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Tit Bits

(1) The combination of 9th and 10th lords constitute a prestigious yoga known as "bhagya yoga"
(2) The 2nd lord and 11th lord in 2nd house give unexpected "dhana yoga"
(3) Rahu in the 5th house and Ketu in the 11th house are "yoga kaarka"
(4) The 6th lord in 10th house while 10th lord in 6th house constitute an instant and unexpected
"raja yoga"
(5) Saturn in 10th house will lead to ultimate fall of native where as Jupiter in 10th house will
promote the native.
(Astrological magazine June-1990, page-482)
(6) It is said if at least three or four planets are debilitated, exalted or in their own houses in a
horoscope the native with such a configuration will rise to a very high postion.
(Astrological Magazine June-1990, Page-478)
(7) 2nd house and Saturn.. Second house is known as dhana bhav and denotes one's
accumulated wealth. But it is not money in material sense but this house is also concerned with
certain characteristics relating to the personality of an individual. In case Saturn is placed in the
2nd house the individual will be brooding, melancholy, unhappy, sufferes from the loss of issues,
will not have happiness on account of one's wife and finally there will be erosion of wealth.
(Astrological Magazine May-1990, Page-415)
(8) Leo Ascendant and Saturn: For Leo ascendant Saturn is lord of 6th and 7th houses and this
Saturn gives peculiar type of raja yoga effects it this Saturn happens to occupy the 10th, 11th or
3rd house (strictly in this order. In 10th it is best and rest of the houses come next). Like wise
the exchange between the lords of 6th and 7th house constitute a typical type of "raja yoga"
(Astrological Magazine May-1990, Page-416)
(9) Addiction Forming Yoga: Affliction to the 5th house or the 5th lord leads to craving for
constant stimulation consequently leading to addiction.
(Astrological Magazine February-1991, Page-185)
(10) Gastritis and Planets:
(a) The Sun in 5th house associated with Mars in the sign of Saturn denotes acute gastritis. The
native will have head ache, loss of appetite and a thick furred tongue.
(b) In case 5th house is afflicted by Rahu and Mars the gastric juices are secreted in less
quantity. This combination gives a sour taste to the native.
(c) The 5th house governs stomach in general. Mostly acidic and digestive disease appear on a
cloudy days,
(d) If Venus is associated with Mars or Saturn native will suffer from dyspepsia with a burning
sensation internally.
(e) Acute gastritis appear in case one has Mars in 5th house. Nausea and vomiting is more
Astrological Remedy: Stone Haasanite weighing 5 carats should be worn.
(Astrological Magazine May-1991)
Please Note: These rules have been compiled from the Astrological Magazine , an reputed
magazine on the subject. These rules have been discussed by the eminent astrologers.
Tit Bits-2
1. When Saturn is with Mars in 6th or 8th house affliction to spleen is indicated.
2. Jupiter's affliction in 3rd or 11th house can give ear troubles.
3. If The Lord of 2nd house from natal ascendant or from the Moon is placed in 12th house
one's denture will be deformed and the yoga is known as "Nisva Yoga"
4. Vomiting of blood is caused by the affliction of sign Cancer by Mars.
5. Affliction to the Sun can give heart related ailments and of the eyes diseases since the Sun is

natural significator of heart and eyes.

6. Mercury under affliction gives predisposition to convulsions, epileptic fits and other nervous
disorder as Mercury rules over central nervous system.
7. An afflicted Mars causes rashes, boils, skin eruptions, ulcers and wounds since Mars rules
over blood and marrow.
8. When Saturn is influenced by malefic planet/planets especially Rahu gives joint related
problems like arthritis, gouts, bone dislocations and back ache. Skeletal system comes under
9. An afflicted Jupiter gives diabetes, thyroid, liver related problems, swelling and obesity.
10. Urinary tract related problems, eyes infection (especially connected to retina), sexual
problems and skin diseases come under Venus. An affliction to Venus can give these type of
11. When the Moon, Rahu/Ketu are involved and adversely placed serious mental problems
psychological complexes occur.
>>Sixth house is a natural house indicating diseases. Some specific disorders by the placement
of various planets in 6th house can point towards various diseases..
(a) The Sun in 6th house can cause dyspepsia, burning sensation in the stomach and gastritis.
(b) The Moon in 6th house gives weak digestion and recurring loose motions.
(c) Mars in 6th house leads to hyper acidity, billiousness and ulcers.
(d) Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in 6th house does not harm health unless these planet/planets
suffer some serious affliction.
(e) Saturn in 6th can give severe constipation and other bowls and anal problems.
(f) Both Rahu and Ketu are generally harmless in 6th house.
(g) Saturn's aspect on 6th house can cause digestive upsets and dyspepsia due to sluggish
bowl movement.
(h) Mars and Saturn in 7th house from natal ascendant or from the Moon give piles.
(i) In 8th house Saturn can cause severe arthritis and osteo related problems especially during
later years of life.
(j) Mars and Saturn afflicting 3rd house lead to deafness. The degree of deafness must be
determined on the basis of affliction.
(k) Saturn in ascendant in any watery sign can give problems related to breathing such as
wheezing, constant cold sneezing and asthma.
(l) The Sun in a watery sign along with Venus usually leads to psoriasis and/or white patches.
(m) Mars and Ketu or Rahu afflicting ascendant or Venus in any of the watery sign can give
These combinations have been compiled from Astrological Magazine, issue-June-1994, page472.....
Judging Financial & Social Status
-----A Unique Approach-----Some time we come across such a horoscope which depicts a negative picture pertaining to
financial and social status of the native, otherwise the native maintains a very high financial as
well as social status. In this regard sage 'Parashara' advocates a unique but a very authentic
approach to judge the financial as well as social status of a native.
Sage has suggested some key words to the planets and ascendant depending upon their

longitude and this is known as "amsha". Each amsha is of 2deg.30minutes which is equivalent
to the span of "Dawadshamsha". The name of each amsha and their meanings are as under:
1. Kubera (0 to 230')-Lord of wealth.
2. Patanga (230' to 5)- The Sun or fire God.
3. Hala (5 to 730')- Wine or water.
4. Kireeta (730' to 10)- The throne.
5. Vihwala (10 to 1230')- Agitated or anguished.
6. Mayavi (1230' to 15)- Delusive or delusion.
7. Mohana (15 to 1730')- Bewitching.
8. Kinnara (1730' to 20)- some thing with human body and head of horse.
9. Sarpa (20 to 2230')- Serpent.
10.Indira (2230' to 25)- The king of Gods.
11. Lila (25 to 2730')- The cosmic delusive play.
12. Kokila (2730' to 30)- The cuckoo or koil.
Note: here stands for degrees while ' stands for minutes.
* the above mentioned words/names has implied meanings. These must be used to designate
the Atamkarka depending upon its longitude ie its precise location in the sign.
* other planets and some important lagnas ie janma lagna, moon lagna, karakamsha lagna,
various padas, hora lagna, ghatika lagna and bhava lagna may also be be assigned these
names depending upon their longitude.
* special consideration should be given to atamkarka, lagan nakshtra lord, lagna lord, yogkarka,
the Moon, Moon sign lord and amatyakarka planet/planets.
* when several of these lagnas and planets fall in benevolent amshas the native is blessed with
high class financial as well as social status.
* whenever 'raja yoga karka' 'atamkarka' or alike planet fall in any of Vihwala, Hala, Sarpa or
Mayavi amsha the good effects of such a planet diminish markedly.
* of the amshas as mentioned above Kubera, Indira, Kireeta and Mohana are the best. Patanga,
Mayavi, Kinnara and Lila are medium. Hala, Vihwala, Sarpa and Kokila are inauspicious.
>>To make the thing more clear let study it in a live horoscope. The chart belongs to cine star
Amitabh Bachchan (birth details have been taken from a magazine hence it can vary. but to
study it as a model horoscope it can serve the purpose). The birth detail and the longitude of
ascendant as well as those of planets is given below. The complete horoscope is provided in the
end of this write up<<
Ascendant-Aquarius 0150', the Sun-2422', the Moon-1019', Mars-2237', Mercury-2339',
Jupiter-0032', Venus-1511', Saturn-1913'
(Here the longitude of planets has to be considered with out sign. Sage does not recommend
Rahu and Ketu in the amsha category. But in case Rahu or Ketu is stands out as yaga karka or
lagna nakshtra lord can be considered)
In this case the Sun, Mars and Mercury are in 'Indira amsha', Jupiter and cusp of ascendant is
in 'Kubera amsha', Venus is in 'Mohana amsha', Saturn is in 'Kinnara amsha' and the Moon is in
'Wihwala amsha'. Thus out of eight 6 planets/cusp of ascendant fall in best group and out these
six three are in Indira and two in Kubera amshas. Venus is in 'Mohana' amsha, undoubtedly
bewitching personality. Saturn is in 'Kinnara amsha' a mediocre one and lastly only the Moon is
in 'Wihwala amsha' a inauspicious one which gave him lot of tension..
Conclusion: Thus Atmakark the sun, thr Moon sing lord Venus and lagna nakshtra lord Mars all
are in best group. These all reflect the dignified status and finances of the native as well as his
amazing success in his field of work.
These amshas are not much in use but give amazing results. Students and scholars should try
the usefulness of these amshas

Notes On Foreign Travel

Foreign travel can be classified under two distinct heads :
(a) Occasional or frequent travel overseas.
(b) Long term or permanent residence abroad.
** According to Sloka 8 and chapter-vi of 'Jatak Parijat', when the lord of ascendant occupies
12th house and Mars is conjunct with the Moon in a malefic sign identical to 10th house one
goes to foreign land**
-The ascendant lord any of dusthan (6th, 8th or 12th) is known as 'Dehakasht yoga' and invites
the native for bodily sufferings, privation, over-exertion and general physical debility. It also
include Moon & Mars conjunction in a malefic sign in 10th house. This is quite opposite to 'Amla
Yoga' which is said to confer good reputation etc.
** Another stanza in chapter-xi of "Jatak parijat" says 'when the lord of 12th house from the
house which is occupied by lord of ascendant is in depression or weak, the native having such
configuration goes to foreign country**
In above stanza the emphasis is on 12th from the house occupied by lord of ascendant. When
this 12th house is influenced by way of placement or aspect by different planets the results are
as under :
(1) If Venus influences the lord of 12th, whom Venus should be friendly, residence abroad is
(2) If the aspecting planet happens to be the Sun, the residence will be in a small township.
(3) If the 12th lord from the placement of ascendant is combust, it could be in some significant
(4) If however 12th lord is otherwise strong it could be a metropolis.
--- Travel abroad, if we look at it logically, must involve houses, signs and planets which indicate
movement.-- Out of moveable signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, more particular signs are Cancer
(being a watery sign) and Libra (being a airy sign.
Out of dual signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, particular signs are Gemini (being a
airy sign) and Pisces (being a watery sign as well as ruler of 12th of natural zodiac. Sagittarius
too has its importance since it rules over 9th house of natural zodiac.
Out of fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, particular signs are Scorpio (being a
watery sign) and Aquarius (being a airy sign.
Of the planet/planets the Moon, a watery and changeable in nature has an important say along

with the lords of concerned houses.

Of the houses, 9th and 12th figure in most often in charts showing foreign travel/lands. Some
times 3rd house can also carry some clue because it is related with travels and planet/planets
placed in 3rd house aspect 9th house a house indicating foreign travel.
Broader Rules & Foreign Travel
1. Venus, Mars and/or Moon placed in a moveable sign.
2. When Rahu is placed in a moveable sign one will get help of other communities in a foreign
3. The ascendant lord be placed in 7th house identical to a moveable sign.
4. Ascendant lord posited in a moveable sign aspected by a planet posited in an moveable sign.
5. Saturn in constellation of Swati, Poorvashada, Ashwini, Krittika, Uttaraphalguni or
6. The lord of 10th house in 9th house identical to a moveable sign.
7. The 10th house and 10th lord in a moveable sign.
8. Mercury in the constellation of Ashlesha, Jyestha or Rewati.
9. Rahu in the constellation of Ashlesha, Jyeshta, Rewati, Punarvasu, Vishakha or
10. The 12th lord placed in a moveable sign.
11. Ketu posited in 9th or 12th house in moveable sign.
12. The lords of 6th or 9th or 12th posited in 6th, 9th or 12th respectively.
13. Jupiter posited in 4th, 6th, 8th or 12th house in a sign indicating foreign travel.
14. The lord of 10th house posited in star of Rahu or Ketu or Saturn.
15. The ascendant lord as well as Moon sign lord be placed in a moveable sign/signs.
16. The lords of 9th and 12th posited in moveable signs or there should be exchange between
9th and 12 lords or there should be exchange between lord of ascendant and the lord of 9th
17. The Sun, the Moon, Venus and Mercury conjunct any where in the chart.
18. Lord of 3rd house posited in a moveable sign.
19. Lord of 2nd posited in 7th house in a moveable sign.
20. Rahu or Ketu in 4th, 9th or 11th house.
21. Navamsha lagna being Capricorn or Pisces or lord of 12th be placed in sign Pisces in
navamsha chart.
22. The lord of 8th house aspecting 12th house or 12th lord.
23. Lord of 8th house aspecting 2nd house or lord of 2nd, one will get higher education in
foreign land.
24. Lord of 12th posited in 4th house, one will get education in foreign land.
25. Lord of 12th house posited in 9th house in a moveable sign.
26. Jupiter aspecting 12th house or lord of 12th.
Let us see what are views of classics and the savants of astrology
--Sage Parashara says that 3rd and 7th houses are the houses for travel, the 9th house
indicates pilgrimage and 10 house travel to far off places vide his book Barihat Parashara Hora
Shastra, page No.6-7, 1st edition by N.K.Krishana Rau.
--Kalidasa indicates 3rd house for short journeys, 4th and 9th for travelling (apparently abroad),
7th house indicates journeys with interruptions and 12th house for going to foreign land in his
book "Uttrakalamrita" khada-4 and slokas-41/2, 111/2 and 151/2 by V.Subramanya Sastri.
--Satyacharya says one must consider the 9th house for travel abroad vide his book "Jaathaka
Satyachareeyam" page No.16, 20, 21, 41, 79 by C.G.Rajan edition-1955.
--"Jaatak Parijat" gives the views of Garga, Varahmihira, Kalyan Varma and states that "it is
from 7th house that one can calculate all about any journey a person may undertake" in
chapter-44 and sloka-1. Nevertheless the 12th house relates to wandering far away from birth
place and possible permanent

residence and good fortune in foreign country vide chapter-11 and sloka-23,24,25. Chapter-13
and sloka-1, chapter-15 and sloka-73.
--Dr.B.V.Raman in his book "Hindu Predictive Astrology" vide pages-154,168 and 170 refers 3rd
house for short journey, 9th for long journey and 10th for foreign travel.
Example: Here we are discussing a practical example in which the above mentioned rules fit
very well..
Male Native...DOB:18/06/1975, TOB:10:10 AM IST, POB:Jullundur
Leo sign rises in ascendant, lord of ascendant the Sun is placed in 11th house conjunct with lord
of 7th Saturn. Lord of 9th house in conjunction lord of 5th and 8th Jupiter, lord of 3rd and 10th
Venus is in 12th house and lord of 12th the Moon in 2nd...
-12th house and 12th lord Moon are aspected by 8th lord Jupiter and 9th lord Mars..
-12th house and Venus are under the influence of 8th lord Jupiter..
-12th lord Moon in mutual aspect to 8th lord Jupiter and 9th lord Mars...
One should always study 4th house. A heavily afflicted 4th and 4th lord is an indication of
separation from mother and motherland, in this case 4th house is afflicted by the placement of
Rahu and lord of 4th is in a trik bhava under the aspect of Rahu, thus 4th house and 4th lord
suffer affliction indicating displacement. Same 4th house from Moon should be studied and 4th
lord from Moon. In this case 4th house from Moon is under the aspect of separative planets the
sun and Saturn while 4th lord from Moon, Jupiter, again in a trik bhava conjunct with Mars and
aspected by Saturn and Rahu..hence all the conditions required are met with..
Thus rules mentioned above are applicable... native after doing his B.Tech went abroad in
March-2000, had one years training over there and well settled abroad.
-a copy of original horoscope is attached below for the reference and comments..