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Once upon a time in the deep jungle of Taman Negara in Malaysia there lived a
tree which was a hundred years old. It was bigger than any tree you ever saw. This tree
was called Pokok Daun Menari and it was, oh, such a very old tree.
Pokok Daun Menari was the kindest and nicest tree you could wish to know and it
always did its very best to help all the animals which lived in the Jungle. It was the finest
friend there ever was and all the animals loved Pokok Daun Menari more than anything
else in the world.
Down at the bottom of Pokok Daun Menaris trunk there was a very big hole and
this was where all the animals usually stored their nuts and fruits and all the other things
they ate. Inside they had built all sorts of odd shelves and cubbyholes and places to hang
things. They had grass and mushroom tables and in fact they had made the hole in Pokok
Daun Menaris trunk the best house there ever was.
Pokok Daun Menari loved all the animals that were making good use of its big
trunk. It used to shake its branches, making all its leaves dance in the wind. It would
watch with great excitement as they played all sorts of games in its nice shade and
running round and round its trunk. And so, the animals named him Pokok Daun Menari
Now it so happened that not far away there lived a kindly giant called Sultan Idris
who was having great trouble with his house as it was very old and begun to fall down.
He had tried his hardest to get some wood to repair it but try as he may he couldnt get
any, so he summoned his two best wood cutters and said to them. Go into the jungle of
Taman Negara and see if you can get me some wood to repair my house otherwise I will
get so wet when it rains that I will get a terrible cold.
So away the woodcutters went into the jungle of Taman Negara to see what they
could find. They had not been in the jungle very long when they came across Pokok Daun
Menari. The first woodcutter, Zico said to the second cutter Jangut , Oh, what a beautiful
tree this is, and look at the hole at the bottom! If we cut the tree down at the bottom,
Sultan Idris will be able to have a brand new house.
Hey! exclaimed Jangut looking inside, It is completely furnished and stocked
with every sort of food you could possibly wish for. So they decided to cut Pokok Daun
Menari down right at the bottom and then go back and tell the giant so that he could send
some strong men to help carry the tree home.

They sat down on a couple of stumps that were nearby to sharpen their axes and
to work out the best way to go about cutting Pokok Daun Menari down.
During this time all the little animals were out gathering fruits and nuts. I almost
forgot to tell you that these little animals had their own king whose name was Raja
Bevan. Now Raja Bevan was a little squirrel and in order that he would always have a
good right hand man, he appointed David to this position. They were loved by all their
subjects. In fact, they were the happiest lot of animals there was.
David who had gathered a handsome lot of fruits, decided to take it and put it on
the shelves in Pokok Daun Menari. He just showed up just as the woodcutters, Zico and
Jangut were sharpening their axes. Realizing that something terrible was going to happen,
David raced straight back to Raja Bevan to tell him about it.
To think that anyone would dare cut down their great friend Pokok Daun Menari
as well as take away their home! The animals were really upset that such an awful thing
could ever happen. However, Raja Bevan being the good King that he was remained calm
and called a meeting of all the animals to see what they should do to avert this tragedy.
Now there was a very wise rabbit called Zoe who immediately had a very good
idea. You see not far away lived General Chon Kiat who was the General of the Bull
Ants. David suggested that they should go and see General Chon Kiat, as they felt sure
that he would be of great assistance to them. To this they all agreed and off they went to
see General Chon Kiat. When they told him about what was going to happen, he was very
angry and said he would muster his army of ants and help fight to save Pokok Daun
So they took General Chon Kiat back to the meeting and all sat down to decide
what was the best way to go about saving their old friend. David who always had good
ideas suggested that after the woodcutters had worked so hard sharpening their axes, they
would be very tired and would lie down and go to sleep. And while they were asleep, he
suggested, General Chon Kiat and his army of ants should crawl up the shirt sleeves and
trouser legs of the woodcutters and wait for a given signal. When they got the signal all
the ants must bite and tickle as hard as they could and this, said David should teach them
a very good lesson.
This idea was accepted, and so they all crept very silently up to where the wood
cutters were watched very carefully. Sure enough when Zico and Jangut had finished
sharpening their axes, they both yawned very loudly and lay down to sleep. Soon they
were both snoring. I bet you have never heard such funny snoring before.
Now, ordered General Chon Kiat to some of the ants, crawl up the trouser legs
of Zico and you, he said to another group of ants, crawl up the shirt of Jangut.
He gave further orders until all the ants knew where to go. When you hear Zoe
the Rabbit signal, you must all begin to bite and tickle as hard as you can. he added.

When all the ants were in their right places under the clothes of the woodcutters,
Zoe squealed as loud as he could and all the ants began to bite and tickle as hard as they
could. You should have seen the faces of the woodcutters. It was a really strange sight!
They were laughing loudly with all the tickling and crying because of all the pain from
the bites they received, and all at the same time!
Then the ants picked themselves up, and together with the other animals, they ran
as fast as they could back to Pokok Daun Menari. When they told Pokok Daun Menari
their story, he was not angry because, just before they arrived, one of Sultan Idris s
uncles had sent over some wood to help mend his house. It also turned out to be just the
right amount. And now Sultan Idris has the most beautiful house there is.
When the woodcutters ran away from Pokok Daun Menari they left their axes
behind. So the animals set them up inside the trunk of Pokok Daun Menari and they used
them to sharpen their claws. Thereafter, Pokok Daun Menari and the little animals lived
happily ever after...


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: Uncle Bugs
: Pokok Daun Menari
: Fiction story for kids
: All rights reserved Uncle Bugs 2016

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