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Coding values ??

for BMW E models E38, E39, E46, E53

Here I would like to summarize the most frequently requested codes with the asso
ciated Codierwerten. For this purpose I post the respective control unit.
To search for a code CTRL use F and enter the desired name. Encodings are not de
pendent on the series but from the control unit used and the ECU variant and its
Codierindex. So best investigated by the in . you installed ECUs which diagnost
ic products for the vehicle is required, can be found here: for BMW E38, E39, E4
6, E53 (and pre-facelift of E60, E65, E90 before 03/2007 with occupied Pin7 & 8
in OBD2- can) for BMW E60, E61, E65, E66, E81, E82, E87, E88, E90, E91, E92, E93
(from 03/2007) As a convenience for coding the tool NCS dummy recommends: downl
oad , instructions Visual and audible acknowledgment during assembly / locking
up controller: GM (basic module): DWA active QUIT_OPT_ENTSCH active QUIT_OPT_SC
HAERF active QUIT_AKUST_SCHAERF active QUIT_AKUST_ENTSCH active Automatic lockin
g from X KM / H controller: GM (basic module): VERRIEGELN_AUT_AB_X_KM / H active
VERRIEGELN_XKM / H_SENDER_1 - 4 active lOCK THRESHOLD 4_km / h (Options are: kl
emme_r, 4_km / h, 8_km / h, 12_km / h, 16_km / h, 20_km / h, 24_km / h, 28_km /
h) US Warnblinker controller: GM (basic module): wARNING INDICATOR double pulse
controller: LSZ (light switch center): BLINKIMPULS_WARNBLK (hazard lights) wert
_03 - fast flashing wert_01 - normal flashing wert_02 - normal flashing wert_04
- double pulse BLINKIMPULS_CRASHBLK (crash hazard lights) wert_03 - fast flashin
g wert_01 - normal flashing wert_02 - normal flashing wert_04 - double pulse win
dow when opening the door not stopped controller: GM (basic module): FH_TIPP_DIS
ABLE_TUER_AUF nicht_aktiv panic mode (only with alarm system) control unit: GM (
NKER active PANIK_MODUS active home lighting settings (Coming Home) controller:
LSZ (light switch center): HOME lIGHTING wert_02 ( wert_01 = 0sec, wert_02 = 40
sec, wert_03 = 90sec, wert_04 = 150sec, wert_05 = 240sec) HEIMLEUCHTEN_AL (low b
eam) active HEIMLEUCHTEN_KZL (indicator lights) active HEIMLEUCHTEN_NSW (fog lam
p) active HEIMLEUCHTEN_FL (high beam) active HEIMLEUCHTEN_BL (brake light) activ
parking light) active HEIMLEUCHTEN_SL_V (parking light front) active HEIMLEUCHTE
N_NSL (fog lamp) active HEIMLEUCHTEN_RFS (reversing lamps) active