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Register Number: Name of the Candidate SOUT M.Se. DEGREE EXAMINATION, 2010 (uatnesrics) (SECOND YEAR) (PAPER-V), 210, COMPLEX ANALYSIS (Including Lateral Entry ) December } [Time :3 Hours Maximum : 100 Marks SECTION-A (8 x5=40) Answer any EIGHT questions. All question carries equal marks. 1. An analytic function in 2 region whose derivative ‘vanishes identically must reduce to a constant. 2. Prove it the reflection Z -> Z is not a linear transformation. OLD QUESTION PAPER 2 ‘Suppose that 2) is analytic is an open disk A, and let y be a closed eurve in A. For any point not on Y, @ prove that fey ie ACY a) fla) = 5 Kyaw) 5; where a(y, a) is the index of a with respect WY. ‘State and prove th: maximum principle Define the conjugate differential du of di in a sta ci + dun 0 for every cycle 7 which is homologous to 0 in Q whenever u,. u, are harmonic in the region Q. L Develop (7775) in powers of Z— aa being ‘a real number. Find the general coefficient ‘Obtain Jensen's formula for an analytic function (2) in the presence of zero in [Z|