten by the evil bats. And
so the children and animals lived happily ever after.

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