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Final Preparation Aptis Reading Exam

Final Preparation Aptis Reading

1 - Refresh your memory
Read the passage quickly. Choose a heading for each numbered paragraph from the
box and write it in the space above the paragraph. There is one more heading than you

A) Getting things in order

B) Choosing carefully from the box
C) Skim and then read for detail
D) Read at speed
E) Organise your time
F) A gentle start

The Aptis Reading Exam

1) _________________________
The Aptis reading exam consists of 4 parts. It must be completed within 30 minutes. No
time guidance is given for each part of the test. For this reason time management is
key to success. If you dont allow enough time for the final parts, you could lose marks
needlessly. The tasks get more difficult as the exam progresses.
2) _________________________
Part 1 is usually fairly easy. Candidates must choose one of 3 words to fit gaps in a
short text. The vocabulary choices are simple, but a good knowledge of 3 areas of
vocabulary; collocations, conjunctions and prepositions will improve your mark on this
part of the exam.
3) _________________________
Part 2 is a little more challenging. Candidates have to order 6 lines of a text (there are
7 but the first is completed as an example). It tests understanding of text cohesion
through the use of pronouns and adverbs. You have to link words like it, them and
there to words in previous paragraphs. You are required to drag the sentences with
your mouse to reorder them.
4) _________________________
Part 3 is more challenging still. Like Part 1, you must choose words to fit gaps in a text.
However, the text is longer, the vocabulary is more difficult and all the words you need
are in a box below the text, along with several distracters that often cause candidates
to make errors. It tests your knowledge of collocations, rare vocabulary meaning,
grammar words and text cohesion.
5) __________________________

Part 4 is often the most challenging part. You have a

long text (750 words) and several headings that you must match to the paragraphs.
Being able to read quickly is a good skill to have, but youll also need to read in more
detail when two paragraphs contain similar information. This part of the exam tests text
comprehension and also vocabulary knowledge.
The answers are at the end of this booklet.

2 - Do the Aptis Website Practice Reading Exam

Now go to the Aptis Reading exam and do it individually. Once you press Start
Component, youll have only 30 minutes left. Remember to manage your time well!
Heres the website address:
When youve completed it, the website will give you a mark. Write it here:

3 Analysis of Answers
Your trainer will now take you through the correct answers to the exam. Remember to
ask questions if you dont understand why an answer is correct. This is a copy of the
exam online at: It can be used instead of the online exam if teachers
cannot access the online exam.

4 - Time Management
Work in small groups. Now that you have done a complete exam and learnt from your
successes and mistakes, decide how much time you should spend on each part of the
exam and complete the following table. The total time should add up to 30 minutes:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

5 - Our Exam Strategy Tips

Work in small groups. Imagine that you have to give advice to a colleague who was not
able to attend todays lesson. What advice would you give him on each part of the Aptis
exam? Discuss and make notes:

Advice for Part 1

E.g. Do the easy ones first, then

Advice for Part 2


Advice for Part 3

E Advice for Part 4
G Any other advice?

6 - Further Practice
1) Aptis Practice Materials Booklet
There are two practice tests in the Aptis Practice Materials Booklet.
2) Online
You can improve your ability to do the Aptis Reading exam using materials for other
reading exams online. Here are the some ideas:
Parts 1 and 3
As these are similar, you can practice using Part 1 of the FCE exam, which is similar
but a little more difficult. Google the following:

Here are two examples:

Part 4

Part 4 Matching Headings to Paragraphs

This is similar to one of the tasks used in the IELTS exam. So Google the following:

This website gives good advice:
Theres also a practice test to try here: with
the reading text here:

Answers to Refresh your Memory Task

1) E 2) F 3) A 4) B 5) C (D Read at speed was the distracter)

Answer Key for the Reading Exam

Part 1
Answers are in order there are no question numbers:
great, tried, take, while, know
Part 2
Sentences beginnings are in order numbers change when you move the sentences:
My first day
I arrived early
The office is
While walking
By the time
My new boss
I didnt even
Part 3
Answers are in order there are no question numbers:
lack, during, experiments, various, discoveries, serving, around
Part 4
1 A long journey
2 A successful outcome
3 Only an experiment
4 Imitating life
5 The difficulties
6 Is space the future
7 A distant new world