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April 2005 TM

Connecting Sikorsky’s Commercial Network

Dear Customer,
Sikorsky’s commitment to providing exceptional LEADING THE WAY
service to our customers has never been
stronger. It is your comments and feedback that
allow us to provide you with the services and Canadian Maritime Helicopter Project Office
products you desire. As a result, we continually
make strides towards expanding the certified capabilities
Inaugurated at Sikorsky Aircraft
of the S-92 envelope, developing the S-76D program, and Sikorsky is proud to announce the inauguration of a new Canadian
implementing processes for providing quick and timely Maritime Helicopter Project (MHP) office at the main campus in
responses to our customers. Stratford, Connecticut.
S-92 envelope expansion is progressing with recent The newly renovated 25,000 square-foot office space includes a
certifications for Performance Class 2 and 2e procedures, cargo 5,000 square foot secure area to accommodate a detachment of
hook, and rescue hoist. Included in our plans for the next 12 17 Canadian government employees overseeing the project. The
months are - certification for launch into known icing conditions, remainder of the space houses Sikorsky Aircraft, General Dynamics
certification of a digital map, increased maximum gross weight Canada and L-3 MAS Canada personnel assigned to the MHP.
to 26,500 pounds, improvements to the Coupled Flight Director,
Sea State 6 floats and software upgrades that eliminate Sikorsky was awarded MHP contracts in November 2004 to produce
nuisance fault indications and improve operator useability. 28 Sikorsky H-92 maritime helicopters, designated as the CH-148
Cyclone, and to provide in-service support for these helicopters.
A measurement of our success is the level of service we provide
The Cyclone will replace Sea King aircraft currently in service with
to our customers. An important element of our service is the
ability to respond quickly and efficiently. This rapid response the Canadian Forces. Sikorsky, General Dynamics Canada and L-3
capability is achieved by having the right people onboard, with MAS Canada together form the Maritime Helicopter Team, and will
the right knowledge, ready to go at a moment’s notice. We be responsible for the development, certification and fielding of the
recently assembled and deployed a Rapid Response Team to the new Cyclone fleet.
North Sea. Within a matter of 48 hours the disabled aircraft was “We are delighted to be working so closely with such a valuable
repaired and back in operation. customer,” said Sikorsky President Steve Finger. “This initiative
Talented people are also essential to Sikorsky’s commercial is yet another milestone that illustrates the common resolve
program development. I am pleased to announce the recent of the MHP office and the members of our team to ensure this
appointment of Mr. Bruce McKinney as Project Manager to the program progresses according to schedule. We are on target for
S-76D Development Program. Bruce will be instrumental in the first flight of Canada’s new Cyclone in November 2007, and for
providing leadership to the S-76D Development Team. deliveries to begin in November 2008.
Sikorsky continues to seek excellence in our service programs Alan Williams, Assistant Deputy Minister for Canada’s Department
and people. As our customer, we encourage you to continue to of National Defence, said he is “very pleased by the warm welcome
provide us with your comments and feedback. We value your MHP staff members are receiving. Locating key individuals from our
opinions and are committed to customer satisfaction. MHP office within Sikorsky’s facilities will help ensure this program
Sincerely, proceeds as efficiently as possible. We look forward to continuing
to develop the excellent working relationship we have already
Mick Maurer established with Sikorsky.”
Vice President
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Upcoming Events

Sikorsky S-76D Customer Advisory Council

Preparations for the Sikorsky S-76D Customer Advisory Council
continue to move forward. Two Customer Advisory Council
meetings have been set for May. A session for VIP operators will
occur on May 2-3 in Tarrytown, New York. A session for oil and
multi-mission operators will take place May 5-6 in West Palm
Beach, Florida. Sikorsky has established the Customer Advisory
Council forums to provide a venue to gain customer feedback and
input. The customers participating in these sessions represent
a wide range of mission needs and operating environments from
Left to right: Mark F. Miller, Sikorsky, vice president research around the world. The purpose of these meetings is to listen to the
& engineering; Stephen N. Finger, Sikorsky, president; Alan operational and support needs of our customers and to incorporate
Williams, assistant deputy minister; Michel Lapointe, program them into the design and services of the S-76D. The first delivery
manager for DND; Col. Wally Istchenko, deputy program of the S-76D is planned for 2008.
manager. If you have any questions about this event or suggestions for
a future focus group, please contact Deniz Dalay via email at
The robust Cyclone’s flaw-tolerant design and other advances
provide unprecedented levels of safety and reliability. The Cyclone
will be multi-mission capable and will perform surface surveillance
and control, subsurface surveillance and control, and utility
operations that include search and rescue, passenger and cargo
From the Field
transfer, medical evacuations and tactical transport in support of
national, North American and international security. New Turbomeca Service Center
As part of Turbomeca’s dedication to enhancing customer service
and providing a quicker response to customer inquiries it has
committed to opening a new TurboSupport Center (TSC) in Scott,
Louisiana by the end of the first quarter 2005. The 5,000 square-
foot hangar will initially be staffed by two mechanics, who will also
serve as rapid response technicians.
Russ Spray, president and CEO of Turbomeca USA, adds, “This is
a great opportunity for Turbomeca to better serve our customers
in the Gulf of Mexico market. This new support center confirms
Turbomeca’s dedication to improving customer support and will
result in local operators experiencing faster turnaround times,
better communication and more efficient service.
From the new TurboSupport Center in LA, Turbomeca will be able to
serve the needs of all helicopter operators in the Louisiana and Gulf
of Mexico region with level 1, 2 and 3 repairs. In addition, the TSC
will have an inventory of Arriel, Arrius and Makila engines in stock,
Test flight of the first CHC S-92 from Sikorskyʼs main as well as all the necessary spare parts and accessories.
campus in Stratford, CT. The first in a multi-year fleet
Turbomeca Policy Change
To help control the cost of maintaining an aircraft in operation
during repair or overhaul, a specific rental policy for Arriel 2S1 and
The Sikorsky Commercial Links is a special newsletter, 2S2 engines has been implemented. For turn around time (TAT)
exclusively for our commercial customers, to keep you completed within 60 days, normal daily and hourly fees apply. If
informed of events, products and support services information TAT exceeds 60 days, there will be no daily fee applied beginning
and enhance customer feedback. on day 61, the hourly fee remains the same. If TAT exceeds 90
days, service is free of charge beginning on day 91.



Second Norsk S-92 Enters Revenue Service Rapid Response Team Ensures
in the North Sea Quick Timely Response
Norsk Helikopter, the first European off-shore oil S-92 customer, Sikorsky’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) ensures quick, timely
entered a second S-92 into revenue service in the North Sea earlier and efficient service to the commercial customer in the event an
this month. The aircraft is being used by Statoil to perform crew emergency situation should arise. The response teams provide
change missions throughout the North Sea. The operation of the customers the support, and responsiveness of a team of engineers
aircraft is by Norsk Helikopter. specifically assembled to address and resolve emergency
Both of the Norsk’s new S-92 helicopters replace two AS332 Super situations. RRT members have the detail knowledge and expertise
Pumas. of the S-92 systems and muster based on the situation at hand.
This concept ensures that our customers reach a solution in a
Sikorsky anticipates more S-92 helicopters to begin offshore
timely manner. In addition, RRT members travel to the operator’s
operations in the North Sea later this year
site and remain on site until the situation is resolved.
An RRT immediately sprung into action after Norsk Helikopter in
Norway made a precautionary landing of an S-92. The notification
from Norsk was received early on a Thursday morning (7:00 am
EST), and a Rapid Response Team was immediately assembled.
The team assessed the situation - a drop in MGB oil pressure
- and quickly developed possible solutions. By Thursday afternoon
replacement parts were picked up and an RRT specialist was on a
plane to Norway. By Friday he was on the rig where the S-92 had
landed. The inspection and repair of the aircraft began right away
and within a few hours the S-92 was repaired, tested and flown
back to the maintenance base in Bergen.
The RRT specialist remained in Norway to continue to monitor
and inspect the aircraft as well as to address any questions. The
inspection and testing of a second S-92 at the base was also
“It is most important to us that we know Sikorsky is able to launch
Bruce McKinney to Lead S-76D specialists in short notice to help and support us in our operations.
This rapid response service strengthens the picture of an excellent
Development Program product with a strong and supportive manufacturer behind it,” said
Sikorsky is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Bruce Dag Satre, technical director for Norsk
McKinney as Program Manager for the S-76D. Mr. McKinney will be Since this time, both of Norsk’s S-92s have been in full operation
responsible for the management of a major development program and are averaging eight flying-hours each per day, Monday through
that will deliver the S-76D to the market by 2008. He will lead an Friday.
internal and external team that will be responsible for introducing
As part of the RRT initiative an Alert System Bulletin was distributed
the new composite main rotor blade, new quiet tail rotor, integral
to all S-92 operators to replace the vespel spline, the cause of
rotor ice protection system, new state-of-the-art avionics suite,
the loss of pressure, and to inspect at every fifty-hour intervals
new design PW210 engine and a new look that will distinguish the
S-76D from older models.
The RRT specialist returned to Sikorsky’s main campus in Stratford,
Mr. McKinney has been with Sikorsky for 22 years. His technical
CT with the parts from the incident. The RRT team continues to
background, previous program management experience and
analyze and assess the situation to determine and address the root
customer focus make him uniquely qualified to lead the S-76D
cause of the incident and to prevent it from happening again.

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